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Saike Once Again 128


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 11, 2019 22:58 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 128

Admittedly even I've forgotten how this all turns out. Makes it that much more exciting though.

Chaotic scans only.

Take 128: Ringleader.

(Sfx- Donn)
Ana: Saike!!
This is the top floor!!
Which means Hizu is...
Saike: Yeah, he's somewhere on this floor!!

(Sfx- Baann thooom)
Saike: Johann! Silva!!
You're both okay?!
Johann: Saike!! Ana!
Saike: So you were able to find Baccus!
Silva: It was just as you thought.
Johann: We searched all of the rooms on this side.
Saike: Same here.
(Handwritten- Heheh, Hi.)

Johann:Which is to say...
All that's left is...
Saike: Yup.
(Sfx- Ooooooohhh)

???: Congratulations
Saike: Will!!
Will: Never would have thought you'd defeat those three.
I'm not sure how you cajoled him, but...
It seems Calim has joined your side.
As always you're a wonder, Saike.
More importantly you're not normal in the least.

Will: There's only 10 minutes until the full moon rises...
So you'll make it before the contents of the Akashic records download into Hizu's brain.
Hizu is there in the center of this place.
Ana: Saike!!
Saike: Yeah!
Will: Don't dawdle, hurry!
(Sfx- Gaaatsuhhh clack)

Saike: Hizu!!!
Hizu: Saike...?

Hizu: You came to save me?!
Saike: Of course I did! I made a promise, right?!
Now let's get you out of there right--
There's a lock...!!
Johann: Move over Saike.
(Sfx- Hyurururuh spnnnn)
(Sfx- Jakiiiin clannng)
(Sfx- Kinn tink)
Will: It's useless.
There's no one who can open that lock but me.
Saike: Will!!

Will:That prison is surrounded by a tank filled with sulfuric acid.
Of course even if Silva heads in with his diving fish, he'll be sent to the afterlife within seconds.
Saike: Stop this vain struggle!!
Your plans come to an end right here, right now!!
Now let Hizu go!!
Will: Of course.
Though there's one condition.
and Baccus.

Will: There are footprints by the wall aren't there?
I'd like you to go stand there with your backs to the wall.
Ana: Huh?!
Don't screw around!!
Will: You suuuure?
The download for the akashic records is going to begin soon, y'know?
Saike: Ana!
Ana: Dammitall!
This is what you want right?!
Will: Yup.
Yes, that's it.
Now don't move....
(Sfx- Pihh beep)

(Sfx- Gachin CLANG)
Ana: Ah!!
Will: Heheheheh....
Ana: What the devil is this?!
Will: Cool your jets.
You're the audience,
and I don't want you disturbing the lead actors.
Ana: Wha?!

Will: This here,
Is Saike and Hizu's story.
Now we're at the part where they have their moving reunion.
Ana –you and the others get to watch but not participate.
(Sfx- Gashakon clack)
(Sfx- Kakooon click)
Saike: Hizu!! Here's our chance!!

Hizu: Sorry Saike...
but could you give me a hand?
I've been sitting for an entire day and my legs are dead asleep.
Saike: You okay?
Hizu: Yeah.
I had faith..
you'd come for me.



Hizu: I knew you'd come...
Where's the real Saike?
Spit it out or I'll friggin' kill you.

(Sfx- Uueghhh)
(Sfx- Gehoh geho cough couhgh)
(Sfx- Giiiii Grnnnnd)
(Sfx- Baan thom)
(Sfx- Gashakon click)
Ana: Hizu?! What the hell are yo--
Hizu: You're fakers too.
The real Saike and Ana have been captured by your buddies, yeah?
Ana: You're kidding...
Will: Heheheh...
That's right Ana..
Hizu has already been...
(Sfx- Dodododododdodo)

{Brainwashed by my “heart breaker”~}
Will: If you kill them all then Saike will be saved.
Go and rescue Saike!!
(Sfx- Dodododdododo)
{Just how evil are you...?!!}

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