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Saike Once Again 132


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 13, 2019 18:03 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 132

Chaotic scans only.

Take 132: Prophecy

(Sfx- Pakiiiinn crackle)
(Sfx- Para para para clatter clatter)
Will: Ahh...
This can't be happening....

The Akashic records are...!!
(Sfx- Zaauh zaath swff swff)
Will: You idiot!!
You stupid idiiioooooottt!!
It took me a century!!
After an entire century I managed to finally get it!!
Just when I was going to be a child prodigy for eternity...!!

(Sfx- Geho geehh gehoh cough ougeeh cough)
Saike: This is the distortion of you rewinding your youth.
There's no such thing as eternity.
Life has value because it comes with a limit.

Will: No...
I don't want to die!!
(Sfx- Gashiiih grab)
Will: You can still make it!!
Go back to Mogura pond and turn back time!!
I'll do anything...!!
Just go back in time and return the Akashic records to what they were..!!

Saike: You've lived long enough.

(Sfx- Zuruuh sliip)
(Sfx- Dosah thud)
Will: Hah...
I've hated normalcy for a long time.
I-I just wanted to become something that no one else could.
It's funny...

Will: In the end...
I died a normal death.
(Sfx- Bofuuhh pooof)

(Sfx- Zaaaaahhh shhhhssshhh)

Baccus: The moment he died all of his accumulated years hit him at once...
Ana: That's how it should be.
Hizu: Yeah..
Ana: A peaceful death...
for an old man who lived over a century.
{You and I were the same.}

{We both had nothing...}
{And thought that our lives were boring and pointless.}
{But then I met Hizu and Ana...}
{And realized that I was wrong.}
{It's because I have this life of mine....}
{That I was able to meet Hizu and everyone.}
{I became a “me” that no one else could be.}
{And now I can say I'm proud of my life...}

{I'm glad to be me.}


Saike: Nnngh!
Mom: Saike!!
Mikan is here!!
Saike: Okay!
{It's been a week since then.}
Mikan: You're late!!

Mikan: You were doing your heroic duties yesterdays until you were dead tired weren't you?
You better not have used your oracle!
Saike: I didn't! I promise!
Mikan: Then it's all good!
Now let's hurry! We're late!
{Mikan accepted everything.}
{I stopped using my oracle...}
(Handwritten- I wish I could be an oracle holder....just kidding!}
(Handwritten- Huh?!)
{But even without it I continued my heroics to the extent I could.}

{I promised that tomorrow I'd go to Kuroda and have my oracle erased.}
{I'll give you one week.}
{If you haven't changed your mind by then, I'll erase your oracle.}
{Kuroda was oddly hesitant to erase my oracle, weirdly enough.}
{But I've made up my mind.}
{There's still plenty I can do even without an oracle!!}
Mikan: Ooh! Isn't that Hizu?!
Saike: Huh?
Mikan: Heeeey!!
(Handwritten- Good morning!!)

Hizu: Yo.
Mikan, that's some nice bedhead you've got going on there.
Mikan: Huh!? No way!!
(Handwritten- Mornin'!)
{It's a slow process but Hizu's eyes are recovering.}
(Handwritten- See, you've even got junk on your sholder.)
(Handwritten- GASP!)

{The doctor said it was a miracle, but...}
(Handwritten- How are you feeling today?}
{Handwritten- Eh, not bad.}
{But I don't think that's the case.}
{He overcame it...}
{With his own strength.}
{No matter what walls are in his way...}
{Hizu always breaks right through 'em.}

{We had the choice of Baccus using his oracle to restore them completely...}
{But Hizu's answer to that was...}
{“I don't want something I did myself to be for nothing.”}
Hizu: So Kuroda's going to delete your oracle tomorrow, yeah?
Saike: Yup.
Admittedly I'm a little sad to see it go.
What's up?
Hizu: This past week...
There's been something I've been wanting to say but not sure if I should.
Saike: Hm?
Something bothering you?
You can talk to us about anything!
(Handwritten- That's what friends are for, right?)
Hizu: That's true...
Thing is, I...

Hizu: Mightta kinda become “God”.
Saike: Uh...
Excuse me?
Hizu: Might have become God.
Saike: Oh good, so I didn't mishear you.

Hizu: A little bit of the Akashic records downloaded into my brain, remember?
Because of that a bunch of information flooded my head.
I might have even become slightly omnipotent.
In a way that's not quite but close to enlightenment.
Saike: Whoa!! That's right! I totally forgot!!
Hizu: And so within that information...
I managed to find what Johann was talking about – the “Roots of Oracles.”
Saike you had asked something like that before too, yeah?
“Just why were Oracle holders born, I wonder.”
Saike: Y—YOU KNOW?!
Hizu: Yeah.
Do you wanna know?
Saike: Y—yes!!
(Sfx- Dokidokidokidoki throbthrobthrob)022
Hizu: In three years...
Humanity will be destroyed.
{And we oracle holders were born to prevent that from happening.}

And once again I managed to finish a volume in a week. I was thinking maybe I wouldn't be able to finish Saike this year but I think if I take a break tomorrow and resume on Sunday then maybe it might be possible after all...in any case this volume was a big one in terms of the story (well that figures seeing that the next one is the last) and while the Will arc wasn't the best part (I'd say volumes 7-9 were the apex of Saike as a story), it was interesting to see a sort of subversion of the typical "I want to be different" story that shounen manga often spin. I actually did want to translate the extras for this one since they're pretty interesting but I think I'll focus on translating the series first and come back to those when it's done. Until the final volume...!

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