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Saike Once Again 134

Ability fumes.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 17, 2019 02:59 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 134

On one hand it does feel like Fukuchi pulled a whole lot out of his ass to get us here, but as it's the finale I guess we can forgive it to an extent. (Plus this chapter was not only really funny but had some genuine good vibes and does feel like a capstone on how much Saike has done up until now.)

Chaotic scans only.

Take 134: Ability fumes

Saike: And there you have it...
Please lend us your help!!
Hizu: Pls.
(Sfx- Gonn gon gonn boink)
Ana: Pls.
Kuroda: Hmm...
First raise your heads.
{Yumewo's house.}

Kuroda: I understand the situation.
It's a...tremendous story that I'm somewhat bewildered by....
A volcanic eruption, huh...
Johann: It's not completely out of the realm of the believable from a geographical standpoint.
{Johann who became a child in order to save Saike.}
Johann: There are recorded cases of volcanoes that have been dormant for a thousand years suddenly erupting.
Kuroda: The issue here is the means you'll take to resolve this.
Gathering two million oracle holders....huh.
Forgothername: And in three years?!
Mako: How are we going to do that?
Saike: Hizu...
(Sfx- Gokuhh nod)

Hizu: The “ability fumes”.
I'll make it so everyone here can see them.
Johann: We'll be able to see them?
You can actually make it so we can see the ability fumes too?!
Hizu: Yeah.
Once you know the trick to it.
Saike: In order to distinguish ability users,
We''ll need everyone here to be able to see the “ability fumes”.
So in the next two months we'll be undergoing Hizu's lectures.

Saike: And once we're able to see these ability fumes...
I'd like us to go out on a journey to locate ability users.
I want to state that I'm not trying to force anyone into it.
There are still young children here.
That's why anyone in middle school and below will have to stay in Japan.
Ana: Hold on a minute Saike!!
You didn't tell me about this part!!
I'm going too!
Saike: No can do. You're still in 8th grade, right?

Saike: Listen, Ana. It isn't a fact that our future is doomed.
Should we be able to stop this eruption then life will continue.
It's for that sake that you need to at least have finished your middle school education.
Moreover there are still plenty of ability users right here in Japan.
I'm relying on you who are left behind to reach out to those people.
Ana: Oh sure, when you put it that way I can't refuse.....
(Sfx- Uuuhhh hmph.)
Saike: It's not like that...
(Handwritten- I'm beggin' ya Ana!)
???: Saike.

Kuroda: It's thanks to you that my younger sister Miyuki was able to awaken from her deep sleep.
I owe you a debt that I can never pay back.
So it goes without saying that...
I will lend you any support that you need.
Saike: Kuroda...
Johann: That goes for us too, Saike.
It's thanks to you that we were able to hear Sumire's last request.

Both: So please allow us to help you!!
Shinonome: Not like I'm having much luck in the job market...
Minegishi: And I can take a leave of absence from College.
Uuzura: Uzura wants to be helpful too!!
Uzura can help!!
Mako: Me too!!
Hamster: Chichi!!
Mingming: Mingming will help too!!

Forgothername: I'll do whatever I can too!!
Forgothernametoo: I've always wanted to go to London.
Ana: I don't like it but...
I'll leave overseas to you,
and put up with staying here!
Saike: To tell you the truth...
I was a little bit disheartened at first.

Saike: But now I think I'm ready.
Thank you everyone!!
I'm sure we can do it!!

Ana: That's awesome Saike!!
Saike: Yeah!
{Saike perhaps you haven't noticed it yet...}
{But this union only happened because you're the one leading it.}

{Without knowing it you've been involved with the people around you...}
{And they've all become dyed in your hues.}
{Maybe it's that mysterious ability of yours...}
{That's your true oracle.}

Saike: Now then! I know this is sudden...
But teach us the trick to seeing the ability fumes!!
Ana: Geez, you sure kept us waiting. So now do you feel like teaching us?
(Sfx- Kokuri nod)
Hizu: The basis for getting the knack for this is simple.
First you have to have confidence in yourself and think “I can do this!”
Saike: Mhmm.
(Sfx- Jiiii staaare)
Hizu: Then you glance over at a nearby person as if you're looking slightly past them....
(Handwritten- Like this!)
Hizu: It's a kinda weird feeling...a blurred sense of seeing someone out of your range of view...
It's sorta like....

Hizu: A “BAM” sorta thing...
Or “vzzzzap”, like you're seeing right through 'em.
Hizu: Hm? Man I was thinking this'd be easy to explain but I guess it's kinda hard.
No wait, it is easy I swear.
(Handwritten- Seriously.)
Saike: Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold iiiiittt!!
(Handwritten- Huuh?!)
Saike: This is kind of a problem?! You said millions of times that it'd be easy!!
If we can't grasp this then our whole strategy is up in literal fumes?!
Hizu: It'll be fine.

Hizu: Jujujujuuuust drink some teaaaa and keeeeeep cooool.
(Sfx- Gaku gaku gaku gaku shiver shiver shiver)
(Sfx- Bicha bicha plip plip)
(Handwritten- This isn't okay at all?!)
Saike: Who knew we'd run into a problem like this?!
He's completely unable to explain it to us!!
(Handwritten- We're screwed!!)
Saike: What'll we doo...
At this point the world is...
???: Wow!
So everyone really is gathered here, huh?
What's going on?
(Sfx- Gachaa clack)
Ana: Huh?

Ana: Yaotome?!
Yaotome: Ooh! Ana~ Long time no see!!
(Handwritten- Aloha!)
Ana: Just where the devil have you been this whole time?!
(Handwritten- And you didn't even bother to contact us!!)
Yaotome: Went on a trip around the world.
Ana: You're too lackadaisical!!
While you've been flitting about we've been dealing with all kinds of hardships here!
(Handwritten- Like Will and Johann!!)
(Handwritten- Even if you tell me all of that, well...)
Yaotome: I sure made a lot of ability using friends around the world man...
I guess I just sorta forgot about ya'll until I ended up in Japan?
Saike: Say...
What do you mean by that?
Yaotome: Huh?

Saike: How did you make friends with ability users?
You can't tell someone has abilities by just looking at them...
Yaotome: Huh? Well, I mean there's that...
You can see some smoke like stuff comin' out of 'em.
Everyone: HUUH?!!
You can see it?!
Yaotome: Uh...wait, you guys can't?
Everyone: WE CAN'T!!
Ana: A—are you serious?
Yaotome: C'mon Ana! Remember that time I came to save you?
How else would I have been able to find you in those mountains if I COULDN'T see that smokey stuff?
(Handwritten- Come now!)

Iforgothername: Ah! I can see it! I can see the fumes!!
Yaotome: See? Easy peasy.
(Handwritten- Me too!!)
(Sfx- Hyuuuhhhhh)
Saike: Hizu...
It's okay. Everyone's got their strong points and weak points....
{And for the first time in a while, Hizu was depressed.}

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