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Saike Once Again 136

Gold and Silver.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 17, 2019 23:07 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 136

Now I like this chapter a lot and I can definitely see what Fukuchi was going for. He did mostly nail it but I think having more lead-up to this would have been nice. Still the theme was nicely executed and I love seeing Hizu finally step out of his father's shadow.

Chaotic scans only.

Ana: Hizu's gone?
Take 136: Gold and Silver.
Saike: Yeah. I wanted to talk to him about our day of departure...
Ana: Did you try calling him?
(Sx- Zaaaaa sssshhhhh)
Saike: Seems like he might have some things he wants to settle before we head out on our journey...
Can you think of anything?
Ana: Hmmmm....
Well...Knowing him he's probably out fixing some wall or something like that.
Saike: Hmm...Hopefully that's all it is...
(Sfx- Zaaaaaaaah sssshhhhh)

Hizu: I've had you worried Kakiyasu.
It's been about five years, yeah?
Kakiyasu: It has been some time...
Young master Eiji.
Welcome back.

Take 136: Gold and Silver.

Kakiyasu: Lord Yuuzen...
No, your father has been made aware of your return, young master.
He is in the usual reading room at work.
Hizu: The reading room, huh?
Kakiyasu: Yes.
{Stop this father!!}
{I don't want to go to that room!!}
{Why do you always stop at “silver?”}
{Why do you never go for the “gold?”}
{I'm sorry!!}
{I'm sorry!!}

{Artwork!! Calligraphy!! Piano!! Schoolwork!!}
{You haven't managed a gold achievement in any of these because deep down you're “soft”.}
{That's the last thing that will be permitted in this house. I do not allow for softness.}
{Starting now I will beat that softness out of you.}
{You will leave this room a new version of yourself.}
(Sfx- Gigigigigigi grinnnnnnd)
{If not then you will remain locked in here for however long it takes.}
{No!! I don't wanna!! It's scary in here, father!!}

Kakiyasu: Young master Eiji.
The reading room is right ahead.
I'm aware that since you were a child you have been troubled by this hallway, yes?
If you'd like I can accompany you.
Hizu: No...
I'll go myself.
This is....
A trauma I've been running from for too long.
It's because I want to face him that I came back here.
Kakiyasu: Do be careful.

????: So you came back...
You the failure of the Hizu family has returned.
You should stop while you can...what awaits you ahead is something more fearsome than you could ever conceive.
Why not turn around and go back now?
(Sfx- Dooh dohhhh*)
{It's happening to me again...}

{You don't need a right to stand up again after you've fallen.}
{Just a spoonful of courage.}
????: Go back...
This is your limit, isn't it?

????: See?
Isn't this terrifying...?
Sooo terrifying....
{A hero is on the scene!!}
(Sfx-Kotsh tmp)
{You will leave this room a new version of yourself.}
{If not then you will remain locked in here for however long it takes.}

{As long as it takes.}
(Sfx- Gachaa clack)
(Sfx- Pikuhh poit)
(Sfx- kacha kacha kacha click click click)
Hizu: Ah....
(Sfx- Dothhh tmmpt)
(Sfx- Kacha kacha kacha click click click)

Yuuzen: What did you come here for.
Weren't you never going to come back here?
I believe I said it at the time you left.
That you were never to set foot on the threshold of this house again.
Hizu: P--
Finally found something that I want to do...
Yuuzen: Shut up.
You're still saying stupid things like that, huh?
Those who pursue what they want are nothing more than third rate garbage.
How many times do I have to say this before you'll understand?
(Sfx- Kacha kacha kacha click click)

Yuuzen: Get out.
I never want to see your face again.
(Sfx- Gyuuuu griiip)
{Don't run away.}
{If I run away again now...}
{Then there's bound to be a time during our journey where I'll lose heart.}
{I have to stand firm and face him...}
{Face my father..!!}
{And my “weakness”...!!!}
{I have to do it “now”....}
{This is my chance to change...!!}

Hizu: It's true...
That back then I was empty.
And halfassed in doing what I wanted.
All I could think of is how I wanted you to acknowledge me.
And I hated myself for not being able to live up to your expectations....
It's different now.
Yuuzen: Different?
How so.

Hizu: I have friends.
Precious friends.
It was him who gave someone like me with nothing a reason to live.
He's sacrificed himself countless times to save me.
This time I'm going to do what I can to help him.

Hizu: If having something I want to do makes me third rate trash...
then I'm fine with that.
I'm good with being a useless person.
Maybe I'm not suited to be a member of the Hizu family....
And maybe you won't acknowledge me...
because I'm crawling through the mud on my belly...
But for my friends I can do anything.
It's a role I'll never lose or give up to...
anyone else.
{Why do you always stop at “silver?”}
{Why do you never go for the “gold?”}
Hizu: Pops....

Hizu: This is the single “gold”
that I have found for myself.

Hizu: That's all I came to say today.
Sorry to bug you while you're working.
(Sfx- Pururururru rinnnnng)
Kakiyasu: M'lord,
the young master has left.
Yuuzen: I see.
Should I see him off, sir?
I know how worried you must be....
Yuuzen: No need.
If he is a member of the Hizu family then he should be able to live on his own.
He's just taking that step on self-reliance a little earlier than I thought.

Yuuzen: Yes...
I'd say he's gone and become an adult.

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