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Saike Once Again 140

Oracle Holder.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 19, 2019 18:02 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 140

I don't feel like looking for the issue of Sunday this chapter ran in but I'm almost positive it wasn't this long there. Like this is basically a monthly chapter's page count and while I know Saike has a weird schedule to begin with it's still crazy. Though I suppose it works as the penultimate chapter of the series. Tomorrow...the finale.

Chaotic scans only

{The day of departure....}
Take 140: Oracle Holder.
Ana: Ooh!
If it isn't the hero!
(Sfx- Gara gara gara)

Saike: Yo!
???: Huh?!
Kotaro: Otsujiro is an oracle holder?!
Saike: Yup.

Saike: His ability allows him to power up oracles.
Ana: Ah!! You're right!
Now that I look closely he does have fumes coming out!!
{He's known since the live show.}
Saike: Sorry about keeping quiet.
I've actually known for some time now.
But I didn't say anything.
If Kuroda had known about this oracle...
He would have used your ability to power up his oracle debug and erased the oracles of people around the world.
I was scared of losing my oracle.
I equated my oracle as being the only thing that gave me a unique identity.

Saike: But I get it now...
Even if I don't have this ability anymore I'm still me.
There will be a time in three years where we'll need your oracle.
When that time comes will you lend me your support?
Otsujiro: Of course!!
I'll do anything I can!!

Announcer: Flight 363 has landed. Passengers boarding this flight should proceed to gate 9.
Saike: Guess it's about time for us to go.
Ana: Ah!
Ana: Ah...
(Sfx- Moji moji figt figt)
Ana: When things calm down you'd better send a letter, hear?
Saike: Gotcha!
Ana: And be careful of cons.
Saike: Okay.
Ana: And don't drink any unboiled water.
Saike: Okay.

Ana: Should you save the world...
In three years....
We three will...
Continue our heroic duties, right?!
Hizu: Yeah.
Saike: Of course!!

Hizu: Saike...
There's one more thing I haven't told you.
The Akashic records were downloaded in my head...
And that's when I knew it.
The “details” of your oracle.
Your “time reversal”....
Saike: I know.

Saike: The truth is I don't necessarily need to use “Mogura pond” right?
When I returned to the Gokyo river in Nepal...
I kind of had a feeling.
“Oracles” aren't coincidental or miracles.
Knowing this I thought of two things...

Saike: It's was either that the place didn't matter and the key to the oracle was “drowning”...
Or my “death” is the key.
However if the key was “death” then...
The rule of me “dying if I continue to use my oracle” raises a contradiction.
And I didn't return after being killed by Sieg.
So then my oracle is...
One I can use anywhere in the world.
As long as I can find a place to drown to death.

Hizu: Saike...
Saike: It's okay Hizu.
I want to go on this journey and overcome the need to use my oracle.
Even without it I'll do what I must.
I know I can still help people as I am.
I want to prove that.

Saike: After all I have you don't I?
Hizu: Yeah.
You can rely on me.

{And from there...}
{We met many oracle holders over the next three years.}
{And then...}
{The fated day came.}

Take 140: Oracle holder.

{Three years later.}
Announcer: Reporting in from above the Kilauea in Hawaii!!
(Sfx- Bababababababa fwapfwapfwap)
Announcer: We've been seeing the warning signs repeatedly for the last few hours here.
It is thought that it's only a matter of time until the “great eruption!!”
It's been two years since geographers around the world predicted this eruption....
And now the time has come!!

Announcer: The prediction states that all 20588 volcanoes will erupt at once...
And the casualties from this disaster are said to be greater than any in the past!!
There's nothing that humanity can do in the face of this crisis......
After all this is nature we're up against it's impossible to fight back right?
We have “hope!!!”
Three years ago there was a certain video uploaded online...
And right now the replays are more than 30 billion!!! There isn't a person around who hasn't seen it!!

Announcer: The video is of a young man saving a girl.
A video uploaded from the tiny island nation of Japan has flipped our beliefs on their head!!
Up until now these people known as “M” were simply urban legends...boogeymen to be feared.
But in the last three years they have saved many people!!
People: That's right!!
They've saved me too!!
They are not “Mysteries” or “Monsters, at all!!
And now we refer to them with the utmost respect and honor as...

Announcer: ORACLE HOLDERS!!!
???: So...
All that noise from before was coming from overhead.
Dude: You can count on TV shows to be shameless even in the face of a humanity-ending crisis!
But hey we're just doing our job.

Kid: Mr. Hizu?
Hizu: Yeah..
That's all it is.
Dude: You okay leader?
Seems like you're not all here with us.
Otherdude: Yeah, man.
The time has come to cast our “ability fumes” into the volcano to stop it, y'know?

Olddude: Can't blame him. He hasn't met “him” in two years.
Though once this is over with you can have that long awaited reunion, right?
(Sfx- Pikuhh poit)
Dude: Damn straight.
???: It's about time.
Someone: Yeah!
Mako: Yumewo...
(Sfx- Chichichichi)
Mako: Do you think he was able to gather 2 million oracle holders in time?
Kuroda: It'll be fine I'm sure.
Have faith in Saike and his friends.

Yaotome: But you've sure gotten pretty Mako!
How about you be my bride in the future?
Kuroda: You're the last person I'd allow her to be with, Yaotome.
???: It's already been three years since then, huh..
Kuroda: Johann!
You've grown.
Johann: It might look that way but I'm still only 11 years old.
Though my actual age is 31...
Oh, your hair is black now?
Kuroda: Hm? Oh yeah.

Mako: His hair only became white because he was so distraught over his little sister Miyuk's sleeping sickness.
Uzura: It's thanks to Saike!
MingMing: MingMing thinks your hair looks better black!
Kotaro: Saike really did change everything didn't he.
And now it's our turn.

(Handwritten- Kyaah!!)
(Handwritten- Is that Kou Otsu Hey Tey?!)
(Handwritten- They're the real deal!)
(Handwritten- Look over here!!)
(Handwritten- Kyah!!)
(Handwritten- Yo!)
(Handwritten- Sup?)
Kuroda: I'd say you're the one who's changed the most in these circumstances.
(Handwritten- You're quite popular...)
Kotaro: Otsujiro, it's about that time right?
Otsujiro: Oh, you're right.

Anton(?): Can everyone...
hear me?
Right now this is an ability user named Anton's power that allows voices to be transmitted to faraway places. It has been powered up even further by Otsujiro's oracle to widen it's area of effectiveness.
I'm sorry that this transmission is one-sided though.
Oracle holders around the world...
It's been a while.

Saike: I am Kuzushiro Saike!!
Kid: Oooh!!
Guy: Is that Kuzushiro Saike?!
Guy2: It's been some time since I heard his voice.
Saike: I am currently with allies at the
Katla volcano in iceland.

Saike: It seems the time has finally come.
It's been three years since I left Japan...
and I've encountered and said farewell to...
countless people.
I've been helped and helped everyone....
And slowly but surely made many more friends.
Hitomi: That's the guy you've told me so much about, right?
Ana: Yeah...
That's him.

Ana: Our hero.
{You seem well...}
Saike: At the start I thought that we'd never be able to gather 2 million ability users...

Saike: But before I realized it the number just kept on growing,
and now we've surpassed thirteen million five hundred thousand.
There are people who hated others and hid who they really were.
There were some who used their oracles for misdeeds,
but the truth is you all just thought there was nothing you could do with these powers, I'm sure of it.
You didn't know what the true path for these abilities were.

Saike: For what purpose were you born...
For people to despise and fear you?
To hurt other people?

Saike: No that's wrong.
You were meant to reach a hand to..
the person right beside you.

Saike: Someone once told me that “People are meant to learn from their mistakes.”
But the reason why I was able to stand after I blundered and made mistakes is...
Because I had friends by my side who offered their hands to me.

Saike: If there's someone close to you who's suffering...
I ask that you offer them your hand in support.
By doing just that...
I am certain the world will change.
{Thank you...}
Saike: Now then everyone...
Reach out.

Saike: To the world!!

Everyone: TO THE WORLD!!!


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