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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Shikabane Hime 2

Shikabane Hime Scene 2

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 13, 2008 06:57 | Go to Shikabane Hime

-> RTS Page for Shikabane Hime 2

Turns out there were only a few pages left so I finished it off tonight. Although there's one panel that's giving me trouble....anyway chapter 3 should come out sometime this week or next. Why did I start with 2? Because there IS a scantlation of one out there......somewhere. Anyway stay tuned for Neuro's fate, and perhaps other translations!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT- I have NEVER translated this series before, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEAZEEE get someone to double check things before they do a scanlation if interested! Until I get into the swing of things with this manga I'm sure things will be a bit off! I don't mind if you guys PM me and yell about mistakes, because I need that to learn. but do NOT use this for scantlation without having a seasoned Japanese translator run through it. With that said...on to some schoolgirl VS zombie kickass action!

Shikabane Hime
Scene 2: Hanging house


???: The monk Tagami Keisei and priest Isaki Shuuji…

Have gone together to the next corpse suppression..

That is all for the report my lord…

High priest Takamine.

Takamine: I see…


Takamine: You did well in reporting this to me. You are excused.

Monk: Excuse me then….

???: Your holiness…


Woman: You seem troubled.

Takamine: You knew already Kamika?

Kamika: Of course.

You’re worried about Monk Tagami and High priest Isaki aren’t you?

You’re especially worried about the Monk.

Takamine: Yes….

Especially Kensei, as he’s nothing more than a mere student.

(Handwritten- I’ve got a bad feeling…)

Takamine: Even though he has that Shikabane Hime with him for support, and she is contracted to him, so it’s not like he’s alone…

He doesn’t have the strength or courage to fully recommend him for employment.

And Isaki, although he has the strength to destroy 10 corpses in one blow…

He’s far too reckless and unstable to be trusted….


Kamika: We have yet…

To find out the cause behind the sudden outbreak of corpses….am I right?


Takamine: Yes.

Over the last 3 days, Tagami and Isaki have been destroying corpses…

And although the results have been worthy of admiration, these circumstances are strange…


As for this…

I still think something even more meaningful is going to occur soon….


Assistance will be needed to deal with this mysterious and chronic outbreak….

If one cannot protect his own territory, he can’t even begin to think of protecting anything else.


Takamine: And then there’s the Kougon sect, and their high priest leader, who has an edict set up for himself.

This edict that groups the Shikabane hime and anything similar into the same group….

Kamika: If that edict didn’t exsist…

Would you lend Monk Tagami and the others a hand?

Takamine: Perhaps.

However this sect, and those responsible for it won’t allow me to act.
For example…

The strongest Shikabane Hime exists…

With your contract…..



{The next set of orders indicates a corpse lying in wait….}

{The house in this neighborhood….}

{Has gotten the nickname ‘everyone dies’ home}


Makina: Everyone dies house?

???: Yeah.

Well that’s what everyone believes…especially with lots of other houses around.

It’s happened twice.

People would come to live in this house, and then something would occur…and they’d all be gone.

Makina: But…

Normally, if something like that were going on in a house, no one would buy it right?

???: That’s right…

However, when seeing a place like this, people can’t stop without taking a peek inside.

Salesmen who want a quick buck will conviently leave this out too.

There are lots of people who don’t know the ‘source’ of this house as well.

Makina: That’s pretty irritating.

???: Yeah…

Also it’s been about a month since the last new family moved in and started living there..

And the same thing happened.

4 days now, and not a single person has stepped foot outside of the house.


Makina: In short,

We’ve got to take the iniative.

???: Right.

The info’s a bit late, but we can still go ahead and start the hunt….there’s only one problem this time…

The Corpse Princess faction has started gathering, and who knows how many there are now.


I’m sure there’s probably more that can be said about this whole thing…

For now we’d better just hope it’s low on the company’s agenda….

{This massacre seems to stop here where it ate….!}


Makina: The blood trail…

It’s getting darker…

But it’s also continuing down this way…




{That poor child’s corpse….}

{I’m getting flashes of my own ‘death’}

{It’s all too easy to get flustered by a familiar scene…}
{But I thought I had forgotten…..Or I thought I wanted to forget….}

{Because it always fills me with fear to remember….}

{Right now, I have to at least help this poor thing out….!}

{Right….first to get her down from there…..}

{And then….}


{That sound……it’s so loud….!}

{The door….!}



{It’s coming…}

{But from where?}


Corpse: Hey….

Why’d you stop…..?


{It’s hands….}

{Through the wall…..}


{A corpse that can become part of the house…}

{To think it has this power!!}

Corpse: You….

Makina: Gah!!



Makina: Gah…






(TN- Am I translating a hentai now?)


Corpse: Ahahahaahahah…

That’s a nice scream…

I won’t let you come between me and happiness…

And just when the family…

Just managed to get together for the first time in a while….

But this is fine…

I’ll grant you the chance to see your friends too

I know what you want as well missy…..



Corpse: Ha….




My family’s together again….

Daddy…and Mommy…

Big brother….and Big sister…

Today our family grows to 5 members….i’m so happy.



???: Normally…

A stationed corpse with a lingering affection will stay at the place it was created, and kill anyone who ventures in.

Child corpses especially can’t rid themselves of lingering attachments and quickly return to the scene of the crime so to speak.

Even with that, as a child your parents are like ‘gods’…

And your home like a ‘world’ to you. Unfortunatly you haven’t yet realized that’s not how things works it seems.




You don’t have any type of affection for them at all.

Why you ask….?

Right now, the ones you’ve killed right before your eyes, are not your family.


???: Your real family came to this place six years ago, and after an incident in this house they died.

They died leaving you all alone…and your attachment to them was so strong that it transcended back into this world reviving you…..

You’re nothing more than a fixed soul, reaping the dead…

A ‘corpse.’

A corpse that can’t leave this area and move about…

Drowning in a deep seated delusion, ‘playing house’ so to speak…..

And two families have had to pay for it…..

So I’m taking you with me by force.


???: You know I….

I know that you came because…

Of your loneliness and despair.

But death has done nothing but spread these feelings out disgracing them.

The Kogon sect’s rules do not look kindly on this.

For this you will be exterminated.



???: Guh…

{A twig….?}

???: Ghugh!!


???: Ghuh…



Corpse: Ahahaah

You’re a fool…

That twig cant….


???: How’s that?

Numbing isn’t it?

I cultivated some of Seisui’s water to get this, Shikmi….

{Shikimi (Recipe and group) The leaves of this plant can be ground and used because of their ‘evil seed.’ Which carries a very potent poison.}

???: And now…

Finish it…


Corpse: Yo…u…

???: That’s right…

She’s not human.

She’s a corpse that you cannot defeat.

I know you’ve been hiding your embarrassment, so I’ll leave it to you.

Makina: Hah…



???: Kougon’s bloodhound…

The mystery assassin….

Shikabane Hime.

Corpse: YA….




Corpse: Hii-ha..


Poor thing was hanging by the neck so I ate her!


You would have been better off if you didn’t interrupt my family time…


Corpse: However it’s fine…

You’ll die now.

???: Hah….

She’s a special bloodhound you know, one that when she spots her prey, she doesn’t let it go.

Which is to say…

Even if she should die, the Shikabane hime is a hound that will chase until capture

Once she’s bared her fangs at her foe, they don’t disappear until the prey has been killed.


Corpse: Huh…






???: See?

Didn’t I tell you?

She’ll defiantly get her kill..



???: What the Shikabane hime is all about.

Makina: Hah….



???: Nice work..

Mission completed.

Makina: Keisei…

Keisei: Hm?

Quite the talker aren’t we?

(Handwritten- in one blow..)

Keisei: Gulp!

(TN- Okay this panel is really not making sense to me….Anyone that can help toss me a bone here.)

Keisei: Once lost, now find Nirvana.


Keisei: Well then I guess we’ll let the police call their own undertaker.

Makina: Aren’t you a priest Keisei?

Keisei: Yeah…something like that.

(Handwritten- but everyone’s got their own field of work…)

Makina: Uugh….

Keisei: Tagami here.

High Monk! There’s an emergency!!

{Quit trying to remember it…!}

{Just stop trying to feel anything…..and everything’ll work out.}

{I don’t want that…}

{There’s no meaning in drudging up the past anymore…!!}

Makina: Keisei?

What’s up?


Keisei: Makina….

Makina: Y—


Keisei: The other guys doing the same work with corpses ran into some trouble.

The High Priest Isaki, was concentrating on doing a spirit exorcism….

But then he and his Shikabane hime…..

Were killed….


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#1. by Crayola ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2008
Hey, at the header, it says you started from 2 because 1 already had a scanlation... but apparently there are already scanlations for chapters 1-3, http://www.mangaupdates.com/releases.html?search=11714&stype=series
#2. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2008
Quote by Crayola;1026390:
Hey, at the header, it says you started from 2 because 1 already had a scanlation... but apparently there are already scanlations for chapters 1-3, http://www.mangaupdates.com/releases.html?search=11714&stype=series

Yeah I saw the scans after I posted this translation. I'll probably go to four then, unless these guys do that before I can too. If they prove to be faster than I am, I'll let them do their thing as I feel like as long as someone is doing translations and scans i don't really need to. (Plus it kills my motivation.) Heck, I guess I'll go ahead and do 3 and 4. Are you planning to do a scantlation?
#3. by Crayola ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2008
I dunno, probably not, I never read the series, I was just looking it up and mangaupdates for the old release when I noticed that and I don't want to steal a project away from them seeing as they released pretty recently
#4. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2008
Yeah. I understand what you mean. Anyway I'll do 3 and 4. If they turn out to release faster than I do, then I'll be looking for another project. Thanks for the thanks though.
#5. by kal-elh ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2008
THX to
#6. by Sleepyguy ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2008
Dynasty's 80% done with chapter 4... seems like it's in QC.

#7. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2008
Quote by Sleepyguy;1027432:
Dynasty's 80% done with chapter 4... seems like it's in QC.


Ah thanks. I guess I won't bother then. They seem to be moving fairly quickly. Well I suppose if anyone wants my crappy translation they can have it, and I officially drop the series. Thanks for everyone who read and enjoyed it, and look forward to my next project!
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