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Mx0 97

Mx0 97 Translation

+ posted by caesarpk as translation on Apr 26, 2008 03:41 | Go to Mx0

-> RTS Page for Mx0 97

Mx0 97 : さらば聖凪①

Farewell Seinagi (1)

[T/N this is my first translation that is not a spoiler tl. There are a lot of places where I might use wrong words, but please enjoy And thx to Sai the Shaman and many others for suggestions on tl]

=====Page 1===========

Famous as the best magic user among the student, Kuzumi commutes to a magic school even though he can use no magic. Kuzumi finally acquires the Black plate after clearing the test, but he panics as he noticed the suspicious relationship between Daimon and Aika. The relationship between the two has gotten better after learning that it was not a big deal…!?

Side: What would happen to the enthusiastic kuzumi who has acquired his black plate?

=====Page 2===========

Two Miles away from the 1st and 2nd year building
The Seinagi high 3rd year building is situated in the opposite direction of the mountain

Kagami: Everyone’s here
You eight here are this year’s chosen Magic Scholarship Students [T/N]Borrowed from Sai the Shaman’s spoiler tl]

=====Page 3===========

魔法技能及び使用者としての品格が高い 優秀な生徒という事である
You who are chosen have achieved excellence in magic as a student and have the high dignity as a magic user
概要は知っていると思うが //
I think you all know the basics //
本校では最終的に魔法特待生となった者は通常の推薦枠とは別に 特別推薦生徒として 希望進路に進む事ができる
but those who have been specially chosen as Magic Scholarship students in the end,
Apart from the normal students, are able to take a desirable route in the future
  そして これは内密な話であり
And what I’m going to tell you now is
A very confidential and important piece of information
  特待生となった者は / 卒業後も魔法使用が可能な待遇が取りはかられる」
Those who have become scholarship students // are giving the right to use magic after graduation
=====Page 4===========


Kagami: hmm, you don’t look so surprised
部長「三年の間では まことしやかに噂されていましたから
Between the 3rd years this has been the rumor for a while
But I’m surprised that it was the truth
鏡「本校生徒は卒業時 望みを一つ叶えた後魔法に関する記憶を消去される事になる
Kagami: When a student at our school graduates, his/her memory about magic will be erased after fulfilling one of their dreams.
That’s the rule at this school
  しかし毎年 魔法特待生には 魔法で社会に貢献する人材としてその後も 魔法を持つ事が認められる
But every year, as someone who will contribute to the society using magic, the magic scholarship students are given the right to keep their magic
  そのためには 魔法の成績は 技術力よりも人格・判断力を重視しているのだ
For that reason, the personality and food judgment of the user are more important than his magical skills
魔法を私物化する者が この権利を手にしないようにな」
This is to keep the privilege away from those who will use magic for their own good

=====Page 5===========
滝「教頭先生 // ここからは私が
Vice-principal // please allow me to say something
  私は滝 本校の卒業生であり
My name is taki, and an alumni of this school
I am now in a special agency to observe magic users
When you guys goes out to the world as one of the scholarship student,
  私と同様に特殊機関に籍を置いてもらう事になります // 魔法を持ち続ける限り
You will enroll youselves into the speciall agency, // as long as you have your magic
  世の中には 人知れず魔法で社会貢献をしている 君らの先輩達がいる
Out in the world there are your sempais who contributes to the world while hiding his magic from others
  人の能力ではどうしようもない事態に 魔法の力を役立てるためにね
For the sake of using magic to solve cases that cannot be solved by any normal means.
  君達がどのような進路に進むも自由だが その先々で必要となる時には
Although you are free to choose which road you want to walk on in the future, //at times when you will need your magic
  魔法を人に知られる事なく 役に立てて欲しい
I want you to utilize your magic without letting any one notice

=====Page 6===========

  魔法を世の中のために利用し そして魔法を使うにふさわしい人材を輩出する事
To use magic for the sake of the world // And to produce those who are fit to use the magic
  それが この聖凪校の真の存在意義なのですから」
Is thhe true meaning of the existence of Seinagi
滑塚「しかし 校外で魔法を使えるというのは どういう事なんですか?
Namezuka: What do you mean by able to use magic outside the school?
Since there are no magical wave, no one should be able to produce magic
Taki: although it can’t be used the same way as a magic hotspot
By making your plates into black plates //
You will be able to use only one magic outside
  使うたび 魔法特区でのチャージが必要となるがね
And you will be required to charge inside a magic hotspot afterwards //
You will understand when the time comes.
  今は卒業まで 特待生として選ばれるような行動を心がけてもらえばいい
For now please just act in a way that shows that you are a scholarship student until graduation
Although being excellent would be no problem for you guys, I’m sure

=====Page 7===========

部長「優秀というだけなら 我々以上のプレートを持ってる生徒がいますよ 一年生ですが」
MEC Chief: if you only mention excellence, there is a student who has higher plate than use
He’s a 1sdt year though
滝「・・・・・・・・・ うむ 話だけは聞いています 話だけはね」
Taki: …I have heard stories about him// but they were only stories

永井「この6名が 新たに本年度魔法執行部員に決まった」
Nagai: Its been decided that these 6 will be the new members of Magical Executive Committee

=====Page 8===========

愛花「こちらこそ よろしくお願いします でも みんなすごい人達でプレッシャーだな」
Aika: I hope I will work well with all of you // but with everyone being so incredible, I feel quite anxious.
大門「そんな事はないさ 力を合わせて頑張ろうよ」
Daimon: Don’t say such thing // lets accomplish something together
Aika : Yeah

九澄(んぐぐ・・・ 大門が選ばれるのは順当とはいえ ・・・何かフクザツだ)
Kuzumi: Darn… ///although its only natural that Daimon was chosen… it’s complicated
大門「九澄もよろしく頼むよ いっしょに協力していこうじゃないか」
Daimon: Glad to work with you too kuzumi // we should work well with each other
Kuzumi: of course…
大門(これで君とは いろいろな意味で対等だよ)
Daimon: Now I am standing on same level as you in various ways
Kuzumi: Hmm, What is this anxiety…

=====Page 9===========

愛花「はーーー 魔法執行部に正式に入れてほんと良かった!!」
Aika: Hahh…//I’m glad I can officially enter MEC
九澄「柊なら 成績も十分だし    今までの働きぶりが ちゃんと伝わっていれば外される事はないって思ってたけどな」
Kuzumi: You have quite good grade, and your effort till now shouldn’t be counted off either, so I didn’t think you will not be one of them
Aika: Really?
But now I feels like I’m one more step closer to possibly getting the gold plate

九澄「そっか お母さんを見られる魔法に近づいたって事だな」
Kuzumi: Oh, so that means you are also one step closer to seeing your mom by magic
愛花「あ 覚えててくれてるんだ
Aika: Oh, so you remembered!

=====Page 10===========

    思い出のお母さんを もう一度見るために
For the sake of meeting mom of my memory again
I need to achieve my goal of the gold plate
    そう思ったら 色々と頑張れるんだ
When I think that way, I always works harder
    でも今は 魔法を楽しむ事の方がメインなんだけどね
But for now, to enjoy magic is my main concern though
    皆で魔法を覚えるのが すっごく楽しいよ
It’s very fun remembering magic with everyone
    私 この学校に入って本当に良かった
I am really glad that I came to this school
    身近に 九澄くんっていう目標もいるしね」
Beside, I want to be like kuzumikun
Kuzumi: … like //me?
愛花「九澄くんが 目標なんて望み高すぎかなーハハハ 怒んないでね」
Aika: Maybe its too hard to become like kuzumi kun after all…// don’t be mad at me, okay?
九澄(怒られんのは 俺の方だよな
Kuzumi: the one who you should be mad is me…

=====Page 11===========

Since this is a imitation after all
    まあ・・・・・・こうして周囲のプレッシャーが増していく度に こっちも一刻も早く
Although I will think of getting the gold plate as soon as possible every time the weight get added on my shoulder…
Aika: What is it?
九澄「いや 別に・・・」Kuzumi: it’s nothing

=====Page 12===========

kuzumi My plate! Wait up, you bastard!

Aika: Kuzumi kun
Not good…
=====Page 13===========

柊「滝!! よお しばらくだったな」
Hiragi: Taki! Long time no see
滝「変わらんな 元気にしてたか?」
Taki: Doesn’t look like you’ve changed. How’s it going
柊「どうしたんだ? お前がこっちの校舎に顔を出すなんて珍しい」
Hiragi: What’s up? Its so rare that you show up right here
滝「ハハハハ お前の先生ぶりでも 見ていこうと思ってさ
Taki: I thought of coming here to take a look at you as a teacher
  学生の頃は一番教師の言う事を聞かなかった男が 今や魔法主任教員なんてな」
It’s so ironic that the man who didn’t listen to anything the chief teacher said during his school time, is a chief teacher himself as well.
柊「それは お互いさまだ 決まり事を嫌う男が 魔法技能者管理機構の監視員だからな」
Hiragi: Same goes for you // The one who hated rules the best is now the of the Magic User Management Agency
Taki: Oh well

=====Page 14===========

So how is it for you? Seen any future magic scholars around?
柊「ああ 毎年活きのいいのがな」
Hiragi: Of course. There are always lively ones around here
Taki: looks like there is a particularly interesting student this year.
Hiragi: What are you talking about?
滝「ハハハ とぼけなくてもいいよ 俺は今日そいつに会いに来たんだ」
Taki: Haha, don’t play dumb with me.
I came here today to meet up with him
柊「お前・・・・・・ どこで九澄の事を?」
Hiragi:You… when did you hear about kuzumi
滝「心配するな 悪い話じゃない」
Taki: don’t worry, it’s nothing bad

=====Page 15===========

滝「柊 お前の枷を外す結果にもなる事だ さて どれくらいで来るかな?」
Taki: Even you would break the rule for him… /// how long would it take him to get here?

Taki: Hmm?

=====Page 16===========

You! You were the thief!
It was a pointless thing to do! I’ve always attached the magic string on my plate

[<魔法糸> 物体に接着させるとキー呪文を言わないと離れず切れない魔法アイテム]
[Magic String] A magic item when affixes to something it will not break off without a certain chant

滝「ほほう・・・リリーにこの速さで追いついてくるとは これはすごいもんだ」
Taki: Look at how quickly you kept up with Lily’s speed //this is incredible

=====Page 17===========

滝「九澄君だね ぶしつけな呼び出しで悪かった
Taki: So you are kuzumi. Sorry for calling you out this way
  私は滝 君にM0ではなく 本当の魔法プレートを与えるために来た」
I am taki// I’ve come to give a real magic plate instead of m0

The man who will change kuzumi’s fate!

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#1. by Sai (THE MH FOODIE)
Posted on Apr 26, 2008
Great for a first translation!!! Hell of a lot better than my first real tl....(now I have some friendly competition too :D)
#2. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Apr 27, 2008
nice work ceasarpk, didn't know you could translate

do we have a new Manga(Helper) translator?
#3. by caesarpk ()
Posted on Apr 27, 2008
I've been translating spoilers so far ^^;
This is my first real tl, so it's not as good as sai's
Since it's almost summer vacation i'll start tling! ( screw the exams before that aarrg i have study for more than 5 hours a day...

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