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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Mx0 98

Mx0 Chapter 98 Translation

+ posted by caesarpk as translation on May 10, 2008 15:32 | Go to Mx0

-> RTS Page for Mx0 98

Oh my god, can't believe this mx0 is really coming to an end... wish there is a sequel...
Anyways, next week the exams will start so I won't have time translating anything. :(
@Sai can you take care of the spoilers too? I doubt if I'll have time.

=======Page 1=============
M:98 さらば聖凪②
Farewell Seinagi (2)

To learn the true magic? Where is our kuzumi heading to!? [T/N the second sentence literally means “which one is our kuzumi of tomorrow,” which makes little sense]

The astonishing revelation is revealed to the gathered Magic Scholarship Students! It was the secret that Seinagi High exist in order to export candidates who is able to use magic! Saying “I will give you the real magic plate, Taki from the administrative department of magical technicians made appearance before Kuzumi! The matters are unfolding quickly…?
=======Page 2=============
A Magical School besides Seinagi!?

Kuzumi: you mean...
to transfer to another school?

Taki: More like to be an exchange student inside the country
You will have the opportunity to learn magic from the start there
  熊本に本年度新設された 私立高校がある
There is a private high school newly established this year at Kumamoto
  尾輪哩高校という 聖凪の1/4程の小さい学校だ
It's called Owari high and it's a quarter the size of Seinagi. [T/N “Owari” means the end if written in another way… an ominous sing]
  そこは聖凪と同じ // 魔法磁波発生域に建つ魔法学校なのだよ」
It’s the same as Seinagi // It’s a magic school built on magic wave hot spot.

=======Page 3=============

kuzumi: there's a magic school besides seinagi?
In kumamoto?
滝「この山以外 魔法磁波の発生する つまりは魔法を使える場所は幾つかある
Taki: Beside this mountain there are other places where magic waves are found. In other words, there are several places where you can use magic.
  尾輪哩高は 聖凪を手本に設立された2つ目の高校なんだ
Owari High is another school that has been modeled like Seinagi
  君にはそこで一年ほど留学してもらい // 魔法をちゃんと学んで 帰って来るというのはどうかって話なんだ
I’m proposing that you transfer there for a year // and come back after you’ve properly learned magic
  ここで正体を隠しながら過ごすよりも はるかにGPに近づけると思うがね」

I think it's easier to strive for the gold plate that way than hiding your identity here.

kuzumi: An exchange student ...
for a year...?

=======Page 4=============

滝「全寮制の学校で 昼も夜も魔法漬けになる事もできる環境だ
Taki: it's a dorm school so you will have to interact with magic days and nights
  一年間でも君次第で聖凪 (ここ) の三年分の魔法修業ができるかもしれない
Even it’s only one year, you may be able to accomplish what student here can accomplish in 3 years.
  今の状態では 大手を振って魔法を覚える事はままならんだろう?
  このままでGPを手にできるか 不安はあるんじゃないか?」
In the present situation you can’t just go and learn magic in front of everyone, right?
Don't you even worry about whether you can acquire the GP this way?

Kuzumi: ...Hmm
その 急にそんな話されても・・・」
but, it’s too all of a sudden…
パパ「だが滝 なぜお前がそんな話を持ってくるんだ?」
DH: But Taki, why would you bring such thing up?
九澄「そうだよ 俺の事知ってるし」
Kuzumi: Yeah, besides you know my secret too

=======Page 5=============

滝「フフ // 実はこれは前校長の発案でね」
Taki: Haha, // actually This is the idea of the ex-principal
kuzumi: the ex-principal!?
Taki: Starting next week, I leave for Owari High as a Magical Teacher
  そのついでに九澄君を連れていってはどうかとね // あくまで個人的なことだと伝えられた
He asked me to take you along with me // and said that it’s his personal request
In case you decide to come, I will teach you absolutely everything,
sort of like a temporary coach for you
  留学の全ての手配は 私がやらせてもらう // あとは君次第だ
I will take care all the procedures for you to transfer // The rest all depends on you
Give me a answer within two or three days.

=======Page 6=============

校長「お父様 私に何の相談もなく そんな話を進めるなんて
Principal: Father, to go that far without consulting with me is...
A notice would be much better
Ex-Principal: It's not a bad plan, right?
    九澄にとっても // お前達にとってもな
For kuzumi’s benefit // and yours as well
    今のまま M0を手離せなくなっている状態ではやつの魔法力の開花は遅れていくだけだ
The growth of his magical power is and will be blocked by the simple fact that he cannot give up on his M0
    そこでお前が取ったBPを与えるという道が // たまたま別の道を作る結果になったんだ
So the way of granting him a BP you took // Unexpectedly created another road for him
    つまり 一度本校を離れても
In other words, even if he leaves the school
He could come back at any moment
    退学・転校・卒業と // 本校から離れる者は皆 魔法の記憶を消去されるのが決まりだ
The rule is that when being expelled, transferring, or graduating // away from this school means that they will have their memories about magic erased.

=======Page 7=============

    唯一除外されるのは ブラックプレートを持つ者
The only exceptions are the owners of black plates
    BPを手に入れた者は 聖凪の記憶と魔法力をそのまま保持でき // 本校に戻って来る事も認められている
The ones who managed to acquire BP will be allowed to keep the memory and magical power, // and are also granted the permission to return to the school
    これは通常 卒業生に与えられる権利だが// 九澄は元々GPとして認知されている生徒だし
This is usually a prestige granted to graduating students // But since Kuzumi is a student originally known to have GP   
    強引ではあるが 他の教員たちにも納得してもらう事はできるだろう
The other faculty will recognize the situation even if it’s quite a little brutal.
    出戻りの前例を簡単に作らずに 外で修業を積んでこさせる 悪くない口実ができる訳だ
It’s a pretty good excuse for Kuzumi to go learn magic abroad without easily making a precedence of someone leaving and still able to come back
    プレートの授与は ボクの独断でやったと言っておけ // こういう人間だし 文句も出まい」
you can tell them that it was my decision alone to give him the plate // I'm this sort of person, so they complain about it.

Principal: Father,

=======Page 7=============

BPに用いる魔法金属は 魔法磁波を高濃度に含み保持し続ける特殊なもの
The magical metal coating on BP is something special that holds magic wave in high intensity for a long period of time
   精製するには 人間の肉体が耐えられない程の 超強力な魔法を使わなくてはならない・・・・・・
in order to make it unbievable amount of magic power that even the human body cannot endure is required…
   お父様は そのためにご自分の肉体を捨てる決断をされた
You decided to throw your body away for that
   そんな お父様に文句を言う者はおりませんよ」
there's no one that will object what you say
前校長「・・・誰かがやらなくては 魔法を世に出す事はできんしな」
EX-P: ...someone had to do the job or magic will never come out to the world
校長「教員たちも含め 皆 お父様の作ったプレートのお陰で
P: it's because of the plates you make that many, including the faculties,
   人知れず 魔法という夢の力を持ち続ける事ができているんです」
are able to use the dreamlike power of using the magic without been known

=======Page 8=============

Ex-P: it would be best that kuzumi will be one of them as well...

胡玖葉「大賀ー ゴハンだよ
kokuha: taiga, it's dinner!
Whay are you taking so long?
Kuzumi: ...
Being a real BP user…

=======Page 9=============

But a year…
It’s for a whole year...?

伊勢「九澄ー 放課後は魔法執行部か?」
Ise: hey, kuzumi, Is it MEC after school?
九澄「ああ ミーティングなんだ」
Kuzumi: Yeah, we got a meeting
伊勢「しかし 一年執行部は 強者が集まったもんだよな」
Ise: But there are so many formidable guys in the first year MEC
津川「ンとだよ お前が休んでも十分怖えーメンツだしな」
Tsugawa: So true! Even when you are absent the rest are scary enough
九澄「ん // そーだな」
kuzumi:Yeah, // right
愛花「九澄くん 執行部の方いっしょに行く?」
Aika: Kuzumi-kun want to go to MEC together?
kuzumi: my bad... I will go after a while

=======Page 10=============

愛花「なんか今日 九澄くん元気なくない?
Aika: Are you somehow not feeling well today?
You managed to get back your plate yesterday right?
九澄「別に いつもと同じだって// プレートも関係ないよ
kuzumi: It’s nothing, I’m alright. // Doesn’t have anything to do with my plate

愛花「なら いいけど
   Aika: Ok, then
じゃ 私先に行ってるね」
I will be going first

A year of school life separate with hiiragi

俺 耐えられんのかな・・・・・・
I… Can I bear it through…?

=======Page 11=============

九澄(やっぱ 行くべきなんだろうな・・・・・・
kuzumi: I should go there after all
行かなきゃ きっと後悔する気がする)
if I don't, I feel like I will definitely regret it later

even if I don't get GP
I should be able to acquire magical power several times faster
Than I stayed at Seinagi this way
It's better to go no matter how many time I think it through


Kuzumi: Though that's the truth, I don't wanna go!

I’ll be away for a whole year!
And why this being an exchange student pops up all of sudden!

=======Page 13=============

Aika: The meeting....
it's over, you know?
九澄「・・・・・・ 柊」
kuzumi: Hiiragi...

=======Page 14=============

Aika: Studying abroad… for a whole year…
   それで今日はずっと 考え込んでる顔してたんだ」
So that’s what you were brooding over all day long
九澄「行ってみよーかなーって 考えてる段階かな
Kuzumi: I’m just thinking I should take a try
It’s not a bad deal for me either?
Aika: Anyways, our school had something like sending someone to study abroad
I didn’t know that/
Kuzumi: looks like it’s a special case
   外国ってわけでもないし 九州は遠いけど休みには帰って来れるだろうし」
I won’t go overseas, so I will come back during the break even though it’s faraway in Kyuushu
You are not transferring…right?
   留学なんだから ちゃんと一年で帰ってくるんだよね?」
It’s just a period to study abroad so you will be back in one year right?
Kuzumi: Oh yeah, of course.
愛花「なーんだ それなら安心だよね」
Aika: Oh, okay, I’m relieved
… it doesn’t have much impact on her…hehe…
I’m kinda sad…

=======Page 15=============

Aika: When you come back you will still be a second year,
   それからいっぱい思い出作りすれば 一年分くらいとり返せるよね」
So if we make a lot of memories then we can make up for the year, right?
九澄「そ そーだよな
Kuzumi: Eh, yeah, that’s right
   よく考えりゃ 俺 この学校来て半年ちょいくらいか
If I think back now I’ve been here for only half a year
   倍の一年いなくなってたら 案外みんな俺の事忘れちまってたりしてな」
Maybe everyone just forgot about me if I go away for twice the time, for a year…
Aika: You won’t be forgotten…

There’s no way I can forget about you
Because… it’s been real fun…

=======Page 16=============

   九澄くんがいたから・・・// 今までほんと楽しかったもん・・・・・・
Because you were there… // It’s been really a good time
But…dut… [T/N b/c she is crying, the sound is kinda muffled]

Aika: woops, sorry…
   急な話だったから・・・その // 動揺しちゃって・・・」
It was so sudden … you know… // I was kinda disturbed so…

愛花「やだ どーしよ
Aika: Oh no… what should I…
I can’t stop crying…

=======Page 17=============

九澄「俺も 楽しかった
Kuzumi: I had fun too.
Because you were there.
   変な事言って悪かったよ // 俺だって 忘れたりできねーもん
Sorry for saying such strange stuff // I would never forget such thing
Everything after I came to seinagi
Aika: yeah… a lot happened, didn’t it?
九澄「ああ いっぱいな」
Kuzumi: yeah, really a lot.

=======Page 18-19=============

No matter what it is, everything

Was so fun as if it was magic

皆がいて 柊がいてくれて
because everyone was there for me
And hiiragi was there for me

=======Page 20=============
OH… Afterall I
Like Hiiragi the best

柊の涙を見たら 逆にふん切りがついたよ
After seeing Hiiragi’s tear, I can finally make up my mind
I will go abroad
and study desperately and definitely come back with a gold plate

For the sake of erasing the fake me one second faster
And for the sake of deliver hiriragi this feeling

=======Page 21=============

Kuzumi: I… when I gets back
I have something to talk to you
I can’t tell you what it is now but
It's something really important

I am here right now because of you … Kuzumi and Aika, the two, thinking of each other, confesses everything!
M:98 Ends
Next Issue, Something will go wrong with kuzumi studying abroad!?

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#1. by nxlouco ()
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Thanks, Really Appreciate This!!
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Thank you, caesarpk ^^
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thanks for this
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OMG hopefully they would start a new sequel with kazumi coming back as a second year
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First time posting here, don't intend to do after this, too lazy to look if this is the right place to post this.

Did a quick edit on the raw (no quality editing besides adjusting the levels):

Enjoy, and my apologies if this is the wrong place for this, delete it, move it somewhere else, repost it, I don't care.

Best regards
#8. by caesarpk ()
Posted on May 11, 2008
is this a scan or a raw...?
#9. by iRage ()
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Quote by caesarpk;859264:
is this a scan or a raw...?

Used your translation.
#10. by caesarpk ()
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o, great, thanks

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