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Young Shima Kousaku 9

STEP9: ...To Make It A Goodbye.

+ posted by ChopPA as translation on May 19, 2011 17:54 | Go to Young Shima Kousaku

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Page 171
STEP 9: …To Make It A Good Bye
Page 172
(Sound: dashing in corridors)
(Sign: Sales Promotion Room)
1. Excuse me, I’m Shima from Sales Assistance Division; I brought the sample of the poster for spring’s Bridal Fair.
Page 173
1. Huh?
2. Shirota, how many times must I tell you!? (sound: thumping on desk)
3. Didn’t you learn anything from school?
If you can’t even comprehend documents like these, you won’t be able to keep working in Hatsushiba!!
4. Noboru Shirota (23 yrs old)
He was assigned to Sales Promotion Division last year on November.
Page 174
1. Are you taking your job seriously?
2. Yes, I am.
3. Don’t start crying, idiot.
Get your spirit up and do your job right!!
4. I feel sorry for him; he’s been being yelled at standing like that for two hours.
5. You think chief is doing this as an exemplary?
6. Nope. Chief’s enjoying this because that kid kina looks dull, you know.
7. I see. I guess he’s the type bullies like.
Page 175
1. Shirota, can I sit next to you?
2. Oh, Mr. Shima.
3. Of course.
Page 176
1. Cheer up. Don’t let yourself down like that for getting scolded once or twice.
2. Mr. Shima, I think I shouldn’t have entered this company.
3. Why? I think Hatsushiba is a good company to work for.
4. Everyone around me is elite, and I’m the only one who’s stupid.
5. I know well myself that I’m dull and not skilled at work. It’s just natural that I get yelled at by Chief every day.
6. ……
7. If you think that, try to improve yourself.
8. I wish I could’ve done that.
9. I’m not as smart as others. This is already the best I can do.
Page 177
1. I got in here with help of my father’s connection.
2. That doesn’t mean you’re not smart, does it?
3. I graduated from a non-name, private university.
**TRANSLATION NOTE: I think that, at least in 70’s in Japan, public or state-funded schools were regarded higher than private ones. Also, he says he’s from 5th rank university as in 1st class being the top-ranked schools, 3rd class, being the lowest, therefore, 5th is like below the worst; or it could simply mean “any of those schools without fame.”**
4. My grades weren’t great; I can’t speak English either.
5. Is there anyone like that here in Hatsushiba Headquarter? Everyone here speaks English fluently and from a top-ranked university.
6. No one will understand my suffering.
Page 178
1. Did you not apply for this company on your own?
2. My father forced me to.
3. He’s a participating Hatsushiba dealer.
4. Just by the scale of it, he’s the biggest one in the eastern prefecture. If the president of such company asks a favor to hire his son, even Hatsushiba won’t say “no” to him.
5. It seems that he takes a pride in that I work at Hatsushiba’s Headquarter location; but, for me, everyday is painful like sitting on the bed of thorns.
6. …….
7. If you don’t like here that much. Perhaps, you should quit.
Page 179
1. Mr. Shima, on your next day off, why don’t you pay a visit to my home?
2. That’s fine, but why?
3. My family is what is called the local’s influential family.
4. The fact that the first son of Shirota family quits company and return home is unforgivable as it will ruin the face of the family.
Page 180
1. To Shirota’s house.
2. Got it.
3. Whoa, he knows where it is just by “Shirota’s house.”
4. You will understand when you see it; it’s a very big house.
5. This is what I meant. (Sound of taxing leaving)
Page 181
1. Whoa, it’s like a castle.
2. I heard that the 2nd generation of my ancestors made a fortune at a mine and built this mansion.
3. I’m back.
Page 182
1. Oh, if this isn’t Mr. Shima, I welcome you.
2. I’m the father of Noboru Shirota. Please take a good care of my son from now on too.
3. I’m very proud that Noboru has managed to become a salaried worker for a top-ranked company.
4. Why, he’s now a member of the headquarter office of that world-famous Hatsushiba.
(Gahhahaha : laughing)
5. ………
Page 183
1. You could stay a night here.
2. No. I have an event tomorrow; so, I have to still be at the company even though it’s a day off for me tomorrow.
3. Mr. Shima. I made up my mind.
4. About what?
5. After I heard what you said, I came to realize clearly that living a way of life you don’t want is too much to give up; life is only once.
6. I’m quitting the company.
7. …….
8. I cannot tell if that is a right decision or not...;but, one shouldn’t live a life that is just tolerating; I can say that much for sure at least.
9. Tonight, I’ll try to convince my father.
Page 184
1. Three days later.
(Sound of dashing in corridor)
2. Oh! Shirota!!
3. Oh, Mr. Shima.
4. What happened to your face?
Page 185
1. After that, my father and I had a quarrel and he hit me.
2. Excuse me.
3. I had a little bad feeling about this at that time.
Page 186
Page 187
1. (Sound of ambulance)
2. Noboru attempted a suicide by jumping off from an emergency stairs onto the backyard of the headquarter building.
(Sign: Marunouchi Daiichi Hospital)

Page 188
1. Mr. Shima, I’ve been wrong. I’ve been driving him into corner…I never tried to see what was inside his heart.
2. ……
3. I thought it would be good for him and made him hired at Hatsuhiba……..
But, it turned this way……
After all, I’ve been only concerned about my own face.
4. He’s been sending out the sign desperately; but, including me, his surroundings never came to realize it.
5. There was a space that suited him.
6. And I could not come to realize it for him.
(Sound: door opening)
Page 189
1. It’s alright now. He has regained his consciousness.
2. Uwohhh (crying out)
3. Luckily, Noboru Shirota fell into a shrubbery, and managed to survive with just some many fractures.
4. This incident was wrapped around as a trifle inside the company, and has never been leaked out to the outside.
Page 190
1. After that, he went back home after quitting the company, and is working energetically as a worker for his family business who goes around checking from one Storefront to another.
2. From time to time, he calls me on the phone; but, he has become very positive and grown up in mentality as well.
3. By the way, hiring people through connections is still continuing in Hatsushiba after this, and there is no sign of changing.
Young Kousaku Shima / END

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