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Young Shima Kousaku 8

STEP8: Baseball Game

+ posted by ChopPA as translation on May 19, 2011 18:57 | Go to Young Shima Kousaku

-> RTS Page for Young Shima Kousaku 8

Translation reserved for Manga : Code

Page 151
STEP 8: Baseball Game
Page 152
1. December, Showa 47th year.
2. Ok…Next, Mr. Mochizuki from Exhibition Division is going to sing for us.
3. “The Foothill in a Foreign Land” (**song title**)
4. (**singing**) Even today, the foothill is setting.
5. Hey, party planner. I’m out of beer.
Page 153
1. Ok, Ok. Here you go.
2. On December of every year, instead of doing a year-end-party, we Sales Assistance Department go on a short trip.
3. Three party planners look for all the men and women, totaling to 50.
4. Mr. Ogata, from Showroom Division,
5. Senior Maki, from Storefronts Division,
6. And, me.
7. Did everyone get a cup of bear?
Page 154
1. Feast is from 7 in the big Japanese style room.
After that, we will move to Sakuranbo in 3rd floor.
2. OK.
3. Oh, that’s right. Shima, Manager Takiguchi was saying he wants to see a strip dance show. You take charge of that.
4. Me?
5. I do that?
Page 155
1. Yes. About two...
2. Is it ok?
3. Ok. Two dancers will be coming to the green room soon.
4. Phew.
5. That’s done.
(Gahahahaha, Wahahahaha : Loud laughter x 2)

Page 156
1. Chief. Let me offer you a cup.
2. Oh.
3. Gahahaha (laughter)
4. Kyah-!
5. No-!
6. Wahahahaha!
7. Shima, are the dancers here yet?
Page 157
1. Yes, they are.
2. Ok. Get them ready.
3. Is it our turn?
4. Yes. Please come out when I send you the signal.
5. O~K~.
Page 158
1. Chief. It’s about time for strip dance show.
2. Strip dance show?
3. How boring.
4. (Hiccup)
5. Huh? Boring?
6. I’m tired with strip show. Let’s do that one instead.
7. The one that Konto #55 was doing.
8. OUT!
9. SAFE!
10. GOOD of GOOD!
11. …that one, I mean.
12. Oh, you mean Baseball Game.
13. Shima, no strip show. Tell the dancers to do Baseball Game.
Page 159
1. Baseball Game?
2. We do that?
3. Yes. It was requested by our Department Chief that you play Baseball Game with our staff.
4. Hold on a sec.
5. We are not some cheap performers who sleep around for money,
6. We want to get paid for our dancing, just that.
7. We have our pride, you know.
8. So, we won’t.
Other than the nude show, we won’t do.
9. Let’s go.
10. P, please wait a sec.
Page 160
(Sound of strides on corridor)
1. Excuse me, dancers.
2. What!?
3. I understand how you feel. (smiling, smiling)
4. I fully understand that the request was unreasonable.
5. Since what we ask for is not in the contract, allow me to show my appreciation somehow in this way.
Page 161
1. What do we do?
(Sound of sliding door opening)
2. How did it go?
3. It went well.
4. But, that cost me 10,000 yen from my own pocket. You two give me 3000 yen each.
5. …..yes.
6. Party planner is such a thankless role.
7. I’m a little dubious about whether or not he really gave each of the dancers 5000 yen.
Page 162
(Sound of the string instruments being played)
1. If you were to play baseball (singing)
2. This the way you shall do. (singing)
3. When the ball gets thrown, you hit it like this; (singing)
if the ball gets hit, you catch it like this. (singing)
4. When you’ve made it to a base, Yay Yay Yay (singing)
5. OUT!
**TRANSLATION NOTE: They’re singing and dancing like that of Kabuki style, but with the comical Baseball related contents in rhyme; at the same time, it’s a Rock, scissors, and paper game—jyanken in Japanese.)**
Page 163
1. Good!
2. Oh, I lost.
3. You get lost already. (Wahahaha : audience laughing)
4. Who’s next?
5. Good of Good!
(Sound of taking off gown )
6. Good of Good!
(Sound of taking off gown with heavier fabric)

Page 164
1. Good of Good!
2. Ah—I lost
(Applauds x 2)
3. Kyah~~!
4. Chief, beat her this time. Just one more strike!
5. Al-right!!
I’m defeating her no matter what!
6. Out
7. Safe
8. Good of Good!!
Page 165
1. I won!!
2. Alright, here we go.
3. Shima, I’ll send the signal as soon as she strips off. Turn it off immediately when I do.
4. Yes.
(Lots of applauds)

Page 166
1. Now.
(Sound of lowering the switch)
(Sound of sudden blackout)
2. Wa~! Damn!
3. This is so cruel!
4. Wahahah
(applauds x 2)
5. Such was the end of the feast. The 2nd party that followed ended smoothly as well, and by then, everyone was heavily drunk and fell asleep.

Page 167
1. Phew~. It’s all over now.
2. I’m so tired.
3. We barely ate anything, and didn’t even take a bath yet.
4. Seniors, I’m going to go take a bath in the spa.
5. It will be a waste if not.
(Sound of walking on corridor)
6. Gentlemen ----- Grand Spa ---------- Ladies
Page 168
1. Phuwaa~
(Sound of someone taking off cloths and putting them in a basket)
2. Huh?
3. A woman?
(Sound of sliding door opening)

Page 169
1. Ah.
2. You’re…
3. Oh, my, Mr. party planner!! You worked hard today.
4. Wasn’t this a men’s spa?
5. Silly, you. After the midnight, men’s and women’s switch.
6. You’re in women’s spa, that is.
7. Oh, I’m sorry! I’ll leave now.
8. Well, what’s the big deal. Let’s all get in together.
9. By the way, you were in the backstage room, and didn’t see our body naked, did you?
10. We can show you now.
Page 170
1. Look.
2. Shima’s taking a long bath.
3. (snoring)
4. Maybe a party planner is a lucky role.

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