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Young Shima Kousaku 7

STEP 7: Greetings, Melancholies.

+ posted by ChopPA as translation on May 19, 2011 19:03 | Go to Young Shima Kousaku

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STEP 7 : Greetings, Melancholies.
Page 132
1. What?
It’s not ready yet?
But, that’s not what you said earlier.
2. The conference is on the day after tomorrow! Sending through mail won’t make it in time already; please send through Telex.
(Sound of walking on floor)
Page 133
1. Hey you there. What time do you think it is now? Go home already.
2. Oh, but my work hasn’t been finished yet.
3. That’s your problem. A member of labor union of Hatsushiba Electronics is not allowed to work past 8 P.M.!!
4. Ahh But…
5. But…
6. It’s going to be disastrous if I don’t do this!!
7. If you’re a member of union, you do know that you have to prioritize union’s order over the work for the company.
8. OK!
(Sound of standing up from chair that has wheels)
9. I’ll go home then.
10. What you can do in a situation like this is to take the work with you to the dorm although it won’t be added to your overtime work hours, though.

Page 134
1. Even if I do as he suggested, there is only one payphone at the dorm, which someone’s always using.
(Sound of inserting coins)
2. Do something about it, please. Without all the sales data from all the storefronts, Product Division can’t prepare a presentation for the conference.
3. Ok,Ok. I’ll be sending it over Telex tomorrow morning. Don’t be so noisy like that. **The speaker is drunk, and his speech is slurred and unclear**
4. Good night then. **The speaker is drunk, and his speech is slurred and unclear**
5. Fuu (Sound of sighing as in relaxing from tension)
6. I don’t want to sound noisy either. I’m all worn out now, both inside and out.
Page 135
1. Welcome. (the name of bar is Maou which means something like devil lord, demon king)
2. What happened to you, Shima. You don’t look energetic.
3. Oh, yeah? Maybe I am tired after all.
4. You work too hard. Even if you’re young, if you keep going like that, you’ll be crushed.
5. It’s not that I’m doing this because I like. I’m in a situation where I’m forced to do so.
Page 136
1. Another Highball, please.
(Sound of pressurized soda being dispensed)
2. I’m reluctant to tell you this; but, companies don’t appreciate hard working in the background that much.
3. Show off hard working while others are around, and when alone, slackens off.
4. That kind of person is the one who becomes successful.
5. I’ve been running this business in the same neighborhood with the Hatsushiba dorm for 10 years, and I see those hard working ones always get worn out while those seemingly irresponsible go up the ladder faster within the company
6. I wonder if there’s a knack of it.
7. No really a knack; rather, they’re good at relaxing. Those working hard are klutz in their life style as well.
page 137
1. I see.
2. Another highball.
3. You had 6 cups already. You should stop.
4. Oh, is it already 11?
5. Yep. You’re always the last customer. See? There’s no one around.
6. People at the dorm wake up early in the morning because many of them work at factories.
7. Why don’t you take a girl to a date once a while?
8. Good night, then.
9. Good night.
10. A date…?
11. I’ve been forgetting that such a word existed in this world.
Page 138
1. Headquarter Sales Assistance Department
Storefronts Division Department Chief
Ikimu Ijiri
2. What? It’s not here yet?
3. Idiot! What are you going to do? The conference starts at 1P.M.!!
4. Ye, Yes.
5. I called them first thing in the morning, but they say the person in charge is either on a day off or on business trip, and I couldn’t get a hold of him.
(Sound of picking up phone)
6. From which branches have we not received yet?
7. Kanbe, Akita,
8. And from Hiroshima.
Page 139
1. Hello, this is Ijiri from headquarter. May I talk to chief Matsui?
2. Oh, chief Matsui! This is Ijiri. I have not yet received the material for today’s afternoon conference!
3. Yeah
4. Yeah
5. That’s right. Then, please do so. That’s a promise as a man-to-man.
6. Ok. Where’s next?
7. Next one is Akita.
8. Chief Oonishi is not there?
9. Then, I, Ijiri from headquarter, would like to ask you to do me favor.
10. Your name please?
11. Karasawa Midori?
12. Then, Ms. Midori!! Please keep the promise with me!!
13. This is a pledge between a man and a woman!!
14. Yes. Next?
15. ….it’s Hiroshima.
16. Please. Come on, it’s between you and me. I owe you one for this time!! Thanks much!!

Page 140
1. After two hours from chief Ijiri’s phone calls, all the documents needed for the conference has been sent here.
2. This means, it was only a two-hours worth of work if they were on it seriously. I’ve been begging them for two weeks for this; but then, just that one phone call from chief Ijiri made them submit it so easy…
What am I, then, damn.
3. Anyway, by skipping lunch, I managed to total the numbers and draw the chart. When done, it was 10 minutes before the conference.
4. Phew…I made it in time, somehow.
5. During that time, chief Ijiri was taking a nap with a sports news paper covering his face.
Page 141
1. It’s as the owner of Maou said; he does know how to slacken off. (Sound of walking on corridor)
2. < Showa 47th year Second Half
Storefronts Chiefs Conference >
Page 142
1. Headquarter Sales Assistance Department Chief Sakakibara Yasuo
2. So, as you can see from this chart, POP’s advertisement effect is rising up with the Metropolitan city as its center.
3. In other words, its effect is higher at bigger storefronts.
4. What? That’s the opposite.
5. I’m sorry, chief Sakakibara; about what you’ve just said now,
6. It’s the other way around! POP’s effect is higher at smaller storefronts.
7. Oh.
8. He’s right.
Page 143
1. You can see it on the chart #3.
2. True. I see it.
3. Mr. Sakakibara, have you checked the materials before the conference?
4. Well, I guess one wouldn’t prepare seriously for a conference like this one.
(Laughters x 3)
5. Well, who cares?
6. I’m sorry. Let me make a correction….
7. The next topic is about the effect of the Stereo Poster.
8. At that time, I thought I did something good.
Page 144
1. You, idiot.
2. Who do you think you are!!
3. Because of what you’d done, he lost his face flat on the ground. (**you shamed him before everyone**)
4. I, I see. But,
5. But, what? Say it!!
6. He was saying exactly the opposite from the materials. Wouldn’t it have been a problem if I didn’t point it?
7. I’ll tell you this clearly.
8. The result of those sales promotional goods that you guys at Production Division create does not concern Storefronts chiefs at all!!
Page 145
1. Even if it were a very important mistake,
2. A subordinate like you should never be correcting him at a time like that.
3. ….?
4. Then, what should I have done?
5. In a situation like that, write a letter with apology and correction and send it to every other the day after the conference.
6. But, wouldn’t that just cost more money and time?
7. That is fine; face value and social relationship is much more important.
8. If that’s what it takes for an organization to function smoothly, that is well worth it.
Page 146
1. (Sign reads: Maou) **Maou is often depicted in RPGs or mangas as someone ultimately powerful and a master of black magic, and often beyond a human being.**
2. Shima, don’t ponder too much about it.
3. You will never enjoy drinking in a mood like that.
4. After that incident, Chief Sakakibara never looks at my face. It’s like he’s turning away from me intentionally all the time.
5. Isn’t that good that way that you don’t have to deal with someone like him with such a narrow mind?
6. I, I can’t just leave it like that; he’s the Department chief of where I work. (**A boss above boss, that is**)

Page 147
1. Live a big life!
2. Who cares if he’s a Department Chief!
3. What’s the big deal about organization!
4. Yeah…
5. (Sound of turning off light for the sign)
6. I’ve just closed the bar. Why don’t we go upstairs’ room?
7. What?
8. You need a place to relax.
9. Come on, this way.
(Sound of climbing stairs)

Page 148
Page 149
1. Oops.
2. My bad. Did I just fall asleep?
3. Yep. Once it was over, you fell asleep in 10 seconds and started snoring.
4. I see….. I must’ve been exhausted.
5. Sleep some more. A time like this is what is important for you.
6. What time is it now?
7. 3 A.M.
8. Oops.
9. What is it?
10. Dorm rule : No staying out overnight without permission.
Page 150
1. Shima.
2. Yes.
3. Your dorm sent me a report on your behaviors.
4. I see.
5. Playing Mahjong in late night : 2 instances
Returning dorm after closing time : 3 instances
Staying out overnight without permission : 2 instances
What the hell are you doing in nights?
6. Sir, I was sleeping with a woman that I like.

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