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Young Shima Kousaku 6

STEP 6: The Sad Corner of the Street

+ posted by ChopPA as translation on May 19, 2011 19:05 | Go to Young Shima Kousaku

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STEP 6 the Sad Corner of a Street
Page 112
1. Sir, everything is ready.
Page 113
1. Gahhaha
2. Sir, I’m done adjusting the focus.
3. Oh.
4. Photographer, Tsuneki Matsuda.
5. !!
6. Himeno!! (sound of flipping the cover away)
7. You idiot.
(Sound of slapping on face)
Page 114
1. The line on the right side is warped. It needs more exposure!! Do you even know this shot is going to be printed in full page on the back covers?
2. I, I’m sorry.
3. How many years have you been doing this already? Just pack your luggage and go back to your hometown!!
Page 115
1. Hahaha. Professional photographers are all like that. They treat their assistances as if they’re a worm or something. It’s already a well known thing.
2. Is that so?
3. Mr. Matsuda is especially notorious for his punches and kicks being like those of a martial artist; but, that’s just the usual for him.
4. I barely know anything about this field of profession, but, what kind of photographer is Mr. Matsuda?
5. He’s doing a director or something for Japan Professional Photographers Association, and is a leading figure in this industry--known to be the best of the best in taking shots of inanimate objects such as Buddha statue, jewelry, and so.
Page 116
1. We’ve been using his service to take product photos since 5 years ago.
Shots for an oversized product require fine adjustment because the distances from the top and the bottom of the object to the camera are different and there is the perspective issue to deal with as well.
2. So, they fine-tune the camera and place a film with measurement lines pre-printed on it on the viewfinder, and take a picture after examining if everything looks alright on it.
3. Yes…I saw him examining it through a loupe.
4. Such is the job for the assistance. In the mean time, Mr. Matsuda talks with people from his sponsors or the storefront about things like playing golf and such.
5. Ok.
Page 117
1. Wow, that’s like being a nobleman or something.
2. Yep. In case of Mr. Matsuda, royal nobleman, that is.
But, his skills are real.
3. With that Mr. Matsuda, I want you to do a job for me.
4. Huh? Me?
5. With Mr. Matsuda?
6. Yep. We came up with a theme for a calendar that is going to be distributed among corporate members; it’s going to have pictures of Japanese traditional food being served on a dishware that is of the national-treasure class in quality.
7. And then, President Yoshihara liked the idea a lot; and so, we decided to go with Mr. Matsuda’s photographs.
8. I see.
9. Anyway, we’ve got the permission to take photos with the dishware kept at the Buddhist temple in Ishikawa prefecture.
10. You take charge of it.
Page 118
1. It’s this
2. Oh, I see. This is indeed a piece of excellency.
Page 119
1. Yes. This lunch box has gone through generations of usage by Maeda family; yet, the coating on it was done so perfectly that, after hundreds of years, it still is usable.
2. Soon, it is expected to become a national treasure.
3. Um… is it really ok for us to borrow it and put some food in it?
4. ………
5. Yes, of course. Things like this have their true values in being used that way.
6. However, please be careful with handling it. Don’t touch it with finger nail or dish washing scrubber, and keep it free from dish washing soap or any chemicals.
7. Ok!!
I’ll make sure I make a cherry-blossom viewing lunch that deserves to be served in such a venerable lunch box as Maeda family’s.
8. Is it ok to go with expensive ingredients?
9. Yes. Use bream, mackerel, abalone, lobster, or whatever you want.
10. Hatsushiba will be paying for it.
11. Hahaha. What you’re relay after is to have a feast with everyone once the photographing is done.
12. Oh my. You read my mind.
13. Go for it. Most people cannot even afford to order a full course of meal like this from this place. Eat all you can eat when you’ve got the chance.
Page 121
1. Wow. This is amazing
2. How grand!
3. I tried more than the best I could since you said this was going to be pictured on Hatsushiba’s calendar.
4. Including the time it took for sake brewing, it took more than three days to prepare this.
5. Alright then!! Let’s start!!
6. Move the light in from the top-right.
7. Yes, sir.
Page 122
1. Ok. Let me have the Hasselblad.
**TRANSLATION NOTE: Hasselblad is a Swedish camera maker that produced the world’s first portable 6x6cm camera.**
14. I’ll take one in 6x6 as well.
15. (Flash)
16. (Flash)
17. (Sound of internal mechanism of the camera after pressing the shutter)
18. (Sound of internal mechanism of the camera after pressing the shutter)
19. (Flash)
20. (Flash)
21. (Flash)
22. (Sound of internal mechanism of the camera after pressing the shutter)
23. Replace the film.
24. Yes, sir.
Page 123
1. Mr. Shima, is the shooting going to take longer?
2. Eh?
3. I think it will take another 30 minutes. Mr. Matsuda takes his work very seriously.
4. The lights have been warming up the food for an hour already. The lights are very strong and if this continues like this, the raw portion of the food may go bad soon.
5. I can see the colors started to change already. If he doesn’t do it fast, I’m afraid it’s going to be dangerous.
6. I see…But, I can’t just go and tell him to hurry up and finish, you know.
7. I know. It’s just that I feel sorry for the food.
8. I don’t like the light getting reflected on the lobster’s shell.
9. Bring the spray!!
Page 124
1. Eh?
2. The wax spray, you mean?
3. Of course!! What other spray suppresses reflected light!?
4. You idiot
5. Mr. Shima. Is he going to spray wax on the food?
6. It looks like so, yes; I think he’s going to spray wax on the food in order to reduce the gloss; we aren’t going to be able to eat the food.
7. Sir!! What about the containers? Isn’t spraying wax on them going to damage the coating?
8. I’m afraid…
9. You!! How dare you argue with me!? IF I SAID TO DO IT, JUST DO IT!!
10. If we scrub it off later, that monk won’t notice a thing!!
Page 125
1. (Sound of spraying)
2. O~K~. Ok. Perfect!!
3. Light, a little closer!!
4. Yes, sir.
5. (Sound of flashing x 3)
Page 126
1. Were the containers ok?
2. Yes, they were. Immediately after that, the owner of the restaurant and I wiped off the wax very carefully.
3. Mr. Matsuda doesn’t care about anything but his work once he’s starts it.
4. But, I guess that’s how professionals are; when he was clicking the shutter, I could feel the urge of his.
Page 127
1. But, he does anything and whatever if it’s for his work; I think that attitude is wrong!
2. He promised the priest that he won’t; but, he used those intense lights and even sprayed wax on it; and he’s doing all that just for the sake of his own job; that’s outrageous!!
3. I think so too…
4. I’m getting sad to think that I’m working for him.
5. I probably won’t be able to become a first-class photographer.
6. A little while after that, Mr. Himeno had quit his job and went back to his hometown.
Page 128
1. The calendar received a very good reviews; President Yoshihara Hatsutarou liked it a lot too.
2. On top of that, it even received Hakutsuu Advertisement Award, ADC Association Award, and Japan Advertisement Grand Prize in Calendar Category.
3. The photographer Mr. Tsuneki Matsuda was awarded with the title, the Best Photographer of The Year.
(Sound of flash x 2)

Page 129
1. Project Award was given to Mr. Sakakibara, the chief of Hatsushiba Electronics Sales Assistance Department.
(Sound of applauds x 6)
2. I wonder what Mr. Himeno is doing about now.
3. He said he was going to succeed a photo studio that is of his family business.
Page 130
1. Himeno Photo Studio

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