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Young Shima Kousaku 5

STEP 5: Tenderly Good Night

+ posted by ChopPA as translation on May 19, 2011 19:07 | Go to Young Shima Kousaku

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Translation reserved for Manga : Code

Page 90 Tenderly Good Night
Page 91
1. Summer, 1972.
Hatsushiba Electronics was requiring its employee to live in a dormitory.
2. (Sound of alarm)
3. (Sound of waking up from bed)
4. As a rule, a male employee must live first 3 years in the dormitory.
The aim was to improve teamwork and social skill by assigning four people into a single room as roommates.
Page 93
1. In accordance to the business hour of Hatsushiba Electronics, which is 8 A.M., the alarm wakes us at 6.A.M. and by 7 A.M. most of will have left the dorm.
2. Hurry up. I won’t go easy on you if you’re late.
3. At the doorway, stands “the devil dorm keeper” who sees us off.
4. Who would’ve thought that someone like me, who used to keep dozing off in classes in college until it became the noon, now lives a life like a clockwork like this.
Page 94
1. Hey Shima.
2. How’s it going?
3. Hey. Long time no see.
4. He’s Kenzou Kashimura, a contemporary colleague at International Department.
5. It’s been already three years since we entered the company, and I can’t believe we’re still living a disciplined life like this.
6. I see what you’re saying; but, doesn’t it also mean our life before then had been so loose?
Page 95
1. By the way, are you getting along well with your roommates?
2. Well, it’s alright.
Actually, I barely have chance to talk to them because of overtime work every day.
3. One of my roommate is a high school grad who’s very serious…I’m having quite a difficulty to get along with him.
4. Like how?
5. Even a few days ago, when I was drinking and chatting with my colleagues in the room,
6. I’m sorry, but, I’m studying right now. Could you keep it quiet?
7. Was what he said.
Page 96
1. I understand that I would’ve been bothered too if I were him.
2. But, studying even after coming back to dorm? What a weirdo.
3. This is what I heard from someone working in Personnel Department that…
4. Nearly all the high school grads who work at Hatsushiba Electronics have graduated with the best or second-to-best grade from a state-funded provincial technical high school.
5. They’re the laborers at factories, and have good stamina.
6. In contrast, many of college grads are those who used to skip classes for doing protests and dance parties.
7. The high school grads are superior in both performance and personality.
Page 97
1. You can say that; I agree.
2. But, because that, there are so many too serious or boring people here.
3. Wish they can learn how to live a life from college grads like us.
4. I see.
5. The company policy seems to be that they just put both office workers and factory laborers, and, science grad and literate grad, together without separating, into a same room furnished with four desks and two bunk beds.
Page 98
1. In my room, #212, I have three roommates.
2. Makoto Gouda.
A person of sunny and magnanimous disposition. I heard that he’s very good at Mahjong and feared as “the Master of Mahjong” by other players during his college years.
3. Shunji Kougami.
A high school grad. Entered company in 1970. Works at Radio Project Department.
4. Bright, prudent, and very curious. A type that enjoys trying new things and learn with experiences.
5. Minoru Kawashima.
Hard-Student type with little interest in surroundings. Sub-fair in socializing. Very strict on himself.
I live with these four.
Page 99
1. Hurry up, Kougami. I’m leaving.
2. Oh, ok.
3. Are you guys going somewhere?
4. Yeah. Kougami and I are going to watch a movie.
5. It’s at Shinjuku.
6. See you later. (sound of dashing in hurried manner)
7. Kawashima, are you not going with them?
8. No…I brought my extra-work back home with me.
9. I see. But, you should take a good rest on a day off, though.
Page 100
1. The dorm for singles becomes quite empty on a day off since everyone’s young and goes out to have fun.
(Sound of washing machine)
(Sound of shaking and pouring powered washing machine detergent)
(Sound of whirling in the washer)
2. Mr. Shima.
3. Hey, Kawashima. What’s up?
Page 101
1. You always stay at dorm on your day off, don’t you?
(Sound of washing machine running)
2. Yep. My department gives me extra (overtime) work all the time that I can’t do the laundry during the week days; so, I usually end up having to do it on weekends like this.
3. Don’t you feel hollow about your life?
4. Did something happen to you?
5. It’s been two years since I entered this company, but I still can’t get used to it.
6. …like what?
Page 102
1. My parents and teachers always kept saying to me that “one will always be rewarded in life if he tries his best and live diligently every day.”
2. Uh, well, I guess.
3. So, I had studied so hard during high school years that I managed to enter the top ranked corporation like this, Hatsushiba Electronics.
4. But, once I’m in here and look around me, I’m becoming uncertain whether one really will be rewarded for his hard and diligent works.
5. Those smart ones know how to appeal to their supervisors, but don’t work hard when their supervisors are not around.
6. For example, even our roommate Kougami, is someone I can be jealous of.
7. Why?
8. Well, he goes drinking, bowling, dating with girls and such, and doesn’t seem that he’s endeavoring that much with his work, but he gets acknowledged well by others.
Page 103
1. Don’t you think something is wrong when someone slacking receives all the attention and the others working so hard just go unrecognized?
2. Is that what society is about?
3. Hmmm.
4. I think it’s wrong, but also I think that that’s how society is like.
5. You can think that unfairness and unreasonable things like that happens at everywhere in society. I have numerous similar experiences, too.
Page 104
1. But, aren’t you frustrated by it?
2. Not much… I just let it go by thinking, oh, I guess that’s how it is.
3. Is that all? Aren’t you being too ambiguous?
4. Is being ambiguous a problem?
5. You shouldn’t think like, if this is this way, then that should always be that way; otherwise, when things don’t go the way you wanted, you will just get more stressed.
6. …I see.
7. You have a point.
Page 105
1. Kawashima, do you know how to play Mahjong?
2. Mahjong?
3. No. I don’t. I never wanted to learn either. Isn’t it a gambling?
4. Kougami can now play quite well. Gouda taught him well.
5. Why don’t you try learning it too?
6. Mr. Shima, playing Mahjong in the room at night is prohibited is prohibited by the dorm rule.
7. That’s why you should try; I recommend you try.
8. But, if I’m caught doing it, I’ll have to submit a written apology.
9. What’s the big deal about writing it once or twice?
It’s not like it’s a life or death matter.
Page 106
1. Since then Gouda’s special Mahjong training began for Kawashima.
2. Wrong! You deal this one, not that one.
3. Oh. You’re right.
4. He’s not a slow one, and always tries hard with what he does; very quickly, he was mastering the game.
5. When we play in the room, fearing the noise to reach the corridor, we cover the table with a blanket and mix the chips quietly on it. This also adds a thrill.
(Sound of walking on corridor)
Page 107
1. Are we going to keep playing?
It’s about 11 P.M. and the dorm keeper should be patrolling around.
2. We’re fine; as long as we don’t make rattling noise, he won’t notice.
3. Deal.
(Sound of door opening)
4. What are you doing there!
5. Report to my room, all of you!!
Page 108
1. If you do it one more time, I’ll report it to your boss at work.
2. I got that. I’m sorry.
3. Ok, let’s continue. He won’t be coming here again.
4. I see. You’re right!!
Page 109
1. Three months later.
2. I’m back.
3. I never expected Kawashima would change this much.
4. Senior Shima, you’re late!
5. Come take a seat!!
6. Hey, give me a break. I’m dying of exhaustion already.
7. It’s already 12 A.M.
8. What are you saying? I won’t accept such lame excuse!
Page 110
(Sound of clock hands moving)
(Sound of dozing off)
1. Shima, it’s your turn. We’re waiting.
2. Oh…
3. Sorry.
4. Deal.
(Sound of placing the chip on the table covered with blanket)
5. KABOOM! I gotcha!
6. This will cost you a lot.
7. Your debt doubles now and I’m collecting interest now!!
**Translation Note: the actual Japanese reads the names of Mahjong hands, which I don’t know much about; I just made up this dialogue that seems appropriate for context**
8. Let me go to bed, please~~~.

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