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Young Shima Kousaku 4

STEP4: The White Book of Life, One More Time

+ posted by ChopPA as translation on May 19, 2011 19:10 | Go to Young Shima Kousaku

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Page 71
STEP 4 : White Book of Life, One More Time
Page 72
(Sound of destroying warehouse)
1. Ohhh
2. They’ve done it.
Page 73
1. February 28, 1972.
10:00 A.M.
The Riot Police charged into the Asama Mountain villa.
2. All the TV stations that day kept airing live news until the evening, and the cumulative audience rating has reached, wow, 98.2%
3. At the Hatsushiba Electronics Headquarter Sales Assistance Department, too, everyone was watching the TV, and was barely working.
Page 74
1. Yes? The number of returned calendars at Kyoto Sales branch?
2. Hold on a sec, please.
3. Manager Yamamuro, where is the chart for the calendar sale of this year?
4. Oh, it’s at the storage room on the upper floor. There’s the key in my drawer. Why don’t you go pick it up and bring here?
5. Yes.
6. Because there was no such thing as computer back in that time; most of documents were written by hands and stored in a file folder; so, the top most floor where the ducts and wirings were exposed without ceiling were dedicated as a storage.
(Sound of air and other mechanical noise from the exposed ceiling)
Page 75
(The door plate reads “Sales Assistance Department”)
(Sound of unlocking with key)
1. Hmm…
2. Oh, this is it.
3. Ah
4. Ah
5. Ah
6. ?
7. Ah
8. Ahh
9. Ah
10. Ah
11. Ah
12. Ah
13. Ah
Page 76
1. Uwah!
(Sound of piles of files collapsing)
(Sound of collapsing on top of floor with many files on it)
2. I, I’m sorry. I didn’t meant to see it.
(Sound of putting pants back on quickly)
(Sound of dashing away)
3. You’ve just witnessed an outrageous sight; did you recognize his face?
4. No…I didn’t see his face.
5. Can you keep it secret?
6. Of course.
7. Thanks.
I’m Ritsuko Shigeta, from Patent Department.
8. You?
9. Kousaku Shima, from Sales Assistance Department.
10. This was how I first met Ritsuko Shigeta.
Page 78
1. The next encounter with her was three days later, on a back alley of in Kagurazaka.
2. Ah.
3. Shima.
4. Oh.
5. You are…
6. It’s me. Shigeta. Remember my name.
7. Yes. You are Ritsuko Shigeta!!
8. On duty?
9. Yeah. We were having a staff meeting at a design studio; it’s over and everyone’s going home without going back to office.
Page 79
1. Then, why don’t we have dinner? I’ll treat you.
2. Bumping into each other like this can be some sort of fate.
(Western style Okonoyamiyaki Betajyuu)
3. Oh, you’re originally from the western prefecture.
(Sound cooking okonoyamiyaki on frying pan)
4. Not really, but I went to university there.
5. Shima, do you have a girlfriend?
6. No, I don’t.
(Sound of chewing)
7. Then, accompany me after this as well.
Page 80
1. Can it be that this is your first time coming to a love hotel?
2. Yes it is. Since I never had such money while I was a student, I’ve never been to one.
3. You look like such a person.
4. Were you not popular with women?
5. I’ve been playing Mahjong all the time.
Page 81
1. Did you do any protest?
2. Nope. I was interested in neither communism nor socialism.
3. It’s kinda rare to see someone at your age who’s saying things like that….
4. Maybe you’re a moron?
5. Maybe. I doubt there will be a proletarian revolution here in Japan.
(Sound of blowing out smoke)
6. Are you going home?
7. Yes. I have an early morning conference.
8. By the way, why did you seduce me?
9. As a payment for you to keep your mouth shut about that day.
Page 82
10. Since then, I became intimate with her as to meet her at apartment about 2 or 3 times a week.
11. The next breaking news is about the Union Red Troop.
12. The supporting group for the Union Red Troop that was arrested at their hideout at Asama mountain villa has been arrested at Tokyo Metropolitan area yesterday.
Page 83
1. !!
2. According to Metropolitan Police Department, there are still some members of the Union Red Troop and its supporting groups; we ask for your cooperation to …
3. Now that I think about it…
(“Red Troop”, “…of Cultural Revolution”, “Marx and Engels”, “Proletariat”, “Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine”, “Lebanon and …”, “The Middle and Near East Powers”, “Armed Uprising”, “Guerrilla”
4. ……..
5. What’s in your mind, Shima, after looking at my bookshelf?
6. Ms. Shigeta, were you doing a protest while you’re a student at Oosaka?
Page 84
7. Yes I was. I was active with those arrested, like Moritsuneo, Uegaki.
8. I couldn’t bear watching my comrades were getting arrested on that day on the news; so, I was distracting myself from it by having a sex in the storage floor. That’s when you interrupted in.
9. …..
Why did an active member like you apply for a job at Hatsushiba Electronics?
10. Armament is a necessity for a revolution; information on latest electronic technology was valuable….
11. Ms. Shigeta
12. That’s what an industrial spy does; it’s a crime!! Isn’t your job at the division that deals with patents!?
13. What are you going to do? Are you going to report your girlfriend to police?
14. ……
Page 85
1. Ms. Shigeta. Please quit your job immediately; otherwise, I’ll have to report this to the company.
2. Are you a dog being fed by the corporation?
3. Or is it to protect yourself from scandal.
4. Neither is the case.
5. However, I can’t condone a supporter to a criminal organization such as Union Red Troop.
6. I won’t say anything if you are leaving the company within a month.
7. Ah my bad… I thought I could make you join us, but I guess I was taking it too easy.
8. Good bye.
(Sound of door closing)

Page 86
1. In less than a week from that, Ritsuko Shigeta quit her job at Hatsushiba Electronics.
2. I don’t know whether the action I took was wrong or not.
3. I could’ve been wrong, but it was a way of expressing sympathy for a woman that I loved.
(Sound of flash from cameras)
4. A month later since then, Ritsuko Shigeta and other remnants of Union Red Troop and its supporting groups were arrested in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. It was right after that incident that a terrorist group with a Japanese member in it started firing guns at Tel Aviv airport in Israel.
Page 87
1. A phone call for you, Mr. Shima.
2. What did you do?
3. What?
4. This is Shima’s speaking.
5. This is from Public Safety of Japan.
There is something we’d like to inquire about.
Can you come to our office?
Page 88
1. Well, we’ve been investigating in the background and know already that you’re not involved with the movement.
2. Today, I just wanted to hand this over to you that I was asked to give you from the suspect, Shigeta.
3. Dear, Kousaku Shima.
4. ………I’m sorry.
9. Although I knew that writing this was going to be a nuisance for you, I couldn’t bear not telling my true feelings for you.
10. I didn’t approach you to make you a supporter of the movement. It was a coincidence that we met again at Kagurazaka. Please, trust me.
Page 89
1. I was purely attracted to you. I just wanted you to know this.
2. The time we were together was short; but, I was very happy.
Thank you.
Ritsuko Shigeta
(Sound of subway running)
3. By the way, I wonder who it was, who was having sex with Ritsuko Shigeta, on that day.
4. She was very concerned about him.
5. I couldn’t see his face, but it’s someone who could go into Sales Assistance Department’s storage room by having a key.
6. Perhaps, there are still some sympathizers for the terrorists within the company.

Page 90
1. Following this year’s Asama Mountain Villa incident and the gun firing incident by terrorists at Tel Aviv airport, there was another incident at Munich in which terrorists infiltrated a site for Olympic game participants and killed two people.
2. 1972 was such a year…
3. Who would’ve thought that this hot and dark surge of politics will lead to that tragedy in New York after 30 years?

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