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Young Shima Kousaku 3

STEP 3: Are You Happy Now?

+ posted by ChopPA as translation on May 19, 2011 19:12 | Go to Young Shima Kousaku

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Translation reserved for Manga : Code

Page 51
STEP3 : Are You Happy Now?
Page 52
1. Hatsushiba headquarters’ sales assistance department chief, Yasuo Sakakibara.
2. Shima.
3. Yes.
4. Since you have accumulated working experience at outdoor advertising section for a year already, I’ll send you to a different division.
6. It’s the production team.
7. !!
8. Yes.
Page 53
1. By that decision of the department chief, I’ve been moved to the production section.
2. Total 58 personnel. The Headquarters’ Sales Assistance Department is responsible for all sales promotional activity for Hatsushiba Electronics Corp. It consists of 5 divisions: Outdoor Advertisement division, Exhibition division, Chain Stores Management division, Showroom division, and lastly, the Production division.
3. It may appear to be rather small for a division that produces all advertisements in general for the whole corporation, but, this is enough number of crews since we utilize staffs externally as well.
Page 54
1. Production Division Chief, Masaru Touma.
2. Do you all know what this is?
3. Yes. That’s the Hatsushiba-kid – the promotional item representing Hatsushiba Electronics.
4. That’s right. Since it was created in the 25th year of Showa era, it’s been always popular as a promotional item.
5. As a starter, I want you to be in charge of this.
Page 55
1. Hello.
2. Hi.
3. My name is Kousaku Shima, and I’ve been newly assigned to Hatsushiba Electronics Advertising Production division.
4. I came by to introduce myself.
(The ornament’s bottom read, “Hatsushiba Electronics.”)

Page 56
1. Let me introduce my wife to you, who helps my work.
2. Nice to meet you.
3. Nice to meet you too.
4. Well, as you can see, this is just a family business running from my own house, with only two more workers…
We produce 10,000 units of Hatsushiba-kid every year, though.
5. Mr. Kokubu, how many years has it been since you started manufacturing the doll?
6. This is the very first, the original one that was ordered in person by President Yoshihara; since then, we’ve been making all the replicas to this date.
7. So, I guess it’s been 20 years already, then. Hyo hyo hyo (chuckling)
Page 57
1. This is the lineup for Hatsushiba-kid; there are 42 different kinds in total.
2. To me, they are all like my real kids. I have put all my heart into creating them.
3. We don’t have kids, but since we’re surrounded by this many “kids.” It’s very lively here.
4. Oh, this is the one I used have at my home when I was a kid.
5. Oh, yeah, it’s about time for me to start making a new design for the next year.
6. That’s right. We’ll have to discuss about it; so, I’ll be here again in a few days.
7. Then, I’ll see you later.
Page 58
1. The extremely popular Hastushiba-kid has been manufactured from a sober place like that secretly.
2. It’s not exaggeration to say it has now become a classical handiwork.
3. Kokubun is too old-fashioned now.
Page 59
1. First of all, including the owner, all the craftsman working there are very old.
2. Besides, don’t you find it extraordinary that we’ve been picking up the design from just one crafter?
3. Chief, I suggest we should ask some other crafters to try so that we can benefit from competition among them.
4. I see. Manager Yamamuro has a point.
5. Shima, you and Yamamuro will go find some other crafters for the job.
Page 60
1. So, it ended up concluding that we will be choosing between yours and others from now on.
2. …I understand. Then, I’ll just do my best so that the design I’m working will be picked up.
Page 61
1. Mr. Yamamuro. Is this person a new?
2. Yep. This is Shima. He’s been working for the company for the last two years, and has been recently allocated to our division.
3. I’m the owner of here. Nice to meet you.
4. You seem a little nervous, are you?
5. Yeah, I guess.
6. I’ve never been to a place like this.
7. Manager, Yamamuro…
Are we ok to be here? This place seems to be an expensive one to come drink; and, I barely have any money on me.
8. Are you a retarded?
Who on earth comes to a club at Ginza with his own money?
Page 62
1. Huh?
2. Then, who’s going to pay?
3. Hello, I’m sorry I’m late
4. Shame on you, Koyama. You should’ve gotten here before your clients!!
5. I’m really sorry; but, the traffic was extremely slow.
6. Shima, this is president Koyama of K Project Design.
7. Nice to meet you. I’m Koyama.
8. I’m Shima. Nice to meet you too.
Page 63
1. We’ve never provided service to Hatsushiba Electronics before; so, I thought I wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity.
2. Shima, how much did we pay for each Hatsushiba-kid?
3. Is it alright to reveal it…?
4. For last year’s model, it was 125 Yen per each…
5. 125? That much for a thing like that?
6. Mr. Koyama, for how much can you do?
7. To produce 10,000…
8. …….I would say from 90 to 95 at the most. Some around that will be enough.
9. Shima, K Project is a design company with 80 personnel that’s been drawing attentions from industries nowadays.
I can say it’s strange that we’ve never had a contract with them.
10. Hahaha. Thanks to all my clients,
11. We’re doing very well.
Page 64
1. Thanks for the nice meal today, president Koyama.
2. Not a problem. Please stop by here anytime.
3. Mr. Shima, do you have a driver’s license?
4. Yes, I do…
5. I don’t have a car, though.
6. Here are the keys for Toyota Sports 800 and Honda S6 that I don’t drive these days. Please take one of these and use freely as you may.
7. Oh, no…
8. Shima, why not take his offer and maybe take a girl out on it like on Sunday or sometime?
9. Oh, no. I don’t even have a girlfriend, and won’t drive…
Page 65
1. Then, please take this key for Toyota Sports 800.
2. Feel free to call me any time.
3. Excuse me then.
4. Manager Yamamura, is it ok to accept things like this?
5. Since we are working for a private company, we are not public workers; therefore, bribery is not illegal for us. Take advantage of whatever you can.
6. ……
7. Live smart.
8. A society is like a machine; without some greasy lubrication, the whole thing will just collapse.
Page 66
1. After all, K Project Design took the order of manufacturing Hatsushiba-kid for the year of 72.
2. In the competition among five participating companies, Kokubun’s design ranked at 3rd.
3. Hmm…this isn’t bad at all either, but, 128 yen each is a little too much.
4. K Project settled on 110 Yen per each unit. It was least expensive of all five companies; but, he was saying 90 Yen at Ginza, wasn’t he? What happened to the difference, I wonder?
5. Hahaha, congratulation, Mr. Koyama.
6. I feel really bad to talk to him myself since Mr. Kokubun has been working with us for so many years, Shima, you call and tell him about this.
7. Yes.
Page 67
1. I see. Mine was not good.
2. I’m really sorry to inform you of this. I couldn’t do much about it.
3. Hahaha. It’s not something Mr. Shima you should be apologizing for. It’s us who didn’t do well enough.
4. As a matter of fact, this has been the major source of income, and since we failed to beat competitors, we can no longer keep operating.
5. I’ll take this to be a good time to quit and retire maybe.
6. !?
7. Mr. Kokubun!!...
8. Yesterday, I discussed it with my wife, and she agreed as well.
Page 68
1. It’s been a life too good for someone like me. I have no regret.
2. I have just enough money saved to enjoy the rest of my life relaxed.
3. Yes, this is Koyama’s speaking.
4. Oh, Mr. Shima!
Page 69
1. About the car key I borrowed from you a few days ago,
2. Thank you very much for your generosity, but I’m sending it back to you by mail.
3. Oh, why?
4. Just have fun with it for this Sunday, at least.
5. Actually, I have to be somewhere this Sunday.
6. And, to be honest, I’m not confident yet to drive around in Tokyo.
Page 70
1. Hello!
2. Oh my, Hello, Mr. Shima!!
3. What bring you here? Isn’t Sunday your day off?
4. If it’s not too troublesome, I wanted to hear more about your story of how Hatsushiba-kid was born!
5. Oh, sure. We’re more than happy to tell you the story. There was this one that president Yoshihara and we together came up about, too. Please come in and let’s talk all we can.
6. Here…I’ve brought with me some rice cake with sweetened bean jam.
7. Oh, how sweet of you. I love these!
STEP3 / End
From Page 21 to the rest of chapter 1.
1. But, that’s not favorable attitude for teamwork.
2. Japan is going through the rapid industrialization; and soon, everywhere will be flooded with all kinds of things manufactured as the result.
3. Our life will change into something like “to Build and Dispose A Lot.”
4. As it continues, the ecological environment of the earth will go polluted.
5. It’s out of question that people throw wastes into rivers.
6. Probably by the 21st century, consumers will not only be trading in their old products for newer ones, but also be paying money to pay for the cost needed to dispose them.
7. I’m sure that at some time in future manufacturers will be imposed with responsibility for both making and disposing their products.
So, don’t compromise your belief!
8. I won’t.
Page 22
1. What? You won’t do it?
2. No, I won’t
3. I think we shouldn’t be disposing these into river.
4. The river is not just for Hatsushiba’s, but is for everyone.
5. Hey, you, intern!! Are you saying you’re going to disobey me?
6. I’ll give you an “E” for your performance evaluation if you don’t listen to what I say.
7. I don’t care. I won’t do a thing that does wrong to the society.
Page 23
1. You impudent piece of crap!!
2. He’s not being impudent; he’s being upright.
3. !?
4. What---?
Who’s this old man; mind your own business.
5. As I was taking a walk, I could hear the debate between you two.
This young man is right. You’re wrong.
6. President Yoshihara!!
Page 24
1. Do what you like!!
2. Shima, you go back on feet!! I’ll report this to boss.
(Sound of the truck leaving)
3. You’re president Yoshihara, aren’t you?
Why are you in a place like this?
4. As I was passing through, the truck with Hatsushiba’s logo caught my eye, and I just kept looking at it.
5. What you insisted was a good thing.
6. Oh, yes.
7. One of my senior coworker at the sales team told me that, and I was just repeating it.
Page 25
1. I couldn’t hear it well. Can you say it one more time to me?
2. What happens in 21st century?
3. Yes…
The Economy of Japan will get better and better, and there will be countless manufactured goods flooding around, which in turn, will make people throw more and more things.
4. Eventually, at some time in future, manufacturers will be imposed with the responsibility of disposing what they produce.
5. …………
6. I see.
7. Who did you hear that from?
8. I think he was... division chief Nakazawa from the North Sales branch.
9. Mr. President!
We should get going; otherwise, we won’t make in time for the next appointment.
Page 26
1. I’ll be there right now.
2. By the way, what is your name?
3. Oh, me?
4. Oh, my name is Kousaku Shima.
5. Well then, do your best.
(Sound of car leaving)
6. This is like a dream that I could talk with President Yoshihara.
Page 27
1. Nakazawa…
2. Shima…
3. Mr. president. What were you talking about over there?
4. I’m just impressed with what they have taught me just now.
5. I realized that there are some quite dependable crews in my company.
6. Well, I see the future of Hatsushiba Electronics is safe for the time being. Hahaha.
Page 28.
1. November.
Hatsushiba Headquarter.
2. This is it. I can’t stop palpitating.
3. I Pray that I be assigned to International Headquarter.
4. Number 158.
5. Yes.
6. My intern performance grade should be bad. They won’t give me the position I submitted as first choice.
Page 29
1. ……
2. Congratulation.
Your first choice has been granted.
3. Kousaku Shima, you are now assigned to the Headquarters’ Sales Assistance Department.
4. I made it!
5. Thank you very much!
Page 30
1. Could it be that president Yoshihara did something so that I could get this position?
2. If so, it’s all thanks to that person…
3. What was his name…?
4. If I happen to see him again, I’ll say thank you to him.
5. November, 1970.
Kousaku Shima.
The autumn of 23 years of age.


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