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Young Shima Kousaku 2

STEP 2: Please Say Farewell After the Dancing

+ posted by ChopPA as translation on May 19, 2011 19:14 | Go to Young Shima Kousaku

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STEP 2 : Please Say Farewell After the Dance.
Page 32
1. It’s been two months since I’ve been allocated to the head quarter’s sales assistance department.
2. I work for its outdoor advertising section; it’s the division that’s responsible for setting up those big advertisement signs and towers on top of buildings.
3. Shima!
4. The section chief, Masahiko Ookiko.
5. Yes!
Page 33
1. What’s up with your writing? When, who, where, what, and how…!!
I can’t understand a thing on this!
2. I’m sorry. I’ll rewrite right now.
3. Idiot! It’s not just about rewriting it!!
(sound of numerous complaints)
4. This happens every day, and I find myself getting depressed a little by little each time.
5. Don’t let it get you. It’s his daily agenda to get upset at someone like that.
6. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that I did make a mistake; I feel pathetic.
Page 34
1. She’s (Ms.) Nakai, a senior coworker in the same outdoor advertising section.
2. She started working here when she was 18, and has been here since then for 17 years; she’s 35 now, a real veteran.
Never been married.
3. She’s such a rigid worker that others don’t feel easy to be around her—the difficult one, you know.
4. Is anyone sitting here, Ms. Nakai?
5. No. You can sit.
6. Excuse me then.
7. You’re an odd one, aren’t you?
8. No one wants to sit in front of me because they’re too scared of me.
Page 35
1. Scary? What’s scary?
2. Don’t pretend you don’t know anything. Weren’t you told to try talking with me by those who call me the old Miss or the crooked window?
3. No! I have no idea what you’re talking about.
4. Well, it doesn’t matter, I guess.
We’re going to go to Hachiouji city where an advertising tower is; so, follow me after this.
5. Ok.
(sound of train passing afar)

Page 36
(The advertisement reads “Hatsushiba Color TV”)
1. Why do we put a thing like this at a place like this?
2. Oh, that’s because when the passengers on a train look out of window,
3. They can’t miss seeing this “Shibatsuba Color TV” thing…
4. Idiot.
5. The sign may be easy to be seen, but, just how much do you think it ruins the pastoral scenery the passengers enjoy?
6. Huh?
7. Now that I think about it; she has a point.
8. Look at these too many signs already everywhere in the crop field. There is no country like this, at least, in Europe.
Page 37
1. I see what you’re saying, but, isn’t that denying our job as well…?
2. I’m saying…
3. The way we put up signs is wrong; not just us, but the whole Japan, that is.
4. ……
5. Well, a rookie like you will just get confused even if I explain about corporate ethics.
6. You wanna go for a drink today?
7. Sure, gladly.
Page 38
(sound of soup boiling)
1. That’s right!
2. You don’t work because you’re told to do so, but rather,
3. You need to be able to motivate yourself into actively looking for problems to solve and improve; if you can’t do that…
4. (sound of hiccup)
5. Hold on…let me have some more Sake!
6. Ok.
7. Excuse me.
Page 39
(sound of taxi stopping)
1. You’re quite drunk, are you ok?
2. No, I’m not. Help me climbing up stairs.
(sound of body swinging due to drunkenness)

(sound of climbing stairs)
3. Here, the key! Open it.
(sound of rotating door knob)

Page 40
(sound of collapsing on floor, a body on another)
1. Shima, you wanna sleep over here tonight?
2. Oh, no. It’d be probably better if I go home.
3. You know, for the last few years, I’ve had no luck with men; so, console me.
4. I’ll bring some water now.
Page 41
(sound of door opening)
(sound of noticing it just now)
1. Ookiko Chief!?
Page 42
1. I’ll leave now then….I just helped her getting home.
2. Wait, Shima. I have something to tell you.
(sound of door opening)
3. Did you sleep with Nakai?
4. No. As I said just now, I just helped her getting here. Actually, this is the first time I’m here.
Page 43
1. ……
2. ……
3. Well, anyway.
4. Don’t tell anyone what happened here. I was never here and never saw you, OK?
5. Yes.
6. ……
(sound of walking on paged road)

Page 44
1. I’ve been having affair with Mr. Ookiku all this time…
2. Is that right?
3. It’s been 10 years already since then.
4. Ok.
Page 45.
1. He’s telling me that he’s going to divorce his wife and be together with me; but, do you think he’s telling the truth?
2. I see; you think it’s a lie, too.
I guess anyone would think the same.
3. Say, would you have slept with me that night if he had not show up?
4. ……
5. Yes.
6. You’re so sweet, Kousaku Shima.
Page 46
1. A month later.
2. Hello, this is Outdoor Advertising Section.
3. Hey, one of my acquaintances is holding a party on next Saturday’s night at an embassy in Asanuno.
4. If you’re free, do you think you can take me there?
5. Sure! With my pleasure.
6. Oh, Thanks!! Come dressed up in Tuxedo!
Page 47.
1. I’ve never been to a party with full-dress code.
2. How do I look? I borrowed this suit from hotel, though.
3. I guess apparel do change who you are; you look very good in that.
4. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s now the dance time. Please gather at the center hall.
5. Do you know how to do ballroom dancing?
6. Yes, somehow. I learned it once when I was a student.
Page 48.
1. You’re pretty good.
2. Thank you.
3. You know…I’m going to quit my job in just three months from now.
4. Eh? Why?
5. Ookiku chief is divorcing his wife and getting married with me…
6. Really?
7. Don’t tell anyone about this…it’s a secret.
8. Yes.
Page 49.
1. Ms. Nakai.
2. What?
3. Please have a happy life.
Page 50.
1. A little while later then, Ms. Nakai quit the job she had been on for 17 years.
2. The headquarters’ sales assistance section is busy as usual from the morning without any change.
3. It’s been half a year since then; but, I haven’t heard from her at all and have no idea about after that.
4. The only thing I know for sure is that Mr. Ookiku has not divorced his wife yet.
5. September, 1971.
Kousaku Shima
The autumn of 24th years of age.


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