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Young Shima Kousaku 10

STEP 10: Sniping (1)

+ posted by ChopPA as translation on May 20, 2011 06:38 | Go to Young Shima Kousaku

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Page 3
STEP 10: Sniping (1)
Page 5
(Sound: bowling pins get hit by the ball and collapse)
1. Yay, I’ve got double!
2. Damn, I’m the third.
3. I’m sorry.
4. Man, I’m the one with least scores now.
5. Ok then, it’s my turn.
Page 6
1. …..
(Sound: ball gets dropped on floor)
(Sound: ball rolling x 2)
(Sound: ball falls into the gutter)
2. Damn, it went into the gutter.
3. Yay, that makes me the second!
4. Man, I failed big one at the last throw; I’m the bottom on the scores now.
Page 7
1. Well, then. Give me 500 yen, and 1000 yen to Shima.
2. Too bad. I almost won.
3. Sorry, Shibayama.
4. I’ll pass some good jobs to you later, though.
5. That’s ok; work is work, play is play. Instead, I’ll beat you next time we play.
6. Hahaha
7. Well, then. Let’s get some coffee.
8. Mr. Shibayama missed the last show intentionally.
9. Because I understand why he did so, I feel sad.
Page 8
1. Did the intercepting go well?
2. Yes. I should be able to send you by the early next week.
3. Kikuo Shibayama (32 years old)
A Representative Regulator of Shibayama Research Co.
4. His major work is to collect data on market trends and analyze them.
Page 9
1. Intercepting? What is that?
2. You know that there are many sales-promotion goods from Solar Electronics, don’t you?
3. You mean those posters and decorations for interior, right?
4. Yep. Do you know how we get them?
(Sign: Solar 69’s 70’s posters)
5. No…
6. We steal them.
7. I can’t say this loud, but, while it’s being distributed, we take some of them out in stealthy manner.
Page 10
1. Oh…
2. Mr. Shibayama is the one doing the dirty work for us.
3. Is it that troublesome to get a hand on those?
4. Of course. We get them before they even get to the market.
5. We get them before they reach Solar’s storefronts.
6. This way, we know what our rival company is planning or trying to sell ahead of time; and, can come up with a countermeasure if needed.
Page 11
1. Solar Electronics is planning to conduct a summer Bonus Campaign in the late of next month.
2. My source informed me that the first batch of the sales promotion goods have been produced and are now stored in a private warehouse.
3. And, I’ll be responsible to go get it somehow. In short, I’m doing an industrial spy.
4. Excuse me, but…how do you manage to get it?
5. By this.
6. …buy with money?
7. Yes.
8. The only way to do it is to make a good acquaintance with the person who guards it, and offer him some money in exchange.
Page 12
1. If you don’t any one?
2. There’s still a way. We have one of our staffs to get employed in the company responsible guarding it.
3. Because every place is desperately looking to hire these days, whether you’re a just part timer or not, pretty much anyone can get a job there.
4. Then, I’ll go there in a late night, and have him open the lock, and go in and bring a set with me.
5. But, wouldn’t they notice it when they count the inventory?
Page 13
1. Even though we call it “stealing,” it’s just one set; they won’t notice.
2. If it were something valuable, they’ll be more attentive with inventory check, but, they are just sales promotional decorations.
3. So, they just get around with it.
4. So then, aren’t our promotional goods being targeted by other companies too?
5. No problem.
6. We’ll be morons if we let others do the same on us while doing this to others.
7. We transfer them directly from printing house to storefronts. Besides, we have a system set up that keeps track of the inventory. So, if any of them is missing, we’ll know right away.
8. This Yamamuro doesn’t leave any imperfection in his work.
Page 14
1. You’re lucky to be a member of Hatsushiba.
2. They get paid well, and most of all, job is secured.
3. I guess you can say that.
4. Japan is a good country. Once you get a job within a big corporation, you will never get crushed.
Since there is Labor Union, you will never get fired; life is stable until you die.
5. When I pay a visit to your company, I see many employees who are taking a nap by a sunny window or reading some golf magazines.
6. Despite that, they still get paid a high wage; I’m envious.
Page 15
1. In contrast, those of us who work for a smaller, individual company, live such a hard life—working so desperately just to get paid only 1,000 or 2,000 yen.
2. I feel bad that I took 1,000 yen from you by defeating you in bowling, then.
3. Hahaha, that’s ok.
4. Because Yamamuro deposited 600,000 into my checking account for the job I’m about to do.
5. 600,000?
6. Is it a lot or not.
7. It’s a good work. I can pay off my company’s rent for a whole year with it.
8. Oh, that’s right. My company’s just around this area. Why don’t we stop by there?
Page 16
1. It’s here.
(Sound of door ring)
(Door plate: Shibayama Research Ltd.)
2. Welcome back.
3. Oh, a guest?
4. I brought with me Mr. Shima from Hatsushiba.
5. Nice meeting you, I’m Shima.
Page 17
1. I’m sorry. If I only knew your office and home were the same, I wouldn’t have come visit this late…
2. Don’t worry about it. We’re just glad we have someone besides us to have dinner with like this.
3. He’s right. I love having guest, too; so, make it your home, relax please.
4. A toast!
5. Then, with my pleasure.
Page 18
1. (Hiccup)
2. As you can tell, my company is just a family business run by me and my wife.
3. How do you conduct the market survey and such, then?
4. Oh that. We have some housewives who do that as a part-time job.
5. We use their service only when we need; so, we don’t need keep any employee.
6. Well, it may sound just like how those sloppy businesses run by punks out there, but I take some pride in what I do.
7. The more unstable your life is, the more motivation you have about your job.
8. I agree.
Page 19
(Doorplate: Hatsushiba Electronics Corp. North Storefront.)
1. Then, I’ll go back now. Is there any other problem?
2. Oh, I’m not sure if it’s a problem or not, but, I received a few claims about sales promotional goods for Hatsushiba’s Orange-Summer Campaign.
3. Claim?
4. What kind of claim?
Page 20
1. It’s from someone who’s running a storefront; and it’s about the sales promotional goods kit that we charge for 5,000 yen.
2. The claim was that there was a missing item in the set.
3. Oh, I see. I’m sorry, but, I think it’s a mistake on the sender’s side.
4. Yes. So, I called the sender and told them to send the missing items.
5. By any chance, do you know what the missing items were?
6. Well, there were all kinds. Let me see.
Page 21
1. Ooyama storefront was saying the catalog for new products was missing.
2. And then,
3. A banner for NerimaMusen store.
4. Poster B for Marushiba Electronic shop.
5. Price card set for Kuwabara Electronic.
6. POP for interior for Fukumoto Radio.
7. They are all different.
8. But, since there are 9 claims all from the 152 orders this North Storefront controlled, I guess we can say this is a lot of handling miss.
9. What…
1. If I list the missing items:
2. The catalog of new products
Price cards set
Freebies set
3. Promotional Flag
Promotional Hanging Banner
Automatic POP
Poster A and B
4. When put together, it’s the Sales Promotional Goods Set…
5. We’ve been spied, too?

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