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Young Shima Kousaku 11

STEP 11: Sniping (2)

+ posted by ChopPA as translation on May 20, 2011 06:39 | Go to Young Shima Kousaku

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Page 24
STEP 11: Sniping (2)
1. Just as we’re stealing the sales promotional goods from Solar Electronics,
2. Our sales promotional goods may be leaking out as well.
I have to check the entire distribution route thoroughly.
Page 25
1. No way.
We check it twice when we send them out.
2. If it’s only one or two, I can admit the mistake, but 9 out of 152 all sent to North Storefront Center? That’s impossible.
3. I guess you’re right.
4. “Stealing” must’ve been only possible after the shipment has reached North Center.
(Sign: Hatsushiba Electronics North Storefronts)
5. Of course, we always check the content
6. Because I don’t want any trouble with senders.
7. We didn’t detect any problem with Orange Summer Campaign goods when we received them.
Page 26
1. Nothing was missing right before sending and after receiving…
2. In that case, someone stole it while it was being stored.
3. What? Who has access here? The staffs of the storefront and its affiliate.
4. Who are the affiliates?
Page 27
1. These are the names of people who were in and out for the last two weeks.
2. Can I take a look?
(The name highlighted reads: Shibayama Research | Kikuo Shibayama)
3. !!
4. Shibayama is the one we requested to “steal” the goods from Solar Electronics.
5. Does this mean he’s a double spy?
**TRANSLATION NOTE: I’m not sure if there’s a word such as double spy; if not,
“Does this mean he’s spying on us at the same time?” **
Page 28
(Sound of lots of traffic that blended into a big ambiguous noise when from a few blocks away.)
1. I’m sorry I’m late.
2. Just until now, I’ve been doing a survey on married women in 30’s about kitchenware; which took longer than I thought.
3. So, what did you want to talk with me about?
4. Yes. I called you out here because I didn’t want to be heard by others.
Page 29
1. !!
2. I’ve found out that our sales promotional goods were being stolen as well.
3. I don’t know who did it.
4. After investigating each step of distribution, I conclude that they were stolen while being stored in the warehouse of North Storefronts Center.
5. Why do you tell that ‘to me’ in a place like this now?
6. I checked everyone who’s been to the warehouse in the last two weeks.
7. Everyone was an employee of Hatsushiba except for one outsider, you, Mr. Shibayama.
Page 30
1. And so, are you saying that I did it?
2. You’re conducting a survey around the huge housing complex in the north of Tokyo about usage of gas equipments upon the request from North Storefronts Center, are you not?
3. When you have taken a survey from a person, you give away a thanks gift; and those freebies you give away were stored in the warehouse at North Storefronts Center.
4. When you’re there to load up the freebies, you had full access to the inside of the warehouse; and you still do, I believe.
5. At that time, you saw a pile of Orange Summer Campaign.
6. But, you already knew that Hatsushiba conducts a tight inventory check on them because you had heard Mr. Yamamuro talking about it.
Page 31
1. So then, you came up with an idea that you take only one item from each of package and put them together to complete a set.
2. If you do that, the number of sets doesn’t change and no one will notice.
3. I see…but, Mr. Shima.
4. That’s just a deduction of yours and not even an evidence that I did it.
5. Yes. I don’t have an evidence.
6. But, when I kept checking everyone who entered the warehouse and eliminated their names from suspects’ list one by one, you’re the only one that was left; that’s what I wanted to say.
7. And, I found out one more thing. You conducted a research during the two months of March and April in Shinagawa area about Solar Electronics’ campaign.
8. …yes.
Page 32
1. Isn’t it being unfaithful to work for them at the same time when you know that Solar Electronics is Hatsushiba’s rival group?
2. Mr. Shima, small companies like us are desperate. If they give us a job, we take it from whoever it may be: Solar, Touritsu, Goyou, or anywhere.
**TRANSLATION NOTE: by replacing just one Kanji character in the names in Japanese, my guess is that Toushiba becomes Touritsu, Sanyo becomes Goyou (3you to 5you)
3. If Hatsushiba assures our life ahead, we won’t take jobs from elsewhere; but, it doesn’t.
I can do whatever; can’t I?
4. I understood. I won’t inquire about the stealing anymore; but, when I climb up to a higher position and take the charge of these matters, I’m not going to use your service.
5. I’ll say that now at least.
6. Mr. Shima. Your way of thinking is still young.
I think life would be more enjoyable if you lived smarter--
7. Like manager Muroyama, for example.
Page 33
1. Mind your business.
Page 34
1. What should I do?
Should I tell manager Yamamuro about this?
2. I don’t have a conclusive evidence that Mr. Shibayama is the culprit, though.
3. Even if I wanted to criticize him for stealing our promotion materials, Hatsushiba is asking him to do the same thing on others.
4. In the first place, what’s the benefit of stealing it before it reaches market?
Page 35
1. Shima, is anyone sitting here?
2. Oh, Nakazawa division chief!
3. No, you can sit.
4. What’s going on?
You look gloom; do you have something in your mind?
5. Sometimes it feels easier to talk with a boss who is not directly supervising you.
6. Ye…yes.
7. In fact…
8. Kahhahha (laughter)
9. I see, I see…well, we value their service since they have proved how good their research skills are.
10. Certainly, that is true.
They have done an extremely good job with the analysis after conducting surveys.
Page 36
1. However, as you pointed out;
because there is a risk of information leaking in taking on two research requests within a same industry, I’ll clearly tell Shibayama Research to refuse jobs from other companies.
2. If they can’t do that, we are not going to request any service from them anymore from now on.
3. Ok.
4. The real problem is that we wanted to get the promotional goods through the underground.
5. What gets done by doing that?
6. Also, paying 600,000 for it is ridiculously high expense.
7. I’ll say this as someone who’s actually in the sales operation;
by finding out about your enemy’s plan just before it launches, what kinds of countermeasure can you come up with?
It will never make in time.
8. You, you’re right.
9. If it’s true that our goods are being leaked to Solar, that means they’re expending uselessly, too.
Page 37
1. The chief of Advertisement Division of Solar Electronics Headquarter is one of my colleagues I met in Advertisement Research Club during my college years.
2. I’m going to call and tell him.
3. Eh?
4. What are you going to say?
5. All we need to do is to arrange so that we can exchange the promotional goods in advance once they’ve been produced.
6. This is what is called, Barter-trade.
That way, we can study each other’s sales promotional goods without spending.
7. See you later.
8. Kahhaha.
9. ……..
10. A week later that, there was a phone call for Division chief Touma from a division chief at Solar who was in charge of sales promotional goods.
Page 38
1. Although we can’t do it openly,
we have created a tunnel through which we can exchange seasonal sales promotional goods.
2. I see. I see. Let’s try that.
3. As a matter of fact, I didn’t say anything about this to chief Touma or manager Yamamuro
because I thought doing so would create a tension among us.
4. In any case, I think that Division Chief Nakazawa who handled all these matters so simply is an awesome character.
5. I’m so sure that he is going to be successful in future.

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