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Nori Tama 6

The Errand

+ posted by ChopPA as translation on May 23, 2011 21:37 | Go to Nori Tama

-> RTS Page for Nori Tama 6

Translation reserved for Manga:Code

Page 91
Episode 6: The Errand
1. No-, No, No~
2. Yes, I am. I am tucking away Kotatsu already.
3. What..
4. Hey~.
(Sound: myong, myong : sound of electrical wire being swayed up and down in air)
5. Noooooooo!!
Page 93
(Sound: Gya, Gyang, Gya, Gyang : maybe sound of hustling around?)
1. It hurts! You scratched me!
2. What’s going on from early morning?
3. Karah karah (Sound of spinning)
4. Is it your day off today?
5. Well, not really a day off, but,
6. There aren’t many constructions going around here, and it became a scramble for the job.
(haah : sound of sighing)
7. So, you fell out of your work as well as the scramble.
Page 94
1. Well, then,
I have a favor to ask.
2. I forgot to buy the coffee beans that I usually get before running out.
3. So, this place called “Ne.U.Ne.U”
4. It’s the café across the street from Nekomachi temple, isn’t it?
5. I’ll call the store and tell them you’re coming.
(Sound of drinking)
6. You may have some cake for yourself after picking up the coffee beans, if you want.
7. Ca….cake.
- Oh, the sweet name that I heard so long ago.
- Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Page 95
1. then, I’ll take Tama with me…
2. She’s not going.
3. You’re planning to get rid of Kotatsu while I’m out, aren’t you?
I won’t let that happen.
4. I’ll go by myself.
5. Is Kotatsu that important?
6. It’s a perfect day to take a walk.
(sound of walking : poka poka)
Page 96
- I don’t have food with me today.
- Too bad.
1. After turning right here,
Page 97
1. Is it that one…?
(mozo : sound of moving body a little back and forth, or up and down)
2. Uwah-ah
(Dong-! : sound of appearing)
(Sign: Ne.u.Ne.u)
3. You look like you have gone through a lot of life experiences.
4. Karann koronn (sound of door ornaments that makes sound when the door opens)
5. Oh, I didn’t expect your voice would be cute.
6. …….
(sound of slow moving floor mop in air)
7. shih shih
8. Gugah~oh.
9. Oh, no, I’m.
- Not a suspicious person.
Page 98
1. Ahahaha!
I’m sorry, sorry.
2. A girl like you talking to a cat intimately like that during the bright day light
made me think that “maybe a psycho.”
- I’m sorry. I do that all the time.
3. I don’t know why, but she became calm.
(nosshiri : sound of cat sitting calmly)
4. Oh, that’s rare
5. for Riku sitting on the lap of someone else than me.
Page 99
(goro goro: sound of doing nothing, laying down or sitting in a room)
1. Maybe I’m being quite honored—he’s heavy, though.
2. Karon (sound of placing the cup on table)
3. I’m Ruka Kurotsu, the owner of this store.
4. Wasn’t “Kurotsu” the…?
5. Yep. Yako and I are something like relatives.
6. By the way, it’s Yako’s treat for you, isn’t it?
7. Order whatever you like.
8. Then, let’s see.
9. Ca..
Page 100
1. ….
Hot coffee, please.
2. Kussuh (sound of chuckling)
(sound: poka)
(sound: poka)
(kotoh: sound of placing dish on table)
3. Eh, I didn’t order a cake…
Page 101
1. That’s my t.r.e.a.t for you.
2. Oh, thank you.
(Sound of blushing: kah-ah
- Did she hear me?
(…goro …goro : sound of doing nothing but lying down)
3. Where’s your family, Nori?
4. My mom passed away early,
so, just me and my father at his parent’s house.
Page 102
1. Is it lonely to live by yourself?
2. No. Both Ms. Yako and Tama are with me.
3. But, there aren’t many job opportunity as a security guard, are there?
4. Are you eating properly?
5. Yes.
I may not look like it, but I’m confident with keeping life forward!
6. Alright! You’re hired!
7. …what?
8. You didn’t hear from Yako about I’m hiring a part-timer.
Page 103
1. Well, I can’t pay you much, though.
2. This is first time wearing an apron since I was in home economics class.
3. You can come here anytime you want, if you decide to work here.
4. I will, I will. Thank you!
Page 104
1. And, “Nice meeting you” to you, too.
2. Gugah-oh~.
3. I must say thank you to Ms. Yako later.
4. It’s gotten quite late already.
5. Tama~, I’m back~.
6. Kih (sound of door hinge)
Page 105
1. Hey~
2. Um?
3. Oh, I was forgetting about Kotatsu.
4. Post office symbol?
5. …is this supposed to be a mail box?
- I didn’t know Tama could write.
(Goso Goso: sound of searching something)
6. If mail box is here, that means…
Page 106
(puh: sound of chuckling)
(kusuh Kusuh: sound of chuckling)
(puru puru : sound of restraining laughter)
(hoka hoka : sound of sleeping soundly)
1. I guess I can’t help but…
- I bought you some gift out of my pocket in long time, you know.
2. To leave Kotatsu in the room for a little longer.

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