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Nori Tama 7


+ posted by ChopPA as translation on May 23, 2011 23:33 | Go to Nori Tama

-> RTS Page for Nori Tama 7

Translation reserved for Manga:Code

Page 109
Episode 7: Ne.u.Ne.u
Page 110
1. Hey, Nori.
2. Did she go to work already?
3. Without even locking the door?
4. Hmm…I guess she left this unreliable one as a home-sit.
Page 111
1. Um?
2. ...is it
3. …how is it
4. Welcome…I’ll bring the menu…
5. Would you like another …cup of cold water…?
6. Cold…water…
7. No...aa
8. ….I hope Nori is not getting too spunky.
Page 112
(doki doki doki: sound of palpitation)
(go…gokuri: sound of swallowing)
(go soh : sound of collecting oneself)
1. Here’s another com of cold water!
- Gah (sound of grabbing pot)
- Sha Pah (sound of dashing toward customer at the speed of teleporting)
- Biku (sound of getting shocked)
2. Tha, thanks.
- You’re very very welcome, and excuse me.
3. …….
- Kusu kusu (sound of restrained chuckling)
Page 113
1. Karon koron (sound of door ornament when door opening)
2. Thank you.
(sound: sosokusah : a little hurriedly leaving the shop.)
3. Please come back again!!
4. Please come again!!
- Yes, yes.
5. …….
6. Umm. I wonder why it doesn’t go well.
Page 114
(Ahahahaha : sound of laughing)
1. Mr. Uomasa stayed even 5 minutes long, today.
2. Why are you saying such things as 3 minutes or 5 minutes?
This isn’t some kind of noodle shop where people eat while standing.
(…haa : sound of sighing)
3. I feel like customer is the one who all tensed up.
4. Let’s take a coffee for a break.
5. Eh~. “Another” break?
- It’s ok. It’s ok.
Page 115
1. It’s been a week since Nori came here.
2. Whenever you had free time, you’ve been cleaning here and there of the kitchen.
3. I’m not good at staying still with nothing to do.
4. Thanks to that, I ran out of tasks to ask you to do.
Page 116
1. It’s ok to take it easy.
2. Just waiting like this is a part of the job when you work at a café.
3. Understood! I’ll do my best.
- I’m saying not to get tensed up like that.
4. If it’s boring, why don’t you bring a book to read?
5. Oh, no. That’s not what I meant.
6. Really? It’s very idle in here, isn’t it?
(sound of laughing: ahahaha)
7. ……
8. I guess.
Page 117
1. Well, there are more cats coming to this shop than people.
2. Hahaha
(kari kari : sound of scratching window)
3. Excuse me~
4. I know it’s weird for me to say this, but,
if it’s like this all the time, wouldn’t you not need a helper?
5. Because, it’s so boring by myself!
- what did she just say?
Page 118
1. The, the reason why I was hired was?
2. I’ve been wanting someone to talk with for so long~
3. …in other words, my job is to “attend you.”
4. There was another reason, but that’s ok.
5. …..?
6. By the way, Nori.
Who do you think will come this time, a cat or a person?
- I can’t say it’ll be a cat, can I?

7. Well, I think it’s going to be a person.
Page 119
1. Let’s play a bet; I’m for a cat, you for a person. Ok?
2. What happens when won?
3. A cup of coffee for free!
4. Just how many cups have we drunk since morning?
5. Then, penalty game!!
6. Is this shop going to be ok like this…?
7. No one’s coming.
8. It hasn’t even been five minutes yet.
Page 120
(poka poka : sound of walking)
1. It’s idle, isn’t it?
2. Yes, It is idle.
(sound of idling : bo~)
3. Ms. Ruka, about the name of this shop, what does “Ne.u.Ne.u”mean…?
4. “When it cries in such a cute way ‘Ne.u.Ne.u’ I can’t help but to stroke its hair and smile.”
- from the Tales of Genji
Page 121
1. SO, it’s “Meow Meow,” I guess.
2. Oh, it’s the sound of cat’s crying in ancient Japanese language.
3. Originally,
it used to be “let’s sleep, let’s sleep” **NOTE: this would be “Neyou Neyou” in Japanese, resembling “Ne.u.Ne.u” in sound.
according to etymological study, that is.
4. Wait…
We’re still working!
5. There’s nothing to do. How about you take a nap, too?
(pata pata: sound of waving hand up and down)
- Oh, my-
6. If a customer comes it,
- she’s really sleeping.
7. What are we going to do?
Page 122
1. Oh well…
(fu ah… : sound of yawning)
2. I’ve been lack of sleep recently too.
- Because I’ve been practicing with Tama every night how to attend a customer.
(su- : sound of sleeping)
(su- : sound of sleeping)
3. Su- (sound of sleeping)
4. Su- (sound of sleeping)
5. Su- (sound of sleeping)
Page 123
1. Karan koron (sound of ornament on door when door opens)
(bikuh : sound of being shocked)
2. Wel,
3. Welcome
Ms. Yako!
4. Su- (sound of sleeping)
5. Su- (sound of sleeping)
6. Hi…
I was passing nearby.
- As always, Ruka’s taking a nap.
Page 124
1. Ms. Ruka, I won.
2. Nya?
3. You are too shy to admit it, aren’t you?
you came here to see how Nori is doing~.
4. Funh (sound of cold laughing)
I just “happened” to pass nearby, that’s all!
- Boo~ Boo~
- But you two look intimate.
5. Oh, well,
(Gui Gui : sound of pushing her on the back)
6. In any case, one cup of coffee is a treat from Ms. Ruka,
so, please take a sit~
7. I never said I was going to treat Yako.
8. But, I can’t drink anymore than this.
9. ?
10. I didn’t say I was going to drink, either.

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