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Nori Tama 9

The Monster in Nekomachi Mansion

+ posted by ChopPA as translation on May 24, 2011 06:35 | Go to Nori Tama

-> RTS Page for Nori Tama 9

Translation reserved for Manga:Code

page 145
Episode 9: The Monster in Nekomachi Mansion
page 146
SFX: argh, wu~ *zombie-like groaning sound*
1. This happened when
2. I was working at a hospital as a nurse.
3. I was working in place of one of my co-worker
4. at the emergency room.
SFX: *wind-chime* chiri-ng
5. For a program like this,
6. even though you don’t believe it’s true,
7. you keep watching till the end~
SFX: *wind-chime* chiri-ng
page 147
1. Then, a woman who tried to kill herself
2. had been carried in there.
3. The patient with blood splattered all over her face
4. seemed to be trying to say something
SFX: Gasah
SFX: Gasah
5. After that, the patient fell into a critical condition.
6. While the doctor was operating life-supporting devices hurriedly
7. and I was about to stand up from my seat,
8. with incredible strength, the woman grabbed my arm.
SFX: goso, goso, goso **someoen’s crawling in the space above ceiling**
9. …how can she?
10. She’s in critical condition?
11. Ah…
12. And, with her bloody face facing at me, suddenly,
13. she called out my name!
14. hmm.
I think where this story is going.
15. Nori?
what’re you doing?
SFX: bikuh *jolt*
page 149
1. PYOHhh
2. Kacha
SFX: pa, pah, pah, pah
3. PYOHh, you say
- nya ha ha ha hah
4. You…
talking to someone
5. Ya~N
SFX: guriguriguri
SFX: guriguriguri
6. at a timing like that!
SFX: Basah
7. …um?
page 150
1. Where did you pick up that album?
2. from the room over there~
SFX: Kuwan, Kuwan
3. Over there…? That’s room #3.
Ms. Yako said rain water leaks from ceiling in that room.
- you aren’t supposed to bring someone’s possession like this!
4. hmmm.
There is no leak.
5. Then, why did Ms. Yako…
page 151
1. But,
something big and black
2. say “Boo-“ from time to time.
3. …black
SFX: Boo-
4. and dark?
SFX: Boo-
5. Yep. They’re square and hard, in great number.
6. …what is that?
- hoh
- Boo-
- Boo-
7. Why don’t you go and see, Nori?
- You can go from closet.
8. hmm…
page 152
1. heh…he~
2. This is how attics look like…
3. ….
It’s kida creepy.
4. Ta, Tama?
Don’t go without me.
SFX: goso, goso **moving in attics**
SFX: Gong **hitting something on head**
5. Ouch!
6. kata **Typing on keyboard**
7. katah **Typing on keyboard**
8. katah **Typing on keyboard**
9. katakatakata
page 153
SFX: Gatah **removing a panel of ceiling**
1. Come quick, Nori.
2. The big and black thing is
this here.
SFX: Boo-ng
3. kyah!!
4. ugya!
page 154
1. what..
SFX: Boo-ng
SFX: jitabata *flailing arms and legs*
SFX: Boo-ng
2. What are
3. Their appearance resemble that of refrigerator, but
SFX: Boo-ng
4. why would such thing be in a vacant room--?
- ha ha ha ha
5. pon pon **Tapping on shoulder**
6. Nori~
7. Pih **jolt**
page 155
1. Ah….
SFX: goh
SFX: zu …
2. kata kata **typing on keyboard**
SFX: Gurah **piles of books loosing balance**
SFX: Zu do do-ng **piles of books collapsing**
SFX: Buh
page 156
1. What!
2. what was it just now?
SFX: para paara
3. …ah!
SFX: BAH **hiding ears**
4. ……
- shiiii
5. Tama~
you idiot!!
-Didn’t I tell you not to scare me like that!
SFX: guriguriguri
SFX: guriguriguri
6. I forgot to leave the album there because I was so scared!
7. I’m so~rry~
page 157
SFX: kyuh
1. what do I do, now…
Should I give it to Ms. Yako directly…?
2. …this.
is the album of Nakomachi mansion in the past.
3. Heh~
It used to have tiled roof.
4. hm~m
The weather vane cat was there from time around this…
SFX: pitah *jolt*
5. ---!?
page 158
1. …Is this woman in the middle Ms. Yako?
(Sign on the right: Meiji 41th year. Bio Research ? ? ? ?)
(Sign on the left: Kurotsu Bio Chemistry Research
2. …but, it’s written “Meiji 41th year.”
3. She…
must be her grandmother or someone like that.
SFX: chiri-ng *wind-chime*
4. ha ha ha ha…ha ha…

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