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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 239

The Day of the Showdown

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 24, 2009 17:23 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Target 239: The Day of the Showdown
Torikabuto: The time of awakening... // The time of destiny... // The promised time.
[Insert text: The real Six Wreaths are here!!]

Daisy: Aaahhh! // Torikabuto just... // Torikabuto just proclaimed the time!!
[TN: "Torikabuto" is the Japanese name for the plant aconite, and literally translates as "bird-helmet"]
Daisy: Zakuro!! Kikyou!! / It's time... / It's time!! // It's time for the slaughter!!
[TN: "Zakuro" is the Japanese name for the pomegranate. Kikyou is the Japanese bellflower.]

Daisy: What should I do...? I'm getting all excited... // Will I kill ten thousand today...? A hundred thousand...?
Kikyou: Hahah... Let's calm down, shall we, Daisy? // Our mission for today is not mass slaughter. // Our opponents in today's battle will be few in number. // Byakuran-sama tells me that it is a kind of ceremony. // Well, shall we go and join Byakuran-sama? // He has been looking forward to this day greatly.
Bluebell: All right!! I've really done it!! // Look, everyone!! Look!! // I've got loads and loads!!

Bluebell: ...of muscles!
[TN: Do I see naked loli in my Reborn? Or is it a shota trap? >_<]
Zakuro: Those aren't muscles. That's just your flat chest. // [aside]stupid fool.[/aside]
[TN: ...I guess that answers that question. Loli ftw. Every manga needs moar loli. Incidentally, he has a unique way of saying "stupid fool". Apparently it's a catchphrase of Detective Conan's. A reference?]
Bluebell: What was that, Zakuro?!! / They're muscles!! // I've been training!!
Zakuro: ...You know, there's not much point staring at people so oddly that you're only looking at the inside of your own eyelids. // Nonsense-chan.
Bluebell: .........

Bluebell: Who are you calling "nonsense", you asshole?!! // Say that again, and I'll crack your skull open!! // Kikyou, back me up here!! // He just broke my heart, you know!!
Kikyou: Hahah... / Zakuro is clearly just lashing out because he is so jealous of how cute you are.
Zakuro: Not likely. // [aside]stupid fool.[/aside]
Kikyou: Now, Bluebell, you are a girl, so how about you stop spreading your legs in that unsightly manner, yes?
Bluebell: Hmphhhhhh~~~... Stupid idiot Zakuro... // I'll teach you some respect, you'll see![insert cute little angry bear face here]
Byakuran: Hahaha... you all seem to be having plenty of fun as usual. // Hey~♪

Kikyou: Hahah... to think that you would grace us with your presence. // Byakuran-sama.
Byakuran: Well, isn't it only natural? This time around, I'm just like you guys... // One of the players. // See? // I have the matching battle outfit and everything~!♪
Bluebell: You look so cool, Byakuran~!
Zakuro: Don't address him like that! // Stupid fool!
Kikyou: We, the Real Six Funeral Wreaths... // ...are truly honoured to be permitted to tread the battlefield at your side, Byakuran-sama. // However, surely there is no need for you to dirty your own hands in this way? // Certainly, we may be one fewer than them in number, but you have the chosen warriors, the strongest beings in all humanity... // ...bearing the Mare Rings, the greatest of their kind... // ...and these transcendent Box weapons...

Kikyou: ...to do battle in your demonic name.

Lal: Who's there?
Tsuna: Ah... // It's me.
Lal: I thought I told you not to visit me.
Tsuna: It's almost time... // Our final battle against Byakuran and the Real Six Funeral Wreaths is about to begin.
Lal: I know that. // I intended to take part myself if I had to crawl there on my hands and knees, but Reborn stopped me, assuring me that I would only hold you back.
Tsuna: Lal Mirch...
Lal: I hear your training was successful. // You can do this, I hope?

Tsuna: Irie-kun said that if we defeat Byakuran, the Non-Trinisette radiation that is hurting you and Reborn will stop as well. // So just hold on a little longer.
Lal: ...You have grown fond of indulgent prattle.
Tsuna: I would kind of like you to see the results of my training too, but...
Lal: I'm going to sleep! Leave me.
Tsuna: ?! // I'd... actually like to talk a little longer......
Lal: I am incredibly sleepy.
Tsuna: ...All right. // Well, I'll be going then! // See you...
Lal: .........

Flashback!Colonnello: Hah, you really are a cold instructor. // You could at least try saying "good luck" before sending me off to the battlefield. // Just doing that much can make your student pretty damn happy, you know?
[TN: ...Lal looks far too much like Haru in that panel.]
Lal: I can't.
Gokudera: Are you here? / Hey~~~!! // Where the heck have you got to at an important time like this?! // Stupid beast...
Bianchi: You wouldn't happen to be looking for this little one, would you?
Gokudera: Uri!!

Bianchi: I found him napping in the dryer.
Gokudera: !! / .................. // ......Thanks.
Bianchi: Say, Hayato... do you remember? // When you came back from the Melone Base, I said I had something to talk to you about, didn't I?
Gokudera: ......... // Ah... // ...... // Crap... // ......Wait up! // C'mon, Uri...!
Bianchi: ......... // Such a coward.

Tsuna: Bianchi!! // I heard that apparently... you prepared some clothes for us all to wear today?
Bianchi: That's right. You'll find them all in the changing room. // They're special battle outfits that I made from Leon's flame-resistant thread. Kyouko and Haru helped out, as well.
Tsuna: I... I see! Thank you! // ............
Bianchi: Is there something you want to say?
Tsuna: Huh? // Well... yes... // I was just wondering about Kyouko-chan and Haru... I wanted to ask if they're all right... // Are they scared?
Bianchi: Oh, no... they're in extremely high spirits. // ......For the moment, at any rate.
Tsuna: I see... // That's good to hear, I guess...

Kyouko: How is it, Haru-chan?
Haru: He's in a real state... // He's fallen fast asleep in the process of removing his clothes.
Kyouko: Ahh! // How did he manage that...?!
Haru: It's like the complete opposite of Spanner-san, who was sleeping in his bed like a baby... he'd even put on his nightcap...
Kyouko: I guess this shows just how tired they were... // Apparently, until they arrived here yesterday, they barely slept a wink all week... // But this is one time when we must be cruel!

Kyouko/Haru: WAKE U~~~~~~~P!!!
Irie: Ahh! / What is it~?! Fire?!! Earthquake?!! // Ahhhh... // Those girls certainly are... vicious... // My ears are still ringing... // No... I must wake up properly!! This is the day of the showdown! / You have to set a good example to the younger ones, Shouichi!! // Ahem. // Good day, everyone. // ...? // !! // Aahh!!
Tsuna: Irie-kun!
Gokudera: You're late, four-eyes.

Irie: You... those outfits...!! // Why, it's absolutely brilliant!!
Tsuna: To be honest, I think it's a little embarrassing...
Reborn: I had them made specially for this battle. // The Vongola Mafia originated as a team of vigilantes who fought to protect the people. // For generations, when the Vongola Family fulfil that duty, they have always gone into battle and risked their lives in full uniform. // The Kokuyou struggle was a test given to you by the Ninth, and the Varia battle was an internal matter. But this time, things are on a completely different level.
Tsuna: You always make everything seem grander than it is by talking about the Mafia and stuff...
Irie: He is doing no such thing!! // Though this battle may be known to only a select few... // ...the fate of the world rests on its outcome!!
Tsuna: !!
Irie: Even in the entire long tradition of the Vongola Family... // ...this will likely be the greatest battle of all.
Tsuna: Right...

Tsuna: Let's go.
Everyone: YEAH!!
[TN: Oh, I do approve of the outfits =D]
[Insert text: With their bodies clothed in the will of their ancestors... for the sake of tomorrow... they go to battle...!!]

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thank you much !
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