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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 241

Choice Begins!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 16, 2009 03:38 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Target 241: Choice Begins!
[Insert text: The Family assembled!! With ten million Fiamma Volts of energy, it's off to the Choice stage!!]
[TN: Byakuran gets bonus points if that transportation device is actually a giant laser of death and he's just tricked them all into killing themselves. But I guess that's not going to happen.]
People: What the hell is that?!! // Run for it!! // Aniki...

Gokudera: You're late, dumbasses.
Yamamoto: Sorry, sorry!
Hibari: I am only here for my own reasons. // I'm not associating myself with you people.
Gokudera: Tch...
Ryouhei: But hey, Sawada. // I'm impressed you knew they'd show up!!
Tsuna: ...No. // All I knew was that without all of us present, we had no chance of defeating Byakuran.
Byakuran: Very nice, very nice. // Well done providing the five million Fiamma Volts - and more besides. You pass.

Byakuran: Well then... // ...Shall we begin our game of Choice?
Tsuna: Sure.
Byakuran: The first "choice" we have to make is the field on which we play. // And I think out of respect for those wonderful flames you produced... // I'm going to let you handle that choice yourselves.
Tsuna: !
Kyouko: ? // What's all this?
Haru: Are those... cards?
Byakuran: I'm sure Shou-chan has told you about the rules of Choice already, yes?

Byakuran: As the title suggests, this is a game of choices. // The all-important first step involves choosing the field of play and the warriors who will battle upon it. // Choosing with your own individual "fate". // So go ahead, Tsunayoshi-kun - pick a card, any card. // This is your own personal "Choice".
Giannini: But with cards created by the enemy...!
Irie: Don't worry! // In this game, at least, Byakuran-san would not stoop to cheating.
Tsuna: Right. // Let's make this "Choice".

Byakuran: Ah... // The field card will be... // Lightning.

Byakuran: Let's go, then, shall we?

[no text just transportation]

Gokudera: Ngh...
Kyouko: Ahh!
Tsuna: Owww...... // I... Is everyone all right?
Bianchi: We're fine.
Someone: Everyone's okay over here, too!!

Chrome: Boss... // There's something buried over here.
Tsuna: Hm? // ...That's just Lambo.
Chrome: Ah!
Lambo: Owwie~~~!
Gokudera: He wasn't lying about that thing taking up a ton of flames, though... // Uri's gone back inside his Box...
Byakuran: Hey!♪ / Welcome to the Choice arena!
Tsuna: Byakura... // !!
Kyouko: Huh?
Hibari: .........
Ryouhei: Wh... // What on Earth is this?!
Basil: We're standing...

Basil: Right in the middle... // ...of a city of skyscrapers!!!
[Box: TSUNAYOSHI'S CHOICE // Lightning / Stage // Super-Lightning-Flame-Resistant Skyscrapers // Temperature 18°C / Diameter 10 km / Height ∞ / Wind Speed 2-14 m/s]

Byakuran: I feel like I've met you plenty of times before... // But I suppose this is your first time meeting me, huh? Tsunayoshi-kun.
Tsuna: Byakuran!! // And the Real Six Wreaths!!
Byakuran: So yes... this is where we'll be having our battle. // A nice sort of location, don't you think?
Tsuna: We can't fight in a heavily-populated area like this!!
Byakuran: You see, I thought you might say that, so I removed all the people in advance. // There's nobody around except the people standing right here.
Tsuna: ?! // What do you mean...?
Byakuran: Oh, allow me to explain.
Bluebell: The heck~?! // They're all just little kids!

Bluebell: I don't even need my Box to take care of these guys! [cute little face thing]
[TN: What are those little emoticon faces she uses, anyway? Are they bears or mice or what? ~~]
Gokudera: !
Yamamoto: !
Tsuna: Her hand...!! // ...What the?!
Kikyou: Hahah... // Don't get ahead of yourself now, Bluebell.
Bluebell: Ngah! [cute little face]
Kikyou: This is a grand festival that Byakuran-sama has been looking forward to. // Let's sit back and enjoy it, shall we?

Tsuna: A... // And what was that?!
Gokudera: First that magma bath, now this... // Are these guys even human?!
Hibari: Hmph.
Kikyou: Hahah... // So my Cloud Element counterpart would be you over there in the school uniform, I suppose? // My name is Kikyou. A pleasure to meet you.
Hibari: Can we just start already?
Byakuran: Now, now, that wouldn't do! // Hiba~ri-chan!♪ // We still have... // ...the next Choice to make!

Hibari: !!
Tsuna: ?!
Irie: (That's... a Gyro-Roulette?)
Byakuran: I'll project it nice and big so everyone can see.
Gokudera: What are the big lists of symbols for......? // Those look like... elements?
Byakuran: Place your ring hand up against the gears... / Tsunayoshi-kun.
Tsuna: Huh...?
Byakuran: Look - like this.

Byakuran: When I say "Choice", we spin the gears to the right.
Tsuna: Huh...? Wai... // Wait a mi...
Byakuran: Choice!
Tsuna: Ahh! // ?!
Byakuran: Hm // They've stopped.

Byakuran: And there we have it!
Tsuna: ?!
Byakuran: Our battle participants!♪
[TN: ...So Tsuna's team seems to have a grand total of five, whereas Byakuran's has a total of four... does it strike anyone as worrying that the numbers aren't necessarily equal? Not that I'm sure how this is going to work... even if we assume that the extra symbol at the bottom is a kind of "joker", it doesn't make much sense having two participants of the same element from the same team...]
[Insert text: What does all this mean...?! Next issue, the Choice battle finally begins!!!]

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#1. by pandaaqueen ()
Posted on May 16, 2009
thank you very much <333
#2. by sh1no ()
Posted on May 18, 2009
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