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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Kyoukai no Rinne 6

Mystery of the Club Building

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 11, 2009 11:56 | Go to Kyoukai no Rinne

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Kyoukai no Rinne
Chapter 6: Mystery of the Club Building
[Insert text: His grandmother is a Shinigami. // But Rinne is a human... or something like that?]

[Side text: Leaving Granny behind, Rinne and Sakura return from the afterlife. Is it time for the truth about Rinne to be revealed?!]
Rinne: I'm a human... // ...or something like that...
Sakura: What's that supposed to mean, though, Rokudou-kun? // I thought you were a Shinigami?
Rinne: It all happened fifty years ago.
Sakura: Fifty years...
Rinne: Apparently it was around the time Tokyo Tower was built.

Rinne: My grandmother (the Shinigami)... // ...came to collect a certain man, as part of her work. // He was a young, sick man, with only one minute left to live.
Flashback!Granny: My, what a fine man!
Rinne: ...Apparently he was totally her type.
Flashback!Grandfather: You must be the Shinigami...
[Label: Dying]
Flashback!Grandfather: You're beautiful... // I'm glad that I was able to meet such a beautiful woman, here at the end... / It won't be long before I die, and I daresay I'll be reborn as a bug or a lizard or something, but...
Flashback!Granny: A mackerel, actually.

[Side text: Character Profiles // Rokudou Rinne: Sakura's classmate. A "shinigami" who guides souls that can't pass on to the Wheel of Samsara? Swathed in mystery. // Mamiya Sakura: She was spirited away as a child, and has been able to see ghosts ever since.]
Flashback!Grandfather: A mackerel... // [aside]*sigh*~~[/aside] // They're delicious boiled in miso...
Rinne: His lonely smile touched her very heart... // ...and Granny fell in love. // That man, destined to be a mackerel... / ...was my grandfather.
Sakura: Your grandfather was human...
Rinne: And so of course Granny pulled a few strings here and there... / ...not all of them exactly legal...

Rinne: ...extended my grandfather's life for another fifty years... // ...and the two lived a happy life together. // Grandfather finally made his was to the Wheel of Samsara this Spring. // I daresay he's migrating on the Kuroshio Current about now.
Sakura: I... see... // (His grandfather passed away...) // What about your father and mother?
Rinne: I don't know. // I always lived with my grandfather.
Sakura: (Huh...)

Sakura: (Should I not have asked a thing like that, I wonder...? // So Rokudou-kun... is living all by himself now...? // I guess that's why he's so poor. // I don't get the feeling Shinigami work pays all that well. // ...Come to think of it... // Why does Rokudou-kun, with his human ancestry... // ...have to do Shinigami work in the first place...?) // Ah... // Hello? // Oh, Miho-chan.
Miho: Sakura-chan, listen! // Something really scary just happened!

Miho: I'd forgotten something at school, so I went back after hours to get it. // And just when I was walking past that club building that they're going to be tearing down soon... // I saw something inside the window, where nobody ought to be... // It was a ball of fire, I know it! // I was scared, so I ran straight back home, but now I can't stop thinking about it... // I have to go back and investigate! / So please... could you go there with me tomorrow?!
Sakura: I guess...

Rika: Miho-chan, are you sure you really saw it...?
Miho: I saw what I saw!
Rika: Why don't you try the instrument shelter, then?
Sakura: (I don't know about that... // There it is... the club building. // It certainly is an old place, but... // Huh...?! // Something's coming?!)

Sakura: ...... // (There really was something here... And it's huge...)
Miho/Rika: Aaaaghhhhhhh!!
Sakura: Huh?! // (They can... see it too?!)

Miho/Rika: A DEMON CAT~~~~!!
Sakura: (...Yep, they see it.) // Rokudou-kun...

Sakura: (...And off he goes.)
Miho: I'm really sorry, Sakura-chan! Just leaving you there like that...!
Sakura: Oh, Miho-chan. / No, no, I'm okay. // (...Still... / What exactly was that demon cat...?) // If Miho-chan and Rika-chan could see it too... // ...then it's not some kind of spirit?

Sakura: Hm? // A kitten... // How cute...! // ...Oh, it's hurt. // I'll fix you up, little fella. // Let's go to my place.

Sakura: There you go - some milk and some food. // Eat up!
Mother: Sakura~! I need some help in the kitchen~!
Sakura: Coming~! // You just stay put, okay?
Cat: ......

Sakura: Kitty-ca~t! / Did you eat your food? // Ah... // Watch out! // If you fall from that heightl, you'll...! // !

Sakura: Huh...? / The window disappeared...?! // (Where am I...?!) // Ah... // Wait!

Sakura: Wait up~~~~~! // (Hm?! // Did he just get a little bigger?!) // !

Sakura: Huh...? / The club building...? // (The ball of fire...?)
Rinne: So it was you. / Stop messing about already!
Cat: Owww!! / But... // I was only doing it for you, Rinne-sama!

Cat: See? / I got you some tasty food and everything!
Rinne: Wha... / Where did you get stuff like... // Mamiya Sakura... // What are you doing here...?
Sakura: I think that's my line. // Let's have an explanation, now, shall we?
[Side text: In the spot where the ball of fire and demon cat appeared... sit Rinne and the kitten?! Next issue, the kitten's identity is revealed!!]

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#1. by antlac ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2009
Wow a double release for Rinne, thank you. I started to worry that you would drop this project. Thank you again :D
#2. by kanapox ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
Thanks for keep working in this series, I don't know how you manage to translate so many titles each week!! I was thinking you were about to drop this one.
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