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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Kyoukai no Rinne 7

Contract Cat

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 11, 2009 11:57 | Go to Kyoukai no Rinne

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Kyoukai no Rinne
Chapter 7: Contract Cat
[Insert text: A ball of fire. / A demon cat. // A mysterious kitten. // And now Rinne too appears in the club building?!]

[Side text: His grandmother, a Shinigami. His grandfather, a man reborn as a mackerel. This penniless boy is living in the school club building, by the light of a candle in a mackerel can...]
Sakura: So the ball of fire in the clubhouse... // ...was a candle...? // So, Rokudou-kun... // What are you doing in here?
Rinne: Nothing. / Just living here.
Sakura: Living... in the club building? / Are you allowed to do that?
Rinne: You think I care about that? / It's free, that's what matters.

Rokumon: Poor, poor Rinne-sama. / Evicted from your rented house when your grandfather died...
Rinne: I wasn't evicted, I left. // I'm not wasting money on rent. // You should go home, Rokumon. // I'm fine here on my own. // Ever since I decided to live in this world, I've been entirely prepared to...
Sakura: Ohh~? So you're called Rokumon-chan, are you?
Rokumon: Yes, Sakura-ojousama!
Rinne: Try listening.
Rokumon: I'm not going home. / Tamako-sama's orders.
Rinne: Granny's...?

[Side text: Character Profiles // Rokudou Rinne: His grandmother is a Shinigami, his grandfather human. This penniless first-year high-schooler guides souls that can't pass on to the Wheel of Samsara. // Mamiya Sakura: She was spirited away as a child, and has been able to see ghosts ever since.]
Sakura: (So Rokudou-kun's grandmother... // ...is called Tamako-san...)
Rokumon: Well, that's the deal. // So here's the employment contract... // Just sign your name and stamp where it says "Employer". / A thumbprint'll do fine.
Rinne: Wait. // You're already in a contract with Granny, aren't you?
Sakura: A contract?
Rokumon: Oh, we black cats have existed in partnership with the Shinigami since ancient times. / Once we form a contract...

Rokumon: Ill omens, curses, threats, and of course helping eliminate evil spirits...
[Labels: Black Cat // Evil Spirit // Shinigami]
Rokumon: We black cats support our Shinigami contractors in all sorts of ways.
Sakura: Erm, and you would be...
Rokumon: The cool cat up there at the top of the page, of course!
Rinne: ...It's a real stretch, but I guess we can go with that.

Rokumon: But Tamako-sama told me herself!
Flashback!Tamako: Rokumon, you must use your incredible abilities to help Rinne out.
Rinne: It's a real stretch, but I guess we can go with that. // Anyway. / I'm not forming a contract with you. // I'm not in any position to support you. // Ow.

Rokumon: Now if I put this hair in here... // E~~vil~~~curse~~~~
Rinne: Shut up.
Rokumon: Sign~~~the~~~con~~~tract~~~

Rinne: Beat it.
Sakura: Ah~~~, I kind of feel sorry for him.
Rinne: Mamiya Sakura, you should head home as well.
Sakura: ...I came here through some kind of spirit path, / so I don't have my wallet or any shoes.
Rinne: ...Back when Grandfather was alive, I remember seeing an anime about a careless housewife like that...
Sakura: Hey... are you really not going to employ the little guy?
Rinne: No. / You heard what he said - he's here on Granny's orders.

Rinne: I'm sure that old woman... // ...is just trying to keep me tied down to the Shinigami world.
Sakura: Oh...
Flashback!Tamako: Come and live with me, why don't you? // You're my one and only grandson...
Rinne: Sorry for all the trouble.
Sakura: Thanks. / See you tomorrow.
Rinne: Bye.
Sakura: (Rokudou-kun...) // I wonder if he's lonely... / Living in that abandoned club building all by himself...
Rokumon: Of course he is.

Sakura: ...Oh, hello. / Back, are you?
Rokumon: Yes, Sakura-ojousama! // I truly do feel very sorry for Rinne-sama.
Sakura: Mm... / He told me his grandfather died.
Rokumon: Indeed. And so... / Tamako-sama, his grandmother, is no longer permitted to continue living in this world.
Sakura: She's what?
Rokumon: It seems that Tamako-sama had sworn that she would live in the human world... / ...for only as long as Rinne-sama's human grandfather was still alive. // And Tamako-sama made one other... // ...important deal in the Shinigami world.

Flashback!DeathPriest: Do you swear that in exchange for extending this human man's life for fifty years... / ...you will perform ten times the usual Shinigami duties?
Flashback!Tamako: I do~~~~!
Flashback!DeathPriest: And in the case that you do not meet this target... / ...do you accept that we will have your children and grandchildren perform the work until is it completely met?
Flashback!Tamako: Sure~~~!
Rokumon: ...She didn't meet the target.
Sakura: Whaaaaat?! / But then... // Rokudou-kun is working to pay off the debt his grandmother worked up?!
Rokumon: Pretty much.

Rokumon: But Rinne-sama, with the human blood he carries, is not a full Shinigami. // As such, in order to perform these duties... // He has no choice but to rely on various tools that an ordinary Shinigami would not need. // And those tools don't exactly come cheap.
Sakura: So that's... // ...why he's always short on money...
Rokumon: That's why I want to use my power as a black cat to help Rinne-sama in his duties!
Rinne: (Ugh, he's made a mess of this place...)

Rinne: Hm? // An envelope...
[Envelope: To Rokumon / From Tamako!♡]
Rinne: Rokumon must have left it behind... // .........
Students: A demon cat~~?
Miho: It was really there!
Rika: Sakura-chan, you saw it too, right?!
Sakura: Yup. Over here.

Flashback!Sakura: So you just want me to bring everyone from my class?
Flashback!Rokumon: This is for Rinne-sama's sake.
Rokumon: Heheheh... // Here come the puny sacrifices... // If I kill a few students off, make a real bloodbath of it... // ...the student body will plummet into the depths of terror!

Rokumon: Rinne-sama's instrument shelter will get big business! // And what's more... // I can get all the contract money I -
Rinne: Hey.
Rokumon: Rinne-sama!
Rinne: Sorry... I read this.
Dear Rokumon-chan
Notice of Dismissal
Sorry, you're fired.
I believe there's an opening at Rinne's place, why don't you try there~?
From Tamako~♡
Rinne: I'm sorry, Rokumon. // You were really relying on me to help you out... // And I failed to do anything.
Rokumon: ...Aw, come on... // You don't have to apologise and everything...

Rokumon: I'll go home. / I'm sorry I bothered you.
Rinne: Rokumon...
Rokumon: To make up for causing you all this trouble... / Or at least as a parting gift... // I'll just go slaughter some students~~~.

Rinne: Wait! // That's called causing more trouble -
Miho: Hm? // What's... that noise...?
Sakura: It sounded like something falling... // Ah!

Miho/Rika: So cu~~~~~te!!
Students: ...And? What happened to the demon cat??
Miho: You think he was abandoned~?
Rika: He's so friendly~~~!
Sakura: ...I think he's just unconscious.
[Box: After a little talking things over... // Rokudou-kun and Rokumon-chan formed a low-wage contract.
Rokumon: This place is like heaven~~~! / I just have to sit in a box and pretend to be a kitten, and people give me food!
Rinne: I guess you can handle your own living costs, then.
[Side text: Score one useful minion(?) Next issue, a new spiritual incident breaks out!!]

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#1. by kanapox ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
This is a much better translation than the official one done by vizmedia. Thanks!
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