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Kyoukai no Rinne 9

Dish of Vows

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 1, 2009 14:38 | Go to Kyoukai no Rinne

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Kyoukai no Rinne
Chapter 9: The Dish of Vows
[Insert text: Even in the afterlife, it's money that makes the world go round... / Or is it?!]

[Side text: This time, Rinne is dealing with an ancient ghost with romantic regrets... A fallen warrior in love?!]
Sakura: Senpai! // Himekawa Kaori-senpai!
Himekawa: Oh, hello. / You're... Mamiya Sakura-san from the first year, yes?
[Box: Second-year Himekawa Kaori-san (17) has been haunted by a fallen warrior who offers her sake in her dreams each night.]
Himekawa: You think you can solve it?! / Is that true, Mamiya-san?
Sakura: Yes. / It's just that...
Satou: Oh... Himekawa-san!

Satou: Are you all right? You seemed in a bad way yesterday...
Himekawa: Oh... Satou-sensei from the informary.
Sakura: Oh? // Rokumon-chan...
Satou: Oh, you know this cat, Mamiya-san?
Himekawa: It's so cute...!
Sakuya: You got some milk, huh? Good for you.
Suzuki: My, isn't he the popular one. // Fancy some sardines?
Sakura: Suzuki-sensei from gym class!
Satou: Well, when he walks up to you so cutely...
Suzuki: I know... charming, isn't he!
Himekawa: (The cat has taken over the conversation...)
Sakura: (You sure know how to get on in the world, Rokumon-chan...)

Himekawa: This is... the club building that's going to be knocked down?
Sakura: There's somebody inside I'd like you to meet.
Rinne: You're late, Mamiya Sakura.
Warrior: Princess!

Sakura: Wait, Senpai!
Rinne: Client Himekawa Kaori. // This situation cannot be resolved without your cooperation.
Himekawa: And you are...?
Rinne: Let's just say... I'm someone who's here to help you work out your problem.
Himeko: ...No, you're Rokudou Rinne-kun from Class 1-4, aren't you. / That red hair, and everybody knows about that red tracksuit...
Sakura: (Even the second-years...)
Rinne: First of all, I would like you to talk things over with this fallen warrior spirit.

Warrior: Princess... / Do you not remember me? // You and I were promised to be wed.
Flashback!Warrior: Once this war is over and done with, we can hold our ceremony of vows.
Flashback!Princess: Please, take care...
Warrior: I promised that I would return safely. // But... // The next thing I knew... // ...I found myself standing in some kind of queue.
Flashback!Shinigami: Everybody in a nice straight line! / This way to the next world!
[Banner: Soldiers of the Miyoshi Army]

[Side text: Character Profiles // Rokudou Rinne: His grandmother is a Shinigami, his grandfather human. This penniless first-year high-schooler guides souls that can't pass on to the Wheel of Samsara. // Mamiya Sakura: Wandered into the next world as a child, but made it back. She has been able to see ghosts ever since.]
Flashback!Warrior: (The next world...? // Am I... dead?! // But I cannot leave this world... // She is waiting for me...)
Warrior: I broke away from the line of souls, and headed back to my homeland. // I know not how much time it took... // But by the time I made it home... // ...there was no sign of her anywhere.
Rinne: ...And so you were unable to meet her again for hundreds of years.
Sakura: Poor guy...
Himekawa: Ehm... // What exactly is all this about?

[Side text: Character Profiles // Rokumon: One of the Black Cat Tribe, sworn to support Shinigami in their work. Contracted to Rinne.]
Warrior: Princess, I have been waiting all this time... / ...for the day when you might be reincarnated into this world.
Himekawa: Reincarnated...?! / Me...?!
Rinne: And this is where things get difficult. / Client Himekawa Kaori. // Are you willing to grant the wish of this fallen warrior's spirit?
Himekawa: Wish...?
Warrior: Princess... it need only be temporary. // But I wish to hold the ceremony of vows with you.

Himekawa: Ceremony... of vows...? // You mean... a wedding?
Warrior: All that you need do is partake from this dish of vows.
Rinne: This is the regret tying the fallen warrior's spirit to this world. // Do as he asks, and he should pass on.
Himekawa: That's all it will take...?
Warrior: With that done, I will have no more regrets.
Sakura: (Huh... Things seem to be going pretty well, all things considered.)
Flashback!Rinne: Cases like this are the worst kind.
Sakura: (And after Rinne got me all worried, as well...)

Himekawa: Very well, then. / I do feel sorry for him. // And it is very romantic...
Rinne: We will serve as your witnesses.
Sakura: Huh? Me too? // (I see... So this is part of a Shinigami's job, too... // Helping people out like this... // It's nice that things ended well for you, Fallen Warrior-san.)

Rinne: (Thank goodness... it's going well. // Please let him just pass on now...)
Himekawa: Ehm... // When will you be passing on?

Rinne: Is she really the one you were looking for?
Warrior: Oh, absolutely! // Take a look at this! // I have not once let this portrait of my love leave my side!
Sakura: A different person...
Himekawa: How terrible...
Warrior: Isn't she the spitting image?! // Princess... let us be bound together in the next world!
Himekawa: Huh?

Warrior: We have exchanged the vows... we are man and wife!
Himekawa: Hey - !
Sakura: Rokudou-kun, what's going on here?!!
Rinne: Tch...! // I really thought we might be able to settle things peacefully, as well...!

Sakura: Rokudou-kun?!
Rinne: I thought something like this might happen! Don't worry!
Sakura: How terrible... // I can't believe that warrior was lying to us...
Rokumon: He wasn't lying. That's why things turned out so badly.
Sakura: Rokumon-chan...
Rokumon: Over the hundred years he was searching, his mental image of her grew more and more beautiful...

Rokumon: That fallen warrior spirit really believes that Himekawa Kaori-san is his Princess!
Himekawa: Whaaaaa~?!
Sakura: Uh, seriously, though...
Warrior: Princess! The next world is just moments away!
Himekawa: Noooooooo!
Rinne: Ugh... / I suppose I have no choice but to use this!!

Rinne: Meido Shadan!!
[TN: "Afterlife Gate Sealing"]

Warrior: Open up! // Open up already!!
Rinne: Even if you were to go to the next world like this... // ...you would not be able to pass on.
Sakura: Are you sure about this, Rokumon-chan? / Just taking Rokudou-kun's wallet like that...
Rokumon: It's for his own sake!
[Box: Afterlife Festival]
Rokumon: We'd like to buy a mirror~!

Sakura: A mirror?
Merchant: Pick any one you like!
Rokumon: It's called an "Ungaikyou". It reflects a person's form in their previous life.
[TN: An "Ungaikyou" (literally "mirror beyond the clouds") is a type of demon from Japanese mythology. Specifically, a demon created from a "Shoumakyou" ("demon-illuminating mirror"), an artifact said to reveal demons' true forms, or reveal the demons within people.]
Sakura: Oh, so we're going to use is on Himekawa-senpai?
Rokumon: It should be helpful when it comes to convincing that warrior. // But please be careful, Sakura-sama. // The moment you touch one, that seals your purchase, and you can't go back on it.
Sakura: Oh...?
Rinne: So...

Rinne: You bought the most expensive one...
Rokumon: It was Sakura-sama who picked it out!
Sakura: That's not fair, Rokumon-chan!
Himekawa: I want to go home...
Ungaikyou: [aside]hohoho![/aside] // Feel free to gaze within!
Rinne: ...If you would do the honours.
Himekawa: I just have to look in here?
Rinne: Now you can find out once and for all... / ...whether this is really your "Princess".
Himekawa: ......
Rinne: (?!)
Sakura: Tears?!
[Side text: Tears pour from Himekawa-senpai's eyes! What tragedy lies hidden in her past life? Next issue, the shocking resolution!!]

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