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Kyoukai no Rinne 10


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 1, 2009 14:40 | Go to Kyoukai no Rinne

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Kyoukai no Rinne
Chapter 10: Reunion
[Insert text: The mirror reflects the shocking truth!]

[Side text: Through the power of the expensive Ungaikyou, Himekawa-senpai's past life is finally revealed! But now, tears are falling from her eyes...?!]
Warrior: Why, she is crying! / What is the meaning of this?!
Rokumon: Let's see... what's this phenomenon...?

Rokumon: Oh! Looks like Himekawa Kaori-san is resonating with the Ungaikyou.
Sakura: You mean she's remembering her past life?
Warrior: Could it be... // ...that these are her tears of regret at being unable to be wed to me in her previous life?!
Imaginary!Princess: No... killed before we could even be wed...?!
Sakura: (One five seven three...? // Oh, of course, the year 1573... // That's probably around when the fallen warrior died...) // !

Rinne: What's all this?
Sakura: It looks like... the ocean at night.
Warrior: She was grieving my death by the ocean at night?!!
Imaginary!Princess: No... killed before (etc. etc.)...?!
[TN: No, I'm not being lazy, it actually says that =p]
Sakura: Ah - I think I see someone there!
Ungaikyou: Zoooooooom... // ...IN!

Warrior: Princess...

[Side text: Character Profiles // Rokudou Rinne: His grandmother is a Shinigami, his grandfather human. This penniless first-year high-schooler guides souls that can't pass on to the Wheel of Samsara. // Mamiya Sakura: Wandered into the next world as a child, but made it back. She has been able to see ghosts ever since.]
[Box: Sea turtles cry when they lay their eggs.]
Rinne: This is no princess... // It's a turtle.
Warrior: There must be some mistake...
Himekawa: Why am I a turtle?!!
Ungaikyou: There is no mistake. // When that fallen warrior was alive, this young lady was a sea turtle.
[Side text: Character Profiles // Rokumon: One of the Black Cat Tribe, sworn to support Shinigami in their work. Contracted to Rinne.]

Warrior: I know! / The princess had a birthmark shaped like a petal on her right-hand wrist! // If you have the same birthmark...
Sakura: Nope.
Rinne: Sorry to disappoint, but I think this clears away any doubt.
Rokumon: Good thing we bought this mirror, right, Rinne-sama?! // After all, this particular Ungaikyou... / ...is the latest model, able to synchronise with the Wheel of Samsara and monitor visuals of every reincarnation that has passed through it!
[Labels: Monitor // Transmission // Data]
Sakura: Wow... // Hm?

Sakura: (It's gone up...) // What's this number here?
Rokumon: Why... / ...that's the transmission fee, of course!
Rinne: (There's a charge for the transmission?! // Nobody told me this!!) // Stop it. Now.
Sakura: (Huh... Rokudou-kun didn't know about this system...)
Rinne: At any rate...

Rinne: We have at least proven that Himekawa Kaori is not the reincarnation of your Princess.
Sakura: Wow... the mood got heavy...
Warrior: Princess...
Sakura: But then... // What's going to happen to him now?
Rinne: Now that we have proven that he has the wrong person... // ...it seems unlikely that he will bother Client Himekawa Kaori's dreams any further. // However... // This fallen warrior has been waiting for hundreds of years since becoming a spirit... // ...for his Princess to be reborn into this world.

Rinne: Those hundreds of years of feelings are tying him firmly down to this world... / ...and preventing him from passing on.
Sakura: But then...
Rinne: Until he meets his Princess' real reincarnation in this world... // ...he may be doomed to wander this way forever.
Sakura: But that's terrible... // We don't know how many years it might take... // What's the matter, Rokumon-chan?
Rokumon: I just remembered! // You said the Princess has a birthmark like a petal on her wrist, right? // I'll just go and check!

Everyone: (Wha...?)
Rinne: You think you might know who she is?!
Rokumon: I can't shake the feeling I've seen her somewhere...
Satou: Oh, my. // Little cat! // Over here!

Sakura: (Satou-sensei from the infirmary!)
Satou: There's a nice kitty.
Himekawa: Sensei, the reincarnation of the Princess?
Warrior: ...I really don't know about that...
Rinne: No, no, I'm seeing a resemblance.
Sakura: Let's check it out, Rokudou-kun!
Ungaikyou: [aside]hohohoho![/aside] // Warning - walking about results in an additional charge being appended to the meter!
Rinne: (Not him!)

Sakura: Satou-sensei!
Satou: Oh, Mamiya-sa...
Sakura: Ah! // It looks like some kind of ancient mansion...
Warrior: (Please let it not be her... Please let it not be her...!)
Rinne: (Let it be her... let it be her!)
Ungaikyou: Zoooooooom... // IN!

[Box: Carp / A freshwater fish of the Cyprinidae family. Possesses two small "beards". Kept for eating or ornamentation.]
Sakura: A carp.
Warrior: All right!
Rinne: No! // Wait, she doesn't have a petal birthmark at all...
[TN: Check these things before you blow all your cash on the mirror XD]
Satou: What's all this?
Suzuki: You guys are still here?
Sakura: Suzuki-sensei from gym class...

Suzuki: Oh? What is it, little guy?
Rokumon: [aside]mew~ mew~ mew~![/aside]
Sakura: (A birthmark like a petal...)
Rinne: I - It couldn't be...
Ungaikyou: Zooooooom... // ...IN!
Suzuki: Hm?

Everyone: (Suzuki-sensei...)
Sakura: (She's actually prettier than in the picture...)
Everyone: (...is the reincarnation of the Princess...)

Suzuki: Hmm...? // Have I... met you somewhere before...?
Warrior: No... // I think you have the wrong man.
[Box: And the warrior passed on without further ado. // It seems he had something of a revelation. // As for the client, Himekawa Kaori...]
Rinne: This is difficult to say, but about the extra fees...
Himekawa: I'm not paying. / More importantly...

Himekawa: If you tell anyone about my past life... / I'll tell the whole school that your little exorcist gig is fake as fake can be.
Rinne: I won't say a thing.
Sakura: Here, Rokudou-kun... // I made you lunch.
Rokudou-kun: L - Lunch...?
Sakura: Well, it's not going to be easy for you, paying off that Ungaikyou, is it?
Rinne: No...
Sakura: I guess I'll bring lunch for you occasionally.
Rokumon: Sakura-sama is a nice person!
Rinne: A casket of treasures...
[Box: Contents of the Casket of Treasures / Boiled egg / Sausage / Parsley]
[Side text: The mission may have landed Rinne deep in the red, but Sakura's kindness is priceless!]

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#1. by Autumncherry ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2009
Thanks ;]
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