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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 249

Dark Clouds

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 11, 2009 11:06 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Guidelines For Using My Translations

[Banner: Vongola VS Millefiore]
[Title: Trinisette Choice Battle Diagram!]
[Text: Rule // The first Family to defeat the enemy target (eliminating the flames on the target's chest) is the winner!!]
[Label: The Trinisette...]
[Circle: Said to have created the very world... // [right to left] Arcobaleno Pacifiers // Mare Rings // Vongola Rings // Twenty-one ultimate treasures, divided into three sets of seven]
[Katekyo Hitman Reborn!]
[Target 249: Dark Clouds]
[Label: Daisy]
[Star: Millefiore Target]
[Below that: Millefiore Base]
[Arrows to Daisy: Heading in to attack // Heading in to attack]
[Label: Tsuna]
[TsunaLabel: Heading to take down Daisy after defeating Torikabuto]
[Label: Torikabuto]
[TorikabutoLabel: Defeated]
[Next to Tsuna: Millefiore Audience]
[Label: Yamamoto]
[YamamotoLabel: Heading to take down Daisy after defeating Genkishi]
[Label: Genkishi]
[GenkishiLabel: Defeated]
[Next to Yamamoto: Vongola Audience]
[LittleCircles: Decoy // Decoy // Decoy]
[Label: Kikyou]
[KikyouLabel: Thanks to the Vongola decoys, has yet to reach Irie's location]
[ArrowLabel: Speeding back and forth]
[Label: Gokudera]
[GokuderaLabel: Vongola line of defence]
[Labels: Spanner // Irie Shouichi]
[Star: Vongola Target]
[Below that: Vongola Base]
[Insert text: With two enemies defeated, the Vongola move in on the Millefiore!!]
[Box: Choice Field: Lightning Stage // Diameter: 10 km // Contains skyscrapers reinforced with lightning flames]

[Insert text: Tsuna and Yamamoto move in on the Millefiore target!! Victory is near...!!]
Irie: There is no longer any need at this point to use the stealth bikes to hide from the radars!! // Tsunayoshi-kun, Yamamoto-kun, you are to make contact from the air!! Follow your navigators and head straight for the target!!
Yamamoto/Tsuna: All right!!
Tsuna: ?

Kikyou: Yet another decoy bearing Irie's Target Marker flames... // And I doubt that's the last of them...
Daisy: Kikyou~~! // The enemies are heading straight for me right now! // Isn't this like... "Check"...?
Kikyou: Hahah. // You don't get it, do you, Daisy?
Daisy: ?
Kikyou: This Choice Battle... // ...is a kind of ceremony to celebrate Byakuran-sama becoming the King of the new world. // Byakuran-sama is simply bored of winning every battle without a struggle. // This is all a kind of act; a dangerous situation that he has constructed to allow him to enjoy the tension.

Kikyou: I can only assume that Byakuran-sama... // ...can see right through the thoughts of one such as myself.
Bluebell: zz...
Byakuran: Hahaha.
Kikyou: It's time for the show to begin. // Byakuran-sama.
Spanner: ...Hm. // ......Something's definitely not right.
Irie: What is it now, Spanner?

Spanner: The young Vongola is heading in the opposite direction from the target......
Irie: Huh? // You're right... / Tsunayoshi-kun, is something wrong? // You're well off-course...
Tsuna: That can't be right... I'm following the navigation system perfectly... // ! // ......This is... // I get the feeling I'm going round in circles... // I've been here before, I know I have......
Irie: What?! // A... At a time like this... // The contact lens has broken down?

Yamamoto: ! // There it is... // I've got visual confirmation on the Millefiore base unit. // Should I go on the attack?
Irie: Wait a moment, Yamamoto-kun. // There's something wrong with Tsunayoshi-kun's contact lens. / I'm re-transmitting the data to him now; hold on until this is sorted.
Yamamoto: Sure thing!
Spanner: Shouichi... / Take a look at the radar.
Irie: ?!

Irie: The decoys are being eliminated at an incredible rate!
Spanner: There are now only five remaining...
Irie: What?! // Is this that Kikyou man's doing?!!
[TN: w00t, I can finally be sure on Kikyou's gender XD I swear, the Real Six Wreaths have too many androgynous members...]
Irie: ! // (He's fast...!! // At this speed, he'll reach our base in no time... // ...Why is this happening now...? // I have a bad feeling... // ...We should hurry... // Yamamoto-kun! // Move in and begin your attack on the target!! / I'll send Tsunayoshi over there as soon as possible!!
Yamamoto: Gotcha!!

Yamamoto: Here goes nothing!
Daisy: Aahh...
Spanner: There goes another one...... // There are only three decoys left. // !! // Kikyou is now less than a kilometre from our base...!!

Irie: Gokudera-kun!! // Kikyou has crossed into the line of defense!
Gokudera: Yeah... // I can see explosions off in the distance...
Irie: As long as we defeat their target first, the match is ours! // You just have to hold him off until Yamamoto-kun and Tsunayoshi-kun defeat the enemy target!!
Gokudera: You don't have to tell me an obvious thing like that. // I'm gonna defeat this guy without letting him a step beyond this position.

Gokudera: ?!
Kikyou: Hahah.
Gokudera: Ngh! // (He's fast!!)
Uri: Nya!

Kikyou: Hahah.
Gokudera: !!
Uri: Nya!
Gokudera: Uri!!

Squalo: Don't take your eyes off him!!
Kikyou: Hahah.
Gokudera: ! // Why, you...!!

Gokudera: Uri!!I
Uri: *achoo!*
Gokudera: You did well there. Good work.
Uri: Nya...
Gokudera: Now! // You... // You're not getting past me. // Not with these five waves... // ...and the New Sistema CAI on my side!! // ?!

Gokudera: The hell is this?!
Basil: Something is sealing off his Boxes!! // He can't open them like that!!
Reborn: Gokudera's Vongola Box is an extension of his Sistema CAI. // With the Sistema CAI sealed off, he can't use his Vongola Box either...
Kikyou: Hahah. // I'll be going now.
Gokudera: Wha - ?! // Why, you...! // You're running away?!
Kikyou: An elegant retreat is but another means of combat.
Gokudera: !
Byakuran: Hahahaha...
Gokudera: Dammitall!! // He got past me!! // Sorry, Irie... // Ugh!!
Irie: Understood... // But I doubt it will matter... // We've just finished our repairs to Tsunayoshi-kun's navigation system.

Spanner: Now Vongola and Yamamoto can move in on the enemy target together.
Irie: They'll take out the enemy target first for sure!!
Tsuna: ...No!
Irie: ...? // Tsunayoshi-kun?
Tsuna: The navigation was never broken!!
Irie: !! // What?!
Tsuna: (Something's not right... // What is it... this feeling...?) // !!
Spanner: Shouichi!
Irie: ? // What is it?!
Spanner: There's some kind of strange flame signal coming from about 1.5 kilometres all around Vongola! // What is this distortion?!

Torikabuto: O sorrowful being...
Tsuna: !! // (Him!!)
Irie: Tsunayoshi-kun, what exactly is going on over there?! I need a report on your situation!!
Tsuna: It's Torikabuto!!
Irie: What...?!
Tsuna: It looks like I didn't defeat him after all... // I suspect I'm still... // ...trapped inside... // ...Torikabuto's illusion!!
[Insert text: Tsuna stumbles into the endless depths of Real Funeral Wreath Torikabuto's power!! Dark clouds hang over the Vongola's fate...!!]

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#1. by pandaaqueen ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2009
Thankies <333
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