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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Fairy Tail 143

Stellar Spirit Battle

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 14, 2009 17:16 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 143

Fairy Tail
Chapter 143: Stellar Spirit Battle
Eve Thylm
Magic: Snow Magic
Likes: Older Girls
Dislikes: Peppers
Eve, who recently joined Blue Pegasus, uses snow magic that is so powerful, it can turn his surroundings into a world of purest white in an instant. He fights using attacks such as snowballs and avalanches.
He may have only recently joined the Guild, but prior to his joining, he served as an apprentice in the Rune Knights, a group of law enforcers affiliated with the Magic Council. It was the dissolution of the Council, and the subsequent need to revise his future plans, that led him to join the Guild.
[Insert text: Looking for a cute "onee-san" who's ready to look at me and me alone!!]

Natsu: GÉRARD~~~!!!! // YOU BETTER BE READY TO DIE~~~~!!!!
[Insert text: A terrible, unpredictable situation! But Natsu as yet knows nothing...]
Natsu: Hm? // Gray?!!
[Insert text: Now the horrible truth of Nirvana confronts him?!]
Natsu: What're you doing lying about in a place like this?!! // What happened to that super-fast guy? // H... Hey...

Natsu: Tch... // Dammitall!!! I'm in a hurry here!! // Wake up, idiot!!

Natsu: We're on a raft?!! // Ughh... // Vehi...cle... // Bleghhh...
Gray: What a sucker you are, Natsu. // That's right... vehicles, your ultimate weakness.
Natsu: Y... You... [aside]unghh...[/aside]
Gray: Die.

Gray: !!
Lucy: What are you playing at, Gray?!!!
Sagittarius: Hello, hello! You heard the lady!

Natsu: Lu......cy...
Gray: Don't you interfere now, Lucy.
Lucy: Wh... What's going on here? Don't tell me you've fallen to the "Darkness"...?
Natsu: It's m... moving... floating... wobbling...
Lucy: It's stopped moving already!! Get a hold of yourself!!
Happy: Natsu!! I'll get you out of there!!!
Gray: Hah.
Happy: Guaaahh!!!
Charle: Tomcat!!
Lucy: What are you doing to Happy?!!!
Gray: Happy...
> Has the power to fly.
> Can carry one person at a time.
> Useless in battle. / Information retrieval complete.

Lucy: What are you talking about, Gray...? Get a hold of yourself...!
Hibiki: So this is a person who has fallen to the darkness...
Gray: Gray's opinion of Lucy.
> Newcomer to the Guild.
> Pretty damn cute.
> Possesses some skill.
Lucy: Huh~? Wh... What's with that...?
Gray: > More naïve than she appears.
> Stellar Spirit mage. / Oh...? Stellar Spirits, eh...? // Interesting!!!
Lucy: !
Hibiki: I was wrong.

Hibiki: You're not Gray-kun at all. // Who are you?
Lucy: Huh? It's not Gray?!
Not!Gray: Gray's opinion of Hibiki.
> Blue Pegasus
> Manly
> Don't know much about him / Tch... not enough information.
Lucy: (Of course... the only people to fall to the darkness are those who are wavering between "good" and "bad" emotions... / Gray isn't the kind of person who would waver like that!) // Who are you? // Ahh! It's me!!
Hibiki: ...Are you just stupid? What point is there transforming into Lucy? Nobody's going to be fooled with the real thing right here.
Not!Lucy: No point? I wonder about that. You strike me as the type who has a weakness for women...

Not!Lucy: Ehe!♡
Sagittarius: Hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello!
Hibiki: .........
Lucy: Aaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhh!!
Natsu: W... Wobbling......
Hibiki: Indeed...
Not!Lucy: Stellar Spirit information retrieved. / My, my... impressive.
Lucy: !!
Not!Lucy: Sagittarius, if you would.

Hibiki: Ughh!
Lucy: Huh?
Charle: Wh... What's wrong with you, horse?!!! You traitor...!
Sagittarius: Th... That accusation is unfounded... // I am not...
Lucy: Hibiki!!!
Hibiki: Nghh...
Lucy: (Is she... manipulating my Stellar Spirits...?)

Lucy: Charle!! Take Wendy and run!!! This enemy is dangerous!!!
Charle: You don't even have to ask!!
Lucy: Sagittarius, Forced Dismissal!!!
Sagittarius: My deepest apologies, hello hello...
Not!Lucy: Open, Gate of the Archer. // Sagittarius!!!
Sagittarius: Hello hello, what can I do for... / ...wait... what?
Lucy: Whaaaaaaa?!!
Not!Lucy: Shoot down that flying cat!!
Sagittarius: Th... That does not seem...
Lucy: Forced Dismissal!!!!
Not!Lucy: I'm afraid not. I summoned him, not you.

Lucy: No way~~!
Not!Lucy: Hurry up and shoot that cat out of the sky!!!
Sagittarius: Ahhhh...
Angel: That's enough. Now that Nirvana has been found, we have no need for the brat anyway.
Gemi/Mini: Okies~~!
Sagittarius: Wahhh!
Gemi/Mini: Pi~ri!! Pi~ri!!
Angel: Hello there, Lucy-chan~! // Say hello to Angel-chan!

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings: Those controller-free Xbox 360 games that were unveiled at E3 were just too incredible. It felt like looking into the future.]
Lucy: An Oración Seis?!!!
Angel: These little cuties are Gemi and Mini; twins with the power to flawlessly replicate a human's appearance, abilities and thoughts.
Gemi/Mini: Pi~ri! Pi~ri!
Lucy: Gemi and... Mini...?
Angel: Twin Stellar Spirits, Gemini. // I'm a Stellar Spirit mage as well.
Lucy: (Just like we won't ever fall to the darkness... // ...we can't expect the Oración Seis to see the light!! / Relying on thoughts like that will only get us killed!!!)

Lucy: (Hibiki... // ...and Natsu are out for the count... // I have to take her on myself!! // The Guild is in danger!!! // Thankfully, we're right by a river... I have water to work with!!! // Lucky for me!)
Angel: I'd rather like those keys of yours for myself. // Lucy-chan.
Lucy: Open!!! Gate of the Water Bearer...
Angel: Gemini, withdraw.

Lucy: AQUARIUS!!!! / Go get her!!! You can take me out as well, I don't care!!!!
Aquarius: You don't even need to ask!!!
Lucy: I don't even...?

Angel: Open, Gate of the Scorpion.
[TN: Man, Lucy stands to gain a lot from defeating this girl.]
Lucy: From the Ecliptic Zodiac?!!
Aquarius: Huh?
Angel: SCORPIO!!!!
Scorpio: WE ARE!!!! // YEAH!!!!

Aquarius: Scorpio~~~~~!♡
Lucy: Whaaaa?!!
Scorpio: Are We feeling fine, Aquarius?
Aquarius: I was... so lonely... / *sniffle*
Lucy: ......!!! // H... He can't be...
Aquarius: My boyfriend!♡
Scorpio: We Are pleased to meet ya, Owner of Aquarius.
Lucy: HE IS~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!
Aquarius: Don't you even think about saying anything funny in front of Scorpio... got that?! Unless you want to be a drowned corpse...
Lucy: Right!
Aquarius: Darling~~!♡ Shall we go get dinner?
Scorpio: I know a lovely restaurant where you can see the Aurora... / I hope We Aren't going to mind if the two of us leave now, Are We, Angel?
Angel: Feel free.
Lucy: H... Hey!!! Aquarius!! Wait!!!

Lucy: Noooooo!!!
Angel: A little girl who doesn't even know about the relationships between the Stellar Spirits has no hope of defeating me.
Lucy: Ahh! // (What now...?! That was the strongest Spirit I have...! // No, wait... that's not quite true!!! // I have one more trump card!!)

Lucy: Open!!! Gate of the Lion!!!! Loki!!!!
Loki: Your Prince is here!!!
Hibiki: L... Leo...
Lucy: Please!! You've got to defeat this woman, or the Guild...!!!
Leo: Leave it to me.
Angel: Aha... // Did you not hear me the first time? Relationships are all-important. // Open... Gate of the Ram!
Loki: !!

Angel: Aries!!!!
[TN: Okay, this bitch is going down.]
Aries: I'm so sorry, Leo...
[Insert text: Toying with the bonds that the Spirits share... the cruel and underhanded Angel! With Lucy's greatest trump cards well and truly countered, is there any way for her to prevail?!]
Loki: Aries...
Hibiki: Karen's Spirits...
[TN: Ooh... he knew Karen?]
Lucy: Th... That's not fair... // Now even Loki won't be able to fight...?!
[Bottom text: To be continued in Chapter 144: "A Beautiful Voice"]

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#1. by rose ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2009
[TN: Ooh... he knew Karen?]

Well, Karen was in Blue Pegasus. Hibiki might have been in the guild at the same time.
#2. by shnisaka ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2009
thanks cnet for the translation
#3. by Dark Sin ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2009
damn you sure took your time but still you did an awesome job bro thanks
#4. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jul 14, 2009
Quote by rose:
Well, Karen was in Blue Pegasus. Hibiki might have been in the guild at the same time.
...Good point. I'd completely forgotten what Guild Karen was in ><
#5. by chubs191 ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2009
Page 8
What point is there in transforming into Lucy?

Page 17
I hope We Aren't going to mind if the two of us leave now, Are We, Angel?
Minor note, is he talking in third person? Because if he's not that sentence doesn't make sense...
#6. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jul 15, 2009
"We Are" is his catchphrase, so I'm just trying to work it in wherever I can =p
#7. by Mooncrow ()
Posted on Jul 15, 2009
...Good point. I'd completely forgotten what Guild Karen was in ><

Seeing Bob get pissed at Karen was my favorite part of that arc^^
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