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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Kyoukai no Rinne 11

Songstress of the Pool

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 25, 2009 18:54 | Go to Kyoukai no Rinne

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Kyoukai no Rinne
Chapter 11: Songstress of the Pool
[Insert text: A new chapter begins! // A sound echoes from the water's depths. / Is this devilish voice luring innocents to Hell?!]

[Side text: The nasty rainy season, filled with worries that offerings might go stale, is over... // ...and in its place, a season ripe for ghost stories arrives!]
Teacher: Independent practice, everybody!
[Text: The season of swimming pools has arrived.]
Rika: Sakura-chan, can you help me with my practice~?
Sakura: Sure, Rika-chan.

[Text: The mysterious voice...]
Voice: yu~~~~~ re~~~~~
[Text: ...echoed from beneath the pool surface.]
Sakura: Hm?
Rika: What's wrong, Sakura-chan?
Sakura: I thought I heard... a voice...
Rika: A voice?
[Text: It sounded as though it was crying out...]
Voice: yu~~~~~ re~~~~~
Sakura: (A spirit's voice...?)
Rika: Aahhh!!
Sakura: (Rika-chan?!)

[Side text: Character Profiles // Rokudou Rinne: His grandmother is a Shinigami, his grandfather human. This penniless first-year high-schooler guides souls that can't pass on to the Wheel of Samsara. // Mamiya Sakura: Wandered into the next world as a child, but made it back. She has been able to see ghosts ever since.]
Sakura: !
Misora: You... // ...can see me?
[SFX: nod nod]
Misora: I see... / In that case...

[Side text: Character Profiles // Rokumon: One of the Black Cat Tribe, sworn to support Shinigami in their work. Contracted to Rinne.]
Misora: Come back here... // ...during lunch break.
Rika: But it's true! // Somebody was pulling on my leg from under the water!!
Miho: Rika-chan... that could be... / ...the Songstress of the Pool.
Sakura: (Songstress of the Pool?)
Rika: What's that, Miho-chan?
Miho: A ghost story that's been passed down in this school. / I heard it from my older sister...

Miho: Apparently over ten years ago, the most beautiful girl in the school at the time died. // She was the star of the school choir... // ...and at the time she was rehearsing hard for an upcoming contest... // ...but one day, she didn't show up for rehearsals after her sixth-period swimming class... // ...and they found her lying drowned at the bottom of the pool. // Ever since then, whenever the swimming season comes around... // ...people start hearing a spoo~~ky voice singing from beneath the water... / ...or being pulled under from below the surface...
Rika: Stop that~~~~~~~~~!
Sakura: (I guess that must have been her... she was pretty beautiful.)

Sakura: ...So that's the deal... // Please, Rokudou-kun! Could you come along with me?
Rinne: You've got an appointment... / ...with that ghost who's been singing every night?
Sakura: You know her?
Rinne: Well, she gets pretty noisy. / And besides... // Rika left a request at the instrument shelter. // It must have really scared her, being pulled under the water like that. She's usually so stingy, but this time... // ...she left a whole 300 yen!
Sakura: That's enough, huh?

Sakura: Eh? // You want to pass on as soon as possible?!
Misora: That's right. // I'm bored of being in this pool all the time...
Sakura: That's great! // This should make things easier.
Rinne: Let's hear what your regret is.
Misora: Regret?

Rinne: If you want to pass on but can't, that means you have some kind of regret tying you to this world. // My job is to help you eliminate that regret.
Misora: Hmph... I don't remember anything of that sort... // ...and I can't say I want to, either.
Sakura: Huh?! // Um... / You were in the choir, right?
Misora: That's right. // Utagawa Misora, Class 3-3. // I was the most beautiful girl in the school, and a wonderful singer.

Misora: And for me, that day... // ...was a very important one.
Sakura: ("That day"... // The day she died...)
Misora: During the rehearsal that was to take place after swimming class... // ...we were going to decide the soprano part leader.
Sakura: (But she died there in the pool... // ...and never made it to that rehearsal...)
Rokumon: Sounds like a pretty simple case to me!
Sakura: Rokumon-chan...
Rinne: Simple?
Rokumon: Well, yes. // No need for you to even get your hands dirty, Rinne-sama!

Rokumon: Attention, all students! // Please assemble in the gymnasium at once! // If you don't, then you will be cursed~~! // Right! Now let's put the Yomi no Haori on you and get you out of this pool!
[Text: When turned inside-out, Rinne's Yomi no Haori causes ghosts to take physical form.]

Misora: (I'm out of the pool...!)
Sakura: She seems kind of happy...
Rinne: ......
Rokumon: Well, shall we go, then?
Misora: Go where?
Rokumon: You want to sing for everyone, right?! // The whole school is waiting for you over in the gym!
[Banner: A Recital by Utagawa Misora]
Misora: What?

Misora: Hup!
Rokumon: Ehh?! // Wha - // Whaaa?!

Misora: You've got it completely wrong, you fool! // Don't do such unnecessary things! // I just want to pass on! That's all! // If you don't let me, I'll pull the whole school down to the bottom of this pool!!
Sakura: Is she becoming corrupted into an evil spirit...?
Rinne: Tch... // Spirit Utagawa Doremi.
Misora: The name is Misora.

Rinne: You like singing, do you not? // I hear you singing every night.
Misora: I do. // I sing here every night.
Sakura: (Huh... // She likes singing, but...) // I guess that's not her regret.
Flashback!Misora: I don't remember anything of that sort... // ...and I can't say I want to, either.
Sakura: That's what she says, but... / ...do you think she's hiding something from us?
Rinne: No... // I suspect she really has forgotten. / It happens sometimes.

Rinne: Even if it is the very thing preventing them from passing on... // ...if a memory is unpleasant enough... // ...spirits can often forget about it altogether.
Sakura: (An unpleasant memory...)
Flashback!Rinne: It's the job of a Shinigami to work out what that memory was and help the spirit to remember.
Sakura: (That girl... why did she end up drowning in the pool, anyway...? // What exactly happened...? // Come to think of it, that voice I heard in the pool... // It sounded...

Flashback!Voice: yu~~~~~ re~~~~~ / yu~~~~~ re~~~~~
Sakura: (It sounded... as though it was crying out... // "Yuurei"... "Ghost"?! // Don't tell me... Utagawa Misora-san was pulled to the bottom of the pool by yet another ghost...?!)
Imaginary!Misora: [aside]aaghh~! ghoooost~~~![aside]
Imaginary!Ghost: [aside]hihihi[/aside]
Sakura: (That would certainly be a nasty memory!!)
Rokumon: She's yodelling like crazy again, huh...
Misora: Yuure-i yuure-i yuure-i-ho~~~♪
Rinne: Does she have to be so noisy about it?
[Box: It was just a song from her choir days.]
Rokumon: Rinne-sama?
Rinne: Let's go.

Rinne: (If we keep a close eye on Utagawa Misora for long enough...)
Misora: Yuure-i-hi~~~ yo-hoho~~~i
Rinne: (We're sure to catch her reliving the moments leading up to her death. // That should give us some kind of clue as to the nature of the regret tying her down. // What exactly happened in that pool?!)
Misora: What are you looking at?
Rinne: No, no... / Please, carry on as you were.
Rokumon: Does this girl really want to pass on...?
[Side text: Misora-senpai, the most beautiful girl in the school, and a wonderful singer. What kind of regret could this proud songstress possibly have?!!]

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