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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Kyoukai no Rinne 13


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 25, 2009 19:00 | Go to Kyoukai no Rinne

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Kyoukai no Rinne
Chapter 13: Curse
[Insert text: A sinister shadow closes in on Rinne...?! A new incident unfolds!!]

[Side text: As the three good friends walk home together, Miho-chan tells of a sinister accident. A new spiritual issue unfolds on the way home from school?!]
Miho: I heard a second-year boy got in an accident around here recently, you know.
Sakura: Oh?
Miho: Uh-huh... he was on the way to see his girlfriend, riding a motorbike. // But he crashed into a telephone pole...
Rika: Did he die, then...?
Sakura: .........

Sakura: (I wonder... if that's him.)
Reiji: Nnnnhh~~
Sakura: (Hm...? // A bat...?)

Sakura: (Huh...? What...?! // A bat-person...?)

[Side text: Character Profiles // Rokudou Rinne: His grandmother is a Shinigami, his grandfather human. This penniless first-year high-schooler guides souls that can't pass on to the Wheel of Samsara. // Mamiya Sakura: Wandered into the next world as a child, but made it back. She has been able to see ghosts ever since.]
BatGuy: You can't stay here like this, you know.
Reiji: Hmmm~? / Really~~?
BatGuy: You'll curse for me, right?! / Yeah?!
Reiji: Hmmm~~~? / Yeah, sure...
BatGuy: It's a promise, then!
[Writing: CERS]
Sakura: ("Curse"...?)
[Writing: CERSE]

[Side text: Character Profiles // Rokumon: One of the Black Cat Tribe, sworn to support Shinigami in their work. Contracted to Rinne.]
Sakura: (Did he just... spell "curse" wrong?!)
Miho: What're you looking at, Sakura-chan?
Sakura: Nothing... // (What was that...? // I've never seen anything like it...)
Students: Morning~! // Hey~
[Text: Please help me. I have been cursed.]

[Text: Three days ago, my boyfriend had a motorcycle accident.]
Rinne: (It's from a second-year girl...?)
[Text: I will explain in detail on the school roof...]
Sakura: Morning, Rokudou-kun!
Rinne: Mamiya Sakura.
Sakura: Is that a request?
Rinne: It looks like it, but... // This spelling...
[Letter: Plese help me. I have been cersed. Three days ago, my boyfrend had a motorsycle acsident.]

Tomoya: Ah... here they are, Minami.
Suzu: Are you the ones... / ...who sent this letter?
Sakura: Huh...? // You were sent a letter calling you up here as well?
Tomoya: Oh, I'm just accompanying her.
Suzu: How odd... it's the same handwriting. // But that's strange... // It's my boyfriend who got in an accident...
Sakura: (Huh...? // Then this girl is...)

Sakura: (That boy's...?! // !)

Reiji: Down... you... go...!
Sakura: That scrawl on his forehead...
[Writing: CERSE]
Sakura: It's the ghost from the telephone pole!
Tomoya: What's wrong, Minami?!
Rinne: Tch...

Suzu: Hi-yaaaahhh!
Reiji: Unghhh!! // I won't forget this~~~~!
Tomoya: Are you all right, Minami?!
Suzu: It felt like something was strangling me...
Tomoya: Ahh! // There are finger-marks on your neck!!
Suzu: I threw it off without thinking, but... / This is scary!
Tomoya: If you weren't in the wrestling club, you could have been in real danger...!
Sakura: The wrestling club...? Wow!

[Text: Minami Suzu, Class 2-2 // Tadano Tomoya, her classmate]
[TN: "Tadano Tomoya" strikes me as a bit of a pun... "Tada no tomo ya" can mean "just a friend".]
[Box: Relationship to the ghost]
[Box: Ghost: Todorou Reiji]
[Labels: Lovers // Best friends // Classmates]
Suzu: Reiji is wandering the earth as a ghost?! // But that's impossible... Reiji is...
Rinne: He's still alive, isn't he.
Sakura: What?!
Suzu: Three days ago, Reiji got in an accident on his way to meet me...
[Sign: Local General Hospital]

Suzu: His motorcycle was out of fuel, so he was walking it along the street... // ...when he happened to trip and smash his head on a telephone pole... // It must have been a nasty blow, because he hasn't opened his eyes since...
Sakura: (No doubt about it... it's the same guy!)

Rinne: Of course he won't wake up. // Not until we return his vengeful spirit to his body...
Tomoya: Vengeful spirit?!
Suzu: But why would...?!
Sakura: Rokudou-kun... there's something I ought to tell you. / I saw a boy who looked like a bat, and he...
Rinne: A bat?!
Sakura: (Hm...?!)
[SFX: vrrrm vrrrm vrrrm]
Tomoya: What's that?!
[SFX: vrrrm]
Rinne: (That's a spiritual sound... // Why are the two of them hearing it?!)

Suzu: Huh?! // Reiji?!
Reiji: Suzu... Tomoya... // You traitors...

Reiji: You started going out while I was stuck in hospital, didn't you! // I know all about it!
Tomoya/Suzu: Huh?!
Sakura: Is that true?!
Tomoya/Suzu: No, no, no.
Reiji: Don't try to fool me! / I'll curse you both!!
Rinne: Get back in here.
Reiji: Wha - ?!

Rinne: !
Sakura: Eh...? // A cash card...?! // Ah - the guy from back then...!

Rinne: ...So this is your doing. // How distasteful.
BatGuy: Then why not try and stop me? // Rinne-kun...
Sakura: (Eh...? // They know each other?!)
[Side text: A man who holds some kind of connection with Rinne. Who is this strange bat-person?!]

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