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Translations: Gintama 704 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Mahou no Iroha! 1

Iroha Arrives!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 13, 2009 02:19 | Go to Mahou no Iroha!

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[Top text: It's the new Inoue Kazurou series you've all been waiting for!!!!!]
[Side text: Magic and a girl bring me and the future together...]
[Bottom-left: Mahou no Iroha!]
[Box: Time flows ever onwards into the future... // ...never mingling with the time that has already gone by. // According to something I heard on TV... // ...time machines that can travel into the future are a theoretical possibility, if sufficient velocities can be achieved. // However... // Until that day, I never imagined... // ...that I would ever meet with my own "future"... / ...in a form like this......]

Mahou no Iroha!
[TN: "Magical Iroha". As if you didn't know.]
Magic 01: Iroha Arrives!
[Insert text top: Arriving from the future to save a useless boy... comes his daughter!!! And she's... a magical girl?!!]
[Insert text middle: Welcome back~! / Inoue Kazurou-sensei returns after a year's break to bring us a forbidden(?!!)..............................NEW SERIES!!!]
[Arrow text: He's all charged up! Back again and as great as ever!!]
[Author name: INOUE KAZUROU]

Hero: There is nowhere left to run!! // This is over, Naoking!! // As is your reign of terror!! // Surrender peacefully, and we - // ?! // Wh... What the?!
Naoking: Hah... // Surrender, you say? // Why would we ever think to surrender... // ...to scum such as yourselves?

Hero: O - Oh, no!! // It's... a trap?!
Naoking: Slaughter them all!!
Demons: Heil Mein Kaiser!!

Naoki: All right~~~! Take that, scum~!! / Midmillia belongs to me~~~!! // This puts me at #2 on the world rankings!! // ...... // Ah... // (Crap... // I did it again...)

Naoki: *ya~~~~~wn*... // (Ahhh... so sleepy... / I guess even I start to feel it after two sleepless nights in a row, huh... // (My name is Ritsuka Naoki (14).)
[TN: It could also be "Rikka Naoki", but unless further evidence arises, I'll just go with "Ritsuka" >_<]
Naoki: It's a little embarrassing to say this... / ...but I'm just a completely average middle-school student. // I'm not exactly brilliant at schoolwork, / and I'm not what you'd call sporty either. // And I'm certainly not the kind of guy who girls would fall for... // ...But no matter. / As far as I am concerned, such things are of no consequence.

Naoki: For in that famed online strategy simulation game boasting fifty million registered players... / ...I hold the second-highest position in the world rankings!! // I am the one and only ruler of the Magic Kingdom of the Bahamut Continent... Naoking!!
Students: [aside]ahaha // flirt // flirt // ehehe // flirt // hahaha // flirt[/aside]
Naoki: ...♡ // (Aghhh, dammitall, what's wrong with this damn school?!! // Ever since the summer holidays ended, it's like there are couples wherever I look!! // If this were my empire... / ...I'd pass a law forbidding all manner of inter-gender relations between those under eighteen years of age, and pass sentence upon all couples everywhere...!
Iroha: E... Erm... could you let me go now, please?
Punk: Aw, c'mon, why d'you gotta be like that?

Punk: Those are some pretty weird clothes you got, but they sure aren't your school uniform, right? / We were thinkin' of skipping school today, an' all, so, you know... // How about we go and have some fun together somewhere, yeah?
Iroha: B... But...
Naoki: (W... Wow... // She sure is cute... // Not in the same way as Nanako-chan, but still... / She really is...)
Iroha: Hm?

Iroha: Papa~~~~~~~!♡
Naoki: Uwaaahhhh?!
Iroha: I've been searching for you for a whole week now~!! / It's so great to see you~~~~!♡
Naoki: Owowowowowowowwwwwwww!! // Wh - Whoa, hold on a second!! Calm down!! / I don't know what on Earth you're -
Iroha: Aaaahhh, Papa~~!♡
Naoki: C - Could you try listening to me?!!
Punk: What's this now, eh...?
Naoki: !!
Punk: You've sure got some guts, tryin' to steal this girl from us... // You better be prepared for the consequences, yeah...?!
Naoki: N - No, I'm not - !! I mean, I wasn't trying to - // I - I really don't have the slightest idea what's - // (N - Not good!! I'm so dead...!)

Iroha: Don't worry, don't worry! / Just leave this to me, Papa!♡ // Papirka!!
Naoki: ?
Iroha: Paprika Pepurka... // Iroharuha~~~~~~~~~~~~!!

Iroha: Iroha Electric Shock!!
Punks: Guaaaahhhh!!
Naoki: (Wh... What on Earth just... / She just fired some kind of lightning from that rod thing...! // Wh... Who on Earth is this girl...?!)

Iroha: Papa~~~!♡
Naoki: Uwaahh!!
Iroha: Now that those nasty boys have gone away, it's just you and me all alone, Papa!♡
Naoki: Wait, wait, wait, WAIT a minute!! // What the heck is up with all this "Papa" stuff? / I'm still in middle school, I don't have - have any -
Iroha: Oh! // Of course... I still haven't explained anything, have I! // My name is Ritsuka Iroha!! / Your one and only daughter... // ...come back from twenty years in the future!
Naoki: ......

[Side text: From Inoue Kazurou-sensei: Hello again, readers! And to those who haven't read my works before, welcome! This is a little idea I've been sitting on for a while now. I'll do my best to make it a manga that both boys and girls can enjoy, and the parents can read with a slight frown, so I look forward to everyone's support. I humbly await all of your opinions.]
Naoki: Wh... What are you talking about...? / Twenty years in the...?
Iroha: Uh-huh!! / I used a forbidden magic to travel through time and see you!!
Naoki: Eh? M... Magic?
Iroha: Uh-huh!! // Oh, right... // Magic still hadn't been discovered twenty years ago, had it?! // But you know, ten years from now, it's going to be discovered.
Naoki: ...... // E... Ehm... / So would that electric shock just now happen to be...?
Iroha: Uh-huh! That's magic all right! / Only basic magic that even a primary-schooler could perform, though!
Naoki: (I... Is this for real...? / Magic actually... exists...? // This girl is my magic-using daughter... / ...who came from twenty years in the future...? // N... no... calm down!! Calm down, Naoki!! / Things like that just don't happen in the real world!!)

Naoki: (This is probably some new type of scam... / ...Or it could be one of those nasty TV programmes where they play tricks on unsuspecting bystanders...)
Iroha: Hey, c'mon, Papa... // I came all the way from the future just to see you, you know? / You could at least give me a hug to celebrate!!
Naoki: ......
Iroha: Eh?
Naoki: I have to get to school, so sorry, but goodbye!!
Iroha: Whaaa?! W... Wait a minute, Papa!!
Naoki: (H... Hah. // Who'd believe a ridiculous story like that?! Honestly! // My own daughter, come back from the future to see me? / And she uses magic? // If she expects me to believe that, she really must be crazy!!)
Shigemoto: Oh? // It's not like you to almost be late to school, Naoki!
Naoki: Ah... well... you know... hahaha... // [aside]hahaha[/aside]
Student2: You're looking kinda pale there.
Naoki: R - Really?
Nanako: Are you all right, Ritsuka-kun...?
Naoki: ?

Nanako: If you're not feeling well, do you want to go to the infirmary? / I'm the class Health Representative, so I could take you if you like...
Naoki: N... No, I, ah... / I'm... I'm fine... really... yeah...
Nanako: Really? // Well, if you ever are feeling out of sorts, be sure to tell me, okay?
Naoki: R... Right. // (Ahh, my beloved Nanako-chan!♡ / Just being in the same class as you always keeps my spirits in tip-top shape!!)
Iroha: Hu~~~~h...

Iroha: So that's your first crush, huh, Papa?
Naoki: W... Well, yeah...♡ // Guaaaahhhhhhh!!
Teacher: A~~~~~nd now, everyone... // I would like to introduce Ritsuka Iroha-chan! She will be your new classmate starting today. // I hope you all make her feel welcome!
Iroha: It's nice to meet you all! I'm Ritsuka Iroha! // I look forward to getting to know everyone!

Students: She's pretty cute stuff, huh, Naoki?!!
Naoki: ......
Shigemoto: Ahh, this class really is the only place to be!!
Naoki: (Tch... What's that girl thinking, following me all the way here...?)
Teacher: Oh, and by the way... // I hear that Iroha-chan is Ritsuka-kun's cousin... / ...so Naoki-kun, make sure you help her out with anything she doesn't know, all right?
Naoki: Whaaa?!
Iroha: If you would... // Naoki-oniichan!♡
Naoki: (.........)
Shigemoto: N... / "Naoki-oniichan", huh...? // To think that you had a cousin as cute as this and you never even told me... / It seems this is as far as our friendship goes.
Naoki: H... Hold on a minute! It's not like that, Shige! This is a really complicated -
Shigemoto: As such, I will be taking this erotic photo collection I was borrowing from you as a token of our parting!!
Naoki: [aside]hold it![/aside] // Oh no, you don't!!

[Magazine: Moriyama Miruku Photo Collection / Superthick Mirukushake!]
Iroha: Iroharuha!!
Naoki: Guahh!
[Magazine: Panda Monthly]
Shigemoto: P... Panda?!
Naoki: The hot photos turned into pandas?!
Teacher: Shigemoto-kun!! Ritsuka-kun!! Are you bringing naughty pictures into school again?! // I'll be confiscating that~~!!
Girls: N - No, Sensei! Calm down!! // If you get too excited and run about like that, you'll fall over... // ...and everyone will see your panties again!!
Iroha: (Panties?!)

Teacher: Uwaaaahhhhh!!
Guys: All right! Here it comes!! // It's the first Clumsy-Teacher-Panty-Time of the term!!
Iroha: Iroharuha~~!!
Teacher: Owwwwwie... // !!
Guys: A... A panda!! // Where did that doll even appear from?! // Is this the PTA's doing?!
Iroha: (Whew... that sure was close...)
Nanako: Sensei!! Ritsuka-kun!! Are you all right?!

Naoki: S... Sure! I'm fine, just fine! / Neither of us are hurt or anything!
Nanako: Th... Thank goodness...!
Naoki/Nanako: [aside]ahahahaha // hahaha[/aside]
Iroha: ............
[Box: Lunch break]
Nanako: ...So what is it you want to talk about, Iroha-chan?
Iroha: ......... // ......Nanako-chan...
Nanako: ?

Iroha: I'm sorry about this... // ...but I'm going to have you and Papa become lovers!!
Nanako: Eh? Wh... what do you mean by that...? / You want me to go out with your father...?
Iroha: There's no point arguing!! // Paprika Pepurka... // Iroharu......
Naoki: WAIT~~~~~~!! // *pant* // *pant* // *pant*
Iroha: P... / Papa?
Naoki: I'm not your "Papa"!!

Naoki: I thought something was up when you called Nanako-chan out to talk with her alone, so I came to check on you, and what do I find?! / What exactly were you trying to do just now?!
Iroha: Eh...? // W... Well, I was just, ehm... I wasn't...
Naoki: Don't play dumb!! // That magazine before, and the panda doll as well... / You did all of that with your magic, right?!
Iroha: .........
Naoki: What exactly is it that you're after? / Why are you following me around like this?! // Answer me!!
Iroha: (.........) // It's for you... // It's all for you, Papa...

Naoki: Th... This is me in twenty years' time?! // [aside]that's one evil face...[/aside]
Iroha: Yes... // Ten years from now, you uncover the secrets of magic... / ...and use that power to build a gigantic empire with yourself as King...
Naoki: A... An Empire?!
Iroha: At first, you were a wonderful King, loved by the citizens of the Empire... // ...but one day, something seemed to change in you all of a sudden... // ...and you got married to five hundred women...
Naoki: F... Five hundred?!

Iroha: You became the laughing stock of the whole world... / They called you all sorts of things... The Twisted Tyrant of the Pervert Nation... Great King Stick-It-In...
Naoki: (G... "Great King Stick-It-In"...?!)
Iroha: As a result, even your own citizens turned against you, and your whole Empire collapsed in under a year...... // You fell into the hands of the enraged Anti-Imperialist mages... // ...and have been sentenced to public execution in a year's time...
Naoki: E... Executed?!
Iroha: According to an investigation performed by some of your more influential supporters... // ...the reason for your descent into those dark perverted ways may lie in this era...
Naoki: Eh?
Iroha: Unskilled at schoolwork and sports, unpopular with girls and unable to find a girlfriend... / ...spending all of your time at home playing computer games and reading erotic magazines. // The theory goes that the dark, pathetic days you spent as a good-for-nothing loser in your youth... / ...ultimately caused an explosive psychological recoil when you finally found yourself in power...
Naoki: (Wh... What am I...)
Iroha: But don't worry, Papa!!

Iroha: As long as I'm here, I won't let you go through those dark, hopeless days!! // I'll protect you from all kinds of perversion, make sure you have a bright and happy youth... / ...and save you from that nasty execution!!
Naoki: (I... I don't know whether I should be happy or miserable...)
Iroha: And that's why, Nanako-chan...
Nanako: ?
Iroha: You have to fall in love with Papa, and become a part of his happy and healthy youth!!
Naoki: Guaaahhhh!! // W - Wait a minute!! Iroha-chan!! // You can't just go deciding people's feelings -
Iroha: ?
Punks: Oi, oi... // What d'you think you're doing in our smoking spot, eh?
Naoki: (!! // I... It's those terrible punks from this morning!!)
Punks: Well, well, what's this pretty little picture, hm? // Must be tough being so popular with the ladies!

Naoki: I - It's not like that!! You've got it wrong! / I - I - I - I'm really not - // Unghhh!
Iroha/Nanako: !!
Naoki: Th... They've winded... me... / Can't... breathe...
Nanako: Ritsuka-kun!!
Punks: Know your place, you little shit!!
Iroha: H... How dare you do that to Papa!!

Iroha: !!
Punks: Heheh... Not so fast, little lady. // You may have got us with this nasty little stun gun this morning... // ...but we won't fall for the same trick twice. // Heheheheh...
Iroha: Ahh... // Nanako-chan!! // I'll take care of these two, so you take Papa down to the school infirmary!!
Nanako: Eh? B - But...
Iroha: With or without my magic... / ...I won't let them lay a finger on my Papa!! // After all... // ...I came all this way to save him!!

Iroha: Take this!! // Iroha PUNCH!!
Punks: Now then, shall we go have some fun? // I think it's time this girl paid us back for what she did this morning.
Iroha: Noooooo! Let go of meeee!! // Let go, let go, let gooooo!! // Waaahhhhhh!!
Nanako: R - Ritsuka-kun!! / Iroha-chan is... Iroha-chan is...!
Naoki: (......... // I... It's no good... How could I hope to save her...? / And besides, even if she is my daughter in the future... // ...as far as I'm concerned right now, she's nothign more than a stranger... // Following me around everywhere, messing around with my life... / Why should I owe her anything...?

Iroha: Heeeeeelp!! // Papaaaaaa!!
Naoki: Awww, dammit!! // Let go of her!!
Punks: Who the hell d'you think you are?!
Naoki: !! // I... // I'm...

Naoki: I am... // ...that girl's father!!
Iroha: (...P... // Papa!!)

Punks: What kind of crap are you spouting now?!! // Are you trying to screw with us, huh?!!
Naoki: Gaaahhhh!! // (Th... The pain!! I'm going to die... // I'm gonna be killed~~~~!!)
Iroha: Iroha Chop!!
Punks: Owww!
Iroha: There!
Punks: O - Oh, crap!!
Iroha: ...How dare you... // How dare you hurt my beloved Papa......

Punks: Aghhh... / R... Run for it!! // She's gonna fire that lightning thing again!!
Iroha: Papirka!! // Paprika Papurka... // Iroharuha~~~~~~~!!

Iroha: Come forth, Ifreet!!

Iroha: TAKE THEM DOWN~~~!!

Naoki: (As I watched the demon's flames consume the punks... // ...I realised something. // If I were ever to make this girl angry... / ...father or otherwise... // ...my life would probably be over right then and there......) // ...Honestly... // Summoning a great big monster like that out of the blue... / ...I thought you really were going to kill them!
Iroha: I'm sorry... I got a little carried away... // But it worked out in the end! / It looks like Nanako-chan doesn't remember a thing about what happened up on the roof now!
Naoki: Well, witnessing a scene like that would do funny things to anyone's mind...
Iroha: ...Still... I was really happy, you know.
Naoki: ?
Iroha: When I cried out "help" in desperation... / ...you actually came to save me! // That made me so happy...

Iroha: Even if you are still just a kid... // ...you really are the one and only Papa I know and love!♡
Naoki: (...S... // So cute...... // !! // N... No, wait... wait a moment... / This girl is my daughter twenty years from now... I'm her father... // N... Not good!! There's a serious logical issue with these feelings...)
Shigemoto: He~~~~y!

Shigemoto: Wait up already, Nao~~~~!!
Naoki: !! // Wh - wh - what is it now? You want something, Shigemoto?
Shigemoto: Ah, sorry, sorry. I didn't get a chance to give this back to you at school...
Naoki: ?
[Magazine: Moriyama Miruku Photo Collection // Superthick Mirukushake!]
Shigemoto: It's the weirdest thing... when I looked at it again, it was back to normal! // [aside]ahahahah![/aside] // Man, it was a surprise when it turned into that panda thing, huh~?
Iroha: ...P... // ...Papa, you... // ...GREAT KING STICK-IT-IN~~~~~!!
Naoki: Waaaaghh! Calm down!! Iroha-chan, calm down~~!!
Iroha: IROHARUHA~~~~~~~!!
[Box: Will Naoki's future really change for the better?! / 365 days remain until Future Naoki's public execution...]
[Side text: To save her father from execution, a weird and wonderful father-daughter battle begins! See you next issue with colour pages!]
[Bottom text: To be continued in the November issue (on sale 23rd October)]

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#1. by Doragon ()
Posted on Oct 13, 2009
#2. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Oct 13, 2009
...Nice comment you have there XD
#3. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Oct 13, 2009
Thanks for taking the time to TL Mahou no Iroha, despite the fact that you TL so many other series. I hope I can expect you to continue to TL this series. ^_^
#4. by Kioras ()
Posted on Oct 13, 2009
I'll go ahead and grab a HQ raw for anyone who's interested since there is so much interest in it than.
#5. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Oct 13, 2009
Thankyou cnet!
#6. by magicbulletgirl ()
Posted on Oct 13, 2009
Thanks! I've had the raws ready for a translation since last week *is a big Kazurou Inoue fan*
#7. by mr_ark ()
Posted on Oct 13, 2009
So, which group will do the scanlation?
#8. by Galooza ()
Posted on Oct 13, 2009
Thanks, cnet. I was asking our TL for like the last week if he wanted to do with no answer, but this solves that issue :D
#9. by eyesotope ()
Posted on Oct 13, 2009
thanks a lot for translating this ^_^
#10. by big_red01027 ()
Posted on Oct 13, 2009
"Great King Stick-it-in" LMAO!

Yeah, I'm gonna read this once it's scanlated. Thanks, cnet. :D
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