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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Fairy Tail 157

From Pegasus to Fairies

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 27, 2009 03:48 | Go to Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail
[Insert text: Fairy Tail Trivia! Cats are faster than ducks?!]
[Label: He should just fly...]

Wendy: Gérard!!
Charle: Erza's with him, too!
Erza: Wendy!
[Insert text: The forbidden Nirvana under the control of the Six!!]
Erza: So you're all right... / [aside]thank goodness.[/aside]
Gérard: Who are you...?
Wendy: ?!
[Insert text: Can this final countdown to a world of darkness not be stopped?!]
Wendy: (He really doesn't remember...)
Erza: Gérard's memories have been damaged somewhat... / It seems he doesn't remember either of us right now.
Gérard: Did I... / ...know you?
Wendy: Huh?
[Chapter 157: From Pegasus to Fairies]

Wendy: (His memories...?! // I see... that's why...)
Charle: I should hope you haven't forgotten how to stop Nirvana on top of everything!!!
Gérard: The Self-Destruct Array will be no use at this point... // I don't know what else to do. // I'm sorry.
Wendy: No way...
Charle: Then what is going to happen to our Guild?!!!! // It's right there... right in front of us!!!!
Erza: What's this...?

CaitShelter: Master~! // Aahhh~! // It's all over... // Aahhhh...
Rorbaul: Why do you clamour so?

Rorbaul: This is our fate. // The reckoning for our nabura heavy sins.
Zero: Righteousness... Perish before me!!!!
Erza: They're not... firing Nirvana?!!
Wendy: STOOOOOOP!!!!

[no text just oh dear]

Zero: What?!
CaitShelter: It missed?!!

Wendy: Aahh!
Erza: Ngh...
Gérard: What on...
Ichiya: Mehhhhhn!

Zero: Nirvana's leg was...?!! // What happened?!!
Erza: That's... // The Magical Bomber Airship... // ...Christina!!!!

Hibiki: Can you here me?! Anyone...?! // If you're safe, then please respond!!!!
Erza: Hibiki?
Wendy: Ahhh...!
Hibiki: Erza-san? // And Wendy-chan! You're both safe!
Ichiya: I am just about safe as well...
Hibiki: Senpai!! Thank goodness!!
Erza: What's going on here? Surely the Christina was taken down...
Hibiki: Leon-kun created a makeshift replacement for the broken wings with his magic... // ...and we got it airborne through the combined power of Cherie-san's doll magic and Ren's air magic.

Cherie: I have never... manipulated anything this large before...
Ren: Th... This isn't heavy or anything...
Hibiki: The attack just now was thanks to Eve's snow magic.
Charle: All of you...
Eve: I combined my own magic with the Christina's own heavy magical ammunition... / But even so... I couldn't even destroy a single leg... // And after... that blast... / I'm out... of power...
Wendy: Thank you, everyone...
Hibiki: Well, that's the deal. I'm afraid we're pretty much all spent. We can't do any more attacking like this.

Wendy: The Christina...!!!
Charle: It's falling!!!
Cherie: I... I'm sorry... I just... / ...can't...
Ren: Cherie!!! // You really do... // ...push yourself too hard...
Hibiki: Don't worry about us!!!! Just listen to this, all of you!!!! // It took a while, but I finally managed to find the information we need in my Archive!!!!

Hibiki: The way to stop Nirvana!!!!
Erza: Really?!
Hibiki: As you've seen, Nirvana has six leg-like structures, right? // Well, those legs... are actually valves drawing magic up from the earth. // The Lachryma crystals responsible for controlling the absorption process are positioned around the top of each of the six legs.

Hibiki: If you can destroy all six of those crystals at the same time, all of Nirvana's functions will be halted. // You can't destroy them one at a time!!! If you do, the other crystals will just repair the damaged area!
Erza: All of them at once?! But how?!
Hibiki: I'd like to lend a hand with the timing... but I don't think this telepathy is going to hold out much longer // Nghh!!
People: Hibiki-san!! // Hibiki!!!
Hibiki: I've uploaded an exact time into each of your heads. // I know that you can do this!! I believe in you!
Wendy: Twenty minutes?!
Hibiki: That's the moment before Nirvana will finish charging for a second shot.
Zero: How utterly futile...

Gérard: !!!
Leon: Who's that?!!
Erza: This voice...
Wendy: It's that Brain man!!!
Hibiki: Is he jacking into my telepathy?!!
Zero: My name is Zero. // I am the Master of the Oración Seis.
Ren: Master of the Oración Seis?!
Zero: First, allow me to grant you my compliments. // I never dreamed that there would be another in the world who could use "Archive", the same magic as Brain...
Hibiki: (I see... so that's how he found out about Nirvana's location...)
Zero: Now hear me!! Mages of the Light!!! / I will hereby proceed to destroy everything!!!!

Zero: I have begun by destroying three of your comrades. // The Dragon Slayer, the ice-construction mage... / ...the Stellar Spirit mage... oh, and her cat as well.
Hibiki: Natsu-kun and the others...?!
Erza: ......
Wendy: You're lying!!!
Zero: Now, you spoke of destroying all of the Lachryma at once, yes? // Well, I myself stand at this moment before one of those Lachryma crystals! // Wahahahahah!!!! As long as I am here, you have no hope of destroying them all at once!!!!

Hibiki: He dropped the mental connection... // *pant* / *pant* // The chances of finding Zero at your destination are one in six... and we should probably assume that only Erza stands a chance at beating him.
Charle: Wait!!! // We don't have... six mages...! // We don't have the six mages we need to destroy all six Lachryma!!!!
Wendy: I... I... can't use destructive magic... I'm sorry...
Erza: ?!! // We have two candidates here. // Are there no other mages who are able to move?!!
Ichiya: You have me, do you not...? / [aside]even if I am tied up...[/aside]
Hibiki: Ichiya-san!!! // That makes three!!!

Hibiki: This isn't good... My magic is almost... gone completely... I can't... hold the connection...
Erza: We need three more!!! Somebody, respond! Quickly!!
Leon: Gray... // Get up already......... // You're a proud apprentice of Ur, aren't you...? // You can't lose to these scum...
Cherie: Lucy... I honestly can't stand you... // Acting so full of yourself just because you're a little cute... // You're stupid, and clumsy, and weak, and yet......

Cherie: Yet you always... // ...always put your all into everything......... // How can I hate you if you die...? // That would leave a terrible aftertaste... so respond, why don't you...?!
Wendy: Natsu-san......
Charle: Tomcat......
Erza: Natsu...
Hibiki: Natsu-kun... // Can you hear... // ...our voices...?

Natsu: SURE WE CAN!!!!
[Insert text: It got through!! // Their will! Their emotions!! The hope of the Light!!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, there's a main chapter and a bonus chapter as well!! To be continued in Chapter 158: "Door of Memory"]

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