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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Fairy Tail 158

Door of Memories (+ Special: Day of the Fateful Encounter)

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 3, 2009 17:46 | Go to Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail
★This week, two chapters for the price of one!★
[Insert text: Mystery alert!! Is this witch not in the best of moods?!]

Chapter 158: Door of Memories
[Side text: These unflinching hearts... // ...bring new hope!!]
Natsu: We can hear you...
Gray: Destroy all six Lachryma...... // ...at the same... time...

Lucy: And the lucky one gets to punch that Zero guy's face in too... // ...right?
Happy: Eighteen minutes left... // We've got to hurry... We have to protect Charle and Wendy's Guild!

Hibiki: Th... This connection won't last... much longer... / I've transmitted a map into all of your heads......... // Each... of the Lachryma... is marked with a number......... / Before the connection breaks... each of you decide... on a number...
Natsu: Number one!!!!

Gray: Two.
Lucy: I'll take number three!! / ...please don't let Zero be there...
Ichiya: I shall handle number four!!! // The perfume tells me that it is the closest to my location!
Erza: I think you mean the map.
Ichiya: Was there really a need to be so blunt...?
Erza: I'll handle number five.
Natsu: Erza?!! // You're all right now?!
Erza: Yes... // Thanks to a certain someone.
Gérard: Then I'll - // ?!
Erza: You'll take number six.
Natsu: There's someone else there? // Who was that just now?!

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings (1): I've got no time for gaming! I have so many games that I've bought and still have yet to even open... But I will play Winning Eleven 2010.]
Erza: Natsu doesn't know about your situation yet. / He still considers you an enemy. / You should keep quiet.
Natsu: Hey!!!
Gray: ...We lost the connection...
Lucy: Hibiki really was at his limit...
Happy: At any rate, it looks like we have six people! // Let's go!! / Whoever runs into Zero will have to take him out!! Everyone has their own stations to attend to, so you can't expect backup!!

Ichiya: Nghhh... // Mehhn... / Mehhn...! // Mehhhhhhn! // Number four!!! I must reach number four!!!! / Everybody is counting on me!!!! // I cannot betray their expectations!!!!
[SFX: (lots of panting)]
Ichiya: I'm not... out of breath... at all... // I am still young!!!
[Box: Lachryma No. 1]

Zero: So you still live? // What business have you here? // Brat. // Hm?

Natsu: Let's see who it's gonna be that's destroyed in the end... // Me, or you!
Erza: I heavily suspect Zero is at Lachryma number one.
Gérard: ?!!
Wendy: That's where Natsu-san went!!!
Erza: He has an extremely good nose. / I don't doubt he chose number one precisely because that was Zero's location.

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings (2): Bobby-kun, a scary guy on my staff, had his birthday recently, so I gave him a moe-game.]
Wendy: Then we should go and back him up!! If we all fight together -
Erza: Don't underestimate Natsu. // We can trust him to handle this.
Gérard: Na... // ...tsu...
Erza: Now, let's head for our own designated stations!! / Number five for me. Gérard, you're number six.

Erza: Gérard?
Gérard: No... // It's... nothing... // Natsu... // Dragneel.........

[no text just attack]

[no text just more attack]

Zero: Hm. // Your movements are more impressive than before.
Natsu: !!
Zero: Dark Capriccio!!!!
Natsu: Ngh...!

Zero: Don't make the mistake of thinking my magic is the same as Brain's.
Natsu: Guahhh!
Zero: Hahah.

Natsu: Nghahh! // Waghh!
Zero: Ahahahahahah!!!! // Which of us will be destroyed, you ask?!! // I should think that is all too obvious!!!!
Natsu: Karyuu no...

Natsu: TEKKEN!!!!
[TN: Fire Dragon Fist]
Natsu: Nghhhhh... // ...HAAAAAAAA... // ...AAAAHHHHHHHHHH...!!

Natsu: *pant* / *pant* // *pant* / *pant*
Zero: Stopping a magic designed for penetration head-on... // Very interesting... // !!
Natsu: !!!

Natsu: Guahhh!
Zero: Who's there?!

Natsu: Géra...rd...
Zero: You... // So your memories have returned...?
[Insert text: Evil reborn?! These resounding footsteps... herald the arrival of the world of darkness!!]
[Bottom text: Next week, Fairy Tail takes the cover, colour pages, and there's a special anime article!! To be continued in Chapter 159: Flames of Rebuke]

Fairy Tail -Special-
~Day of the Fateful Encounter~
[Insert text: Fairy Girl Lucy, 17!! // Always ready to find love!♡]
[Insert text bottom: Celebrating the first appearance of Hirano Aya-san, who plays Lucy in the anime, in Shonen Magazine! A special chapter starring Lucy herself!!]

[Side text: She may have the looks(?), but she doesn't have the men!! Day in, day out, Lucy's charms are going to waste!♡]
Kana: Ahhhh... // I sure could do with a boyfriend...
Lucy: What's this all of a sudden?
Kana: I need a man!! I havne't had one for a while, and I'm getting those cravings for some male flesh... // ...Why the bright-red face?
Lucy: I - I wasn't -
Kana: Ohhh~~~? // How many guys have you gone out with, exactly?
Lucy: Th... Three or so...?
Kana: You're ly~~~ing~~~!!

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings (3): It's fun drawing Lucy side-stories... I'd like to do one again sometime~!!]
Lucy: .........
Kana: Haven't you ever felt like you want a boyfriend?
Lucy: Well... I guess I have, but... // To be honest... I don't really know.
Kana: Awwwww, that's so damn cute~~!!! Hey, listen, everyone~~~!! Lucy's gone seventeen years without a single boyfriend~~~~!!!
Lucy: Gahhh! Stop that~~!
Kana: Don't you worry.
Lucy: Eh?
Kana: My cards don't lie. // They're telling me today is the day you have a fateful encounter.
Lucy: Ehhhh?!!

Lucy: (Fateful encounter? Oh, come on~~! // What's that supposed to mean? // It's not like a hand's going to happen to reach out... // ...and take the same book I'm holding or -) // !!! // Eh?
Guy: Ah...

[Side text: Recently, when I'm writing lines for my characters, I find myself hearing the voices from the anime.]
Lucy: Y... You go ahead...
Guy: N... No... You can take it.
Lucy: But... // (Whaaaaaa?!!!) // I - I'm fine! Just fine!!! Take it!!!
Guy: Ah - wait......!
Lucy: (That was a shock~~~~~!!!! // You're not telling me that random guy I wouldn't know from Adam was my "fateful encounter", right...?!!)
Guy: Wait a moment, please...!

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings (5): I've always liked my coffee black, but recently I've developed a taste for more sweet varieties as well.]
Guy: Are you... a local of this town?
Lucy: Yes...?
Guy: Then if it wouldn't be too much trouble... could you show me around?
Lucy: Wh... Why should I do that?!!!
Guy: I'm travelling from place to place and writing a novel, you see.
Lucy: (A novel...)
Guy: I use all the different things I find in the towns that I visit as inspiration for my writing.
Lucy: Now, that I can understand. A variety of experiences can really get the ideas flowing onto the page.
Guy: You wouldn't happen to be writing a book as well...?
Lucy: N - Not really... well... a little...
Guy: Look... I'll give you that book from before, no charge. / So how about it? Show me around, just for today.

Lucy: Oh, all right then... // I'll give you a tour as a fellow novelist.
Guy: Oh, I don't know about "novelist"... // I still have a long way to go...
Lucy: Well, same goes for me!
Guy: [aside]ahahah[/aside]

Natsu: What's up with that creepy face?
Happy: Scary...
Lucy: At what point was my face at all "scary"?!!!!
Natsu: Anyway, we're heading out for a job!!
Happy: We have to get to the client's place by tomorrow morning, so we're catching the night train!
Lucy: Right now~? I can't do that!!!
Natsu: The heck? Aren't you always going on about how you need more money?
Lucy: But I can't do this today!!! // After all...
Guy: Why don't you meet me for dinner tonight at nine? // I'd like to talk with you a little more.
Lucy: ...I have a prior appointment!
Natsu: I see...
Happy: Aye~~~
Lucy: Hey... you don't have to get all depressed like that...!

Mirajane: ...The two of them have been looking forward to going on this job with you all day, you know.
Lucy: Wha~t? You're kidding...!
Mirajane: They were probably trying to surprise you... // They were saying this time was special, because it's your birthday today.
Lucy: Today... isn't my birthday, though...
Mirajane: Oh, dear...
Lucy: Ah... It's almost nine...
[Box: Magnolia Station]
Happy: So... Lucy didn't show up, huh...?
Natsu: Mm......
Lucy: Did someone mention my name?

Lucy: Sorry I'm late!!
Natsu: Lucy?!!! // I thought you had something else you had to......
Lucy: Oh, forget about that!! Today is special, right? / ...Even if it isn't my birthday...
Natsu: Sure it is! // It's exactly one year today since you joined Fairy Tail, right?
Lucy: (Of course... // My fateful encounter was today after all......... // This exact same day... one year ago!)
Happy: Lucy... are you crying?
Lucy: I am not!
Natsu: Bleghh...
[Insert text: Destiny can sometimes turn out to be a lot closer than you think...]
Kana: Don't worry, you can talk to me instead~!♡
Guy: (Whoa!! Totally my type!♡)
[Insert text: ★The End★]

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#1. by Sarvorva ()
Posted on Nov 3, 2009
#2. by Farfalla (SPACE FOR RENT)
Posted on Nov 3, 2009
cnet-sama, wasn't "DragOneel" Natsu's surname?
#3. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Nov 4, 2009
A quick search seems to suggest that Natsu's surname hasn't actually come up before in my translations (impressive, considering I've been translating for about two-thirds of the series >_<). However, I don't know where you're getting "Dragoneel" from. From what I can see, the division in the fan community seems to be between "Dragneel" and "Dragonil".

As a matter of fact, if I was coming up with my own romanisation purely based on the katakana, it would probably be the fourth option of "Dragnil". The katakana read "doraguniru" - if it was "Dragonil", I'd expect "doragoniru", and for "Dragneel" I'd expect "doraguniiru". But nobody uses "Dragnil", so I'm not going to make this more complicated XD

Dragneel is the spelling I'm most familiar with (and although I don't make a habit of sticking to the official spellings, for what it's worth, it's also the official spelling), so that's what I'm going to go with.
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