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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 264


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 6, 2009 03:09 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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[Box: Europe - The Vindice Jail]
[Katekyo Hitman Reborn!]
[Target 264: Eve]
[Insert text: Guardians of the laws of the Mafia world... the Vindice!! A messenger of the Millefiore arrives at the jail where the final member of the Real Six Wreaths is held captive...!!]

Iris: By the order of Byakuran-sama... // ...I am here to collect a prisoner!! // (These are the guards who are said to judge even demons... // ...the Vindice!! // ...Monsters!)
Iris: ...! // Complete? // What do you mean, the exchange is complete?!
Iris: You've released him already?! // Don't be ridiculous!! We only just arrived!!
ThatOneGuy: The man you released... was it the sixth member of the Real Six Funeral Wreaths... // ...the man known as Ghost?!!

Iris: Ahhh!!
ThatOneGuy: But that's... that Vongola...!!
Iris: W... We've been had!! // You must have been tricked by the Vongola illusionist!! // He must have posed as us!!
Fran: A-CHOO!!! / Hm...? Was someone talking about me?
MM: Oh, for the love of... Fran!! Could you keep your bodily fluids to yourself?!! // This coat cost me a lot of money, you know!!

MM: I can't afford to replace this kind of high-quality item on my lousy Varia salary!!
Fran: Then how about not wearing it to work~~?
MM: Don't be silly... I have to look my best! // This will be my first time seeing him since the Kokuyou battle!♡ // I'm sure a little kid like you wouldn't understand...
Fran: Bah... // Wherever I go, people just treat me like a kid...
MM: Ahhhh~~!! // I thought I told you not to leave my bag upside down! // I'm not "WW", you know! // My name is "MM"!!
Fran: Why do I have to put up with nothing but complaints...? // It's me who managed to get Master out of that jail, remember...?

Ken: Kyahohoh~~!! // Ahaaah~! // We totally did it~~~!!
Fran: And then there's this excitable beast...
MM: So... how does his condition look?
Ken: Hmm~?
Chikusa: For an ordinary human...... // After spending ten solid years floating motionless in a tank... // ...quite some time would be required to regain ordinary motor functions and the like...

Ken: But he's told us to fly him over to Japan right away. // To defeat the Vongola.
Chikusa: That is not our objective... Ken...
Fran: As ever, your intelligence seems to be around the level of a dog's, Ken-niisan. // We are not going to defeat the Vongola... // ...we are going to protect a girl names Uni.
[Box: 10 km from the Vindice Jail]
[Box: Japan]
Ryouhei: I...!!! I am absolutely fine to the extreme!!! // THIS DOES NOT HURT AT ALL!!!
Kyouko: Do you have to push yourself so much...?

Tsuna: ......Still, I never expected... / ...to end up coming back to the forest where I first arrived here in the future...
Reborn: Well, there wasn't much choice, right? Since the estate agent's was burned to the ground.
Tsuna: How are we going to explain that to old man Kawahira...?
Reborn: "It was burned to the ground".
Tsuna: That's not exactly...!!
Fuuta: At any rate, thanks to all the explosions during the battles with the Millefiore, the town in general is in quite a state, so we can't exactly go back there.
Tsuna: Do you think the townspeople are okay? I'm kind of worried about the Vongola base being discovered by the police, as well...
Fuuta: Giannini was saying that there are plenty of precautions in place to deal with all that, so there's nothing to worry about.
Tsuna: I hope Yamamoto, Hibari and the others make it over here soon, as well...

Gamma: ...You look like you're thinking about saying something.
Gokudera: ...I never thought you'd still be alive.
Gamma: I'm rather impressed myself that you survived.
Tazaru: Still, why is this place so packed full of kids? // Everywhere I look, it's just kids, kids, kids!! / I can hardly believe these are the guys who are giving the Millefiore all this trouble... // Oh, and it's a pleasure to be able to meet you again. // Mr. Traitor Captain of the Melone Base.
Irie: Wha - ?! // Surely all of you are betraying the Millefiore as well!! // I'll have you know I never expected to find myself working with you barbarians again either!!
Nosaru: The hell was that?!! // You pickin' a fight with my bro?!
Irie: Y... You wish... // ...to resort to violence......?
Uni: Enough, Nosaru!!

Uni: Get along nicely, all of you!
Nosaru: Princess!! // We're getting along just fine! // See?! We're all best friends, yeah?!
Uni: I must apologise, Irie-san.
Irie: Oh, no...! // I... I went too far myself!
Uni: Here you go, Lal-san... have some water.
Lal: ...Thank you. // ......... // You really do look just like her... // Your grandmother... Luce......

Reborn: I know, right?
Uni: Uncle Reborn told me the same thing.
Tsuna: So you know Uni's grandmother as well, Lal...?
Lal: Uni... do you... // ...know about what happened at the birth of the Arcobaleno?
Tsuna: !!
Uni: ...Yes... // I have inherited it in my memory fragments...
Tsuna: ("Inherited"...?)
Lal: Luce possessed... a strange ability to perceive what was to come. // Do you have it too?
Gamma: !
Tsuna: T... // To see the future...?!
Uni: I had that ability, once... // But recently, it has become weak.

Gamma: (!! ...I see... // That explains why she didn't see Torikabuto's attack coming...)
Uni: But the same thing goes for Byakuran.
Lal: !
Irie: !
Uni: He, too, is feeling his ability fading in power.
Irie: Byakuran-san's ability?! // His ability to observe parallel worlds?
Uni: Indeed. // At the present stage, he should only be able to obtain a single piece of information at a time, and that at the cost of a great deal of bodily stress...
Reborn: It has to be Byakuran's ability that allowed them to find the Kawahira Estate Agency.
Uni: If so, then he should not be able to use it again for a while.
Tsuna: ...But why would both of you become unable to do what you could do before?
Uni: I suspect...

Uni: ...it is a case of our power running dry... // Our conditions declining.
Tsuna: Wha...?!! // Your conditions...?!!
Haru: But Uni-chan, you look just fine, surely!
Uni: From the moment a person is born into the world, he or she proceeds inevitably along the path to death...... // It comes to everyone sooner or later; that is a law of nature.
Lal: ...True... and the Sky Arcobaleno has always been short-lived...
Tsuna: Eh?!
Reborn/Gamma: !

Gamma: ! // (Don't tell me... Princess, you...)
Uni: This is also the root of the reason why Byakuran is searching for me so desperately.
Tsuna: !
Uni: He wants to draw out the true power of the Trinisette and make it his own without a moment's delay. // That is why he is becoming extremely impatient.
Byakuran: Hm?

Byakuran: Mukuro-kun beat us to the mark... // ...and escaped from the Vindice jail instead? // Hmm... // It looks like we've been played for fools by a Vongola illusionist... // Hahahaha... / I never knew Mukuro-kun had an ally of that nature on his side...... // Ah, well. No matter. // Just as long as you do what I asked you to in the first place, I won't complain. // I'll organise things with the Vindice one more time... // So get Ghost out of there without a moment's delay!

Uni: I cannot imagine what Byakuran might do in his current state... // He will do anything and everything in his power to obtain me again.
Tsuna: Th... // That's terrible...!!
Irie: I never knew...... // So that's why he was getting impatient......
Reborn: But how do you know that it's not just your own power that's weakening, but Byakuran's as well?
Uni: I just know. // It's difficult to explain...... // But he and I are alike... // Ah... // Though in a way, he and Sawada-san are also very alike.
Tsuna: Wha?!! // I'm similar to Byakuran~~?!

Uni: And also... // There is something of which I need to inform you all.
Tsuna: ?
Uni: I will no longer run.
Tsuna: Eh?!
Reborn: !!
Gamma: !!
Tsuna: Th... That's no good... you can't give up!! // Not when we've managed to come this far!!
Uni: It is not a case of giving up.
Tsuna: Eh?!
Uni: There is one thing that I have known for a very long time...... // Namely, that this would be the place where the final battle with Byakuran takes place... // Tomorrow...

Uni: The battle that comes with the dawn will bring an end to everything.
[Insert text: This tale of Tsuna and his companions in a future world has finally reached... the ultimate showdown!!!]

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