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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

xxxHOLiC 195

Chapter 195

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 14, 2010 22:41 | Go to xxxHOLiC

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xxxHOLiC Rou
Chapter 195
[Side text: A simple, innocent phrase. Yet that phrase is more than enough to invite an unexpected guest. Watanuki's words bring into the shop a woman he knows all too well.]
Watanuki: ...The Jorougumo... // Well, well... / I see. // So that's what the "you may enter" was about.
Rabbit: I hope you'll forgive me... I just can't say no to a lovely lady.

Jorougumo: And if you will insist on keeping a nasty little barrier all around this shop... / ...well.
Watanuki: That's just to make sure nobody comes into the shop... / ...and steals or destroys things from within without paying the proper price. // Like a certain someone I could mention.
Jorougumo: Dear me. / How naughty of them.

Watanuki: And those are the words of the woman who ate my right eye?
Jorougumo: Delicious it was, too.
Watanuki: If you're looking to take the left as well, I'll have to ask you to leave.
Jorougumo: I won't pretend I'm not tempted... // But today I have other business. // As a customer.

[SFX: plump]
Jorougumo: My... / how plain. // Are you trying to tell me I am not welcome?
Watanuki: Not at all.
[SFX: slide]
Watanuki: As a matter of fact, I prepared this room especially for you. // Those cushions contain stitchings of kudakitsune fur. // And also...

Watanuki: All the lamps around you... / ...are lit with foxfire. // I seem to remember you didn't get along too well with the kudakitsune.
Jorougumo: In a tiny space like this, you'll be engulfed in the flames along with me.
Watanuki: Oh, I don't think the kudakitsune's flames will harm me.
Jorougumo: You're certainly not as cute as you used to be.
[SFX: tip]

Jorougumo: Delicious.
Watanuki: It's a botrytised wine. / A favourite of yours, I believe?
Jorougumo: I'm surprised you know.
[SFX: tip]
Watanuki: Well, I have my own sources of information. // I am, after all, the owner of this shop.
[SFX: place]
Jorougumo: Which is why I would like to make a request of you.

Watanuki: Let's hear it.
Jorougumo: There's something I'd like you to find for me.
Watanuki: Something I have here in the shop?
Jorougumo: No... you won't find it here.
Watanuki: Well, as I'm sure you know... / ...I am unable to leave this shop's grounds.
Jorougumo: True enough. / But that won't be enough to stop you, now, will it? // Not these days.

Watanuki: It would appear that you, too, have your own sources of information.
Jorougumo: So will you do it?
Watanuki: If you are prepared to pay the price.
Jorougumo: Well, then...

Jorougumo: Consider that a deposit.

Watanuki: I think you'll find... / ...that wine belonged to me in the first place.
Jorougumo: You really aren't very cute these days.
Doumeki: The Jorougumo?
Watanuki: That's right.
Doumeki: And that's why you've got that guy out?
[SFX: rub-rub]

Watanuki: Precisely. / He's in the most terrible of moods.
Mokona: Well, Mugetsu does hate that nasty old Jorougumo! // Ever since she bullied his belowed Watanuki.
[SFX: nod nod]
Watanuki: But everything went all right this time. / Thanks to Mugetsu, of course.

Watanuki: Hey... / That tickles...!
[SFX: kiss kiss kiss]
Doumeki: So... / What did she want?
Watanuki: She wants me to find something for her.
Doumeki: And you accepted?
Watanuki: That is my job. // Now, then...
[SFX: slip]

Watanuki: Put your dishes in the dishwasher when you're done.
Mokona: What about the drink and snacks~?
Watanuki: I've prepared some snacks in the kitchen. // And you can get some shochu from the storeroom.
Mokona: Potato shochu? / Barley shochu?
[SFX: bounce]
Watanuki: I would suggest potato. / [aside]to go with the satsuma-age.[/aside]
Mokona: Yahoo~~~~~~!

Doumeki: You're not hanging around for supper?
Watanuki: Later, I think.
Mokona: [aside]whew~[/aside]
Doumeki: Feeling tired again?
Watanuki: That's not it.

Watanuki: Maru~! / Moro~! // I could use some help!
Maru/Moro: Coming~!
[SFX: patter patter patter]
Maru/Moro: What do you want us to do~?
Watanuki: Could you prepare a basin for me?
Maru/Moro: 'Ka~~y!
Watanuki: Better to get this job done sooner than later. // And the phase of the moon tonight is just right.

Doumeki: What is it you're looking for?
Watanuki: A Crimson... / ...Pearl.
[Side text: No matter who the customer, he will take on their request. Devoted to his work, Watanuki continues to mature.]
[Bottom text: To be continued next issue - see you in Young Magazine Issue 7, on sale Monday 18th January!]

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