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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

xxxHOLiC 199

Chapter 199

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 11, 2010 11:11 | Go to xxxHOLiC

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xxxHOLiC Rou
Chapter 199
[Side text: Himawari understands the situation, but cannot keep her feelings suppressed. Though she cannot see Watanuki directly, her feelings for him are overflowing.]
Watanuki: ...That's right. / I'm sorry.
Himawari: There's nothing for you to apologise about. / I know you're only ever thinking of what's best for me. // I understand that...
Watanuki: Even so... // ...I'm sorry.

Himawari: Still... / On the first of April, at least, I'll be there for sure. / I'll come to the shop. // We'll all celebrate your birthday together. // That, I can promise you.
Watanuki: ...Okay. // ...Himawari-chan...
Himawari: Yes~?
Watanuki: Thank you.

Himawari: ...I love you. / Watanuki-kun.
Watanuki: Me too. / I love you, Himawari-chan.
[BubbleSFX: click]

Doumeki: Was that Kunogi?
Watanuki: Yeah. // Come round the day after tomorrow, okay? / I need you to take something to Himawari-chan for me.
Doumeki: Sure.
Watanuki: Have you eaten?
Doumeki: Nope. / The stuff you asked me to bring is in the kitchen.

Watanuki: ...I see you're unashamedly expecting to eat here as usual.
[SFX: bob // bob]
Watanuki: Maru, Moro... come and help with the food, would you~?
Maru/Moro: Ri~~~ght!
[SFX: patter / patter / patter // hop]
Mokona: Doumeki... / Have you been seeing Himawari?
Doumeki: Yeah. / She always wants to hear about Watanuki.

Doumeki: Kunogi made a promise that she would only enter this shop once a year, after all.
Mokona: With Watanuki... / ...huh... // All kinds of customers come to this shop. / With all kinds of wishes. // And the items in the storeroom aren't all nice, pleasant things either. // This place... / ...isn't good for Himawari. // It just isn't.

Doumeki: ...I see.
Mokona: I think when Yuuko was the owner, she made the same decision. // After she granted you and Himawari's wishes here in the shop... / ...the only time she invited Himawari back here was for Watanuki's birthday.
Doumeki: Is that right?
Mokona: Though of course, it took about a year after he became the owner... / ...for Watanuki to realise it himself. // His powers increased quite a lot in the space of that one year...

Doumeki: He told Kunogi at his birthday gathering, didn't he. / That she shouldn't come here any more.
Mokona: Watanuki can't leave this place. / And yet...
[SFX: nod]
Mokona: ...meeting Himawari through dreams would only have a negative influence on her nature... // I think he probably told her she shouldn't come to the shop any more at all...
Doumeki: ...But Kunogi wouldn't accept that. // That's why they discussed it, and came to the agreement... // ...that they would see one another here just once a year, on Watanuki's birthday.

Mokona: That's right. // Were you with them when they decided, Doumeki?
Doumeki: Kunogi told me about it afterwards. // She told me that since she would only be able to see him once a year... / ...she wanted me to keep her up to date about him the rest of the time.
Mokona: I see...
Doumeki: Kunogi really cares about him.
Mokona: So does Watanuki. // He's working really hard, using all the techniques he's learned... / ...to try and make the shop even a little more accommodating for her.

Mokona: In preparation for the first of April.
Doumeki: ...Yeah. / I'm sure Kunogi understands completely. // That's why she decided to value Watanuki's decision, just like him.

Mokona: ...And you, Doumeki?
Doumeki: ...... // ...I just have... / ...to make my own choice.

[SFX: clink]

Woman: The person from yesterday...
Watanuki: Ah... / Those injuries...
Woman: Yes... / He does always hit with all his strength... / It only makes his injuries worse...
Watanuki: I'm talking about you. // Does it not hurt?
Woman: Yes, it does.
Watanuki: Then why do you...

Woman: My getting injured doesn't change anything.
Watanuki: What?
Woman: I told him that, as well... / ...but he just won't stop... // But enough about my injuries. // It would seem that it really was no good, in the end. // Was it not him that you wanted to see?
Watanuki: No, / I... // ...... // I'm looking for a Crimson Pearl.

Woman: Did the Jorougumo-san send you here?
Watanuki: You know her?
Woman: Well, I did promise her. // That when the next Crimson Pearl is made... / ...she could have it.
Watanuki: When it's made...?

Woman: You came at the perfect time. / ...You see?
[SFX: clatter clatter]
Watanuki: ?!
[SFX: Watanuki, unable to comprehend the situation. Is he about to find the Pearl he seeks?! Next issue, colour pages to celebrate the 200th chapter!!]

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#1. by Draco1988 ()
Posted on Feb 11, 2010
Just something I don't know, is saying "daisuki" in Japanese is equivalent to say "I love you" in English, especially between friends? Or is it more special?
#2. by AstroNerdBoy ()
Posted on Feb 14, 2010
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