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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

xxxHOLiC 204

Chapter 204

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 25, 2010 19:33 | Go to xxxHOLiC

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xxxHOLiC Rou
Chapter 204
[Side text: Today is the birthday of a precious friend... This ring is filled with Watanuki's consideration for Doumeki.]
Doumeki: What's this?
Watanuki: Exactly what it looks like.
Doumeki: A ring...
Watanuki: Hold out your hand.

Doumeki: Kinda small.
[SFX: squeeze]
Watanuki: Oh, you're so dead. // Strictly speaking, it's a thimble, not a ring.
Doumeki: You want me to take up sewing?
Watanuki: If that's what you want to do, then go for it. // But that's... / ...not what this thimble is for.
[SFX: blow]
[SFX: drift]

Watanuki: What's up?
Doumeki: ...Beyond that fence...
Watanuki: Outside?
Doumeki: There's... // ...something there?

Watanuki: Correct.
[SFX: gaze]

Watanuki: Whatever it is, it seems to have been lurking outside the shop. // What with the size of it, I'm not sure whether it can even be called an ayakashi...
Doumeki: Is it there all the time?
Watanuki: It comes and goes. / You may have not run into it yourself.
[SFX: tap...]
Watanuki: Put that thing on the pointing finger of your left hand.
Doumeki: It wouldn't even fit on my ring finger just now...
Watanuki: Just do it.
[SFX: slip]

[no text just win]

[SFX: drift // dri~~ft]
[BubbleSFX: prick]
[SFX: fwooom]

[SFX: whoooshhh]
Doumeki: Watanuki!
[SFX: pull]

[SFX: tense]

Ayakashi: Kkkkkhhhhh!

Ayakashi: Kkkkkhhhhh... / ...hhh... / ...hh...
Doumeki: What is this thing?
Watanuki: An exorcising instrument. / It's made from peach wood, apparently. // It manifests itself using the power of the one who wears it.

Watanuki: It isn't bound to any one specific form... // ...but I had a feeling it would be a bow for you.
[SFX: drift]
[SFX: kssshhhh]
Doumeki: You were forming some kind of symbol in the air before, as well. // You released the barrier, didn't you?
Watanuki: Well, deepening one's knowledge of the supernatural has its advantages and disadvantages. // I wanted to see how well you could put it to use. / Don't worry, it's back in place now.

Watanuki: ...You can have it. / It is your birthday.
Doumeki: Did you find this thing in the storeroom?
Watanuki: No. / The majority of the things in there aren't even mine anyway. // It was the price I received from the Jorougumo. // She said at first that simply handing over the Crimson Pearl was hardly enough to warrant giving it to me... / ...but I won her around by pointing out that she had taken some of my blood as well.
[SFX: rustle / rustle]
Watanuki: Just like my right eye, it would seem that my blood is actually pretty valuable to people like her. // Even if you can't actually see them, you can tell when there are unpleasant things hanging around, right? / I'm sure you could take them out with an ordinary bow, as well, but you can't carry one of those around everywhere.

Watanuki: An item of this size and shape shouldn't be too much trouble to keep close to hand. // ...Use it. // If you feel that you're in danger, don't hesitate, just shoot. // No matter what the target may be.

Doumeki: ...Even if it's you?
Watanuki: Especially... // ...if it's me. // Oh, dear... / Look what I've gone and done.
[SFX: chink]
Watanuki: It's still rather cold out, isn't it? // If you're going to stay here, then clear that up and go take a bath.
[SFX: patter patter]
Watanuki: If you're having more to drink, do it inside.

Doumeki: Looks... / ...like I've got myself... // ...another choice to make.
Watanuki: They may be broken now, but Syaoran-kun held on to them for me for all that time... / I'm sure nobody will mind if I leave them here.
[BubbleSFX: rattle]

Watanuki: I should put them in here, is that it?
[SFX: creak]
Watanuki: Glasses...? // And a magic circle... which means... they were sealed in here? / For some reason it seems...

Watanuki: ...almost as though... // ...they were waiting for me... // These glasses... they're enchanted. / And it's a strong enchantment, at that... // Well, it doesn't seem like an enchantment that would cause harm to me, at any rate. // In fact, it's more as though... / ...it's meant to protect me...

Watanuki: I suppose this means you knew that my glasses would break... / ...and I would find these. // There is no coincidence in this world... / Everything is "hitsuzen". // ...Isn't that right? / Yuuko-san.
[BubbleSFX: clack]
[Side text: Watanuki puts on these glasses, from which Yuuko-san's presence can be felt. His story continues in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.]
[Bottom text: xxxHOLiC is being transferred to Bessatsu Shonen Magazine! / To continue reading this story, pick up the July issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, on sale Wednesday 9th June! The new serialisation begins with xxxHOLiC taking the cover and colour pages!!]

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#1. by Ariadne chan ()
Posted on Mar 26, 2010
thanks Carlos!!! i'm worry about the new magazine. It is a good one???
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