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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Bleach 450

Blind Solitude

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 5, 2011 17:46 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Determined not to hold him back... Spurred on by Orihime and Sado's resolve, Ichigo returns to the field of battle!!]

Ginjou: ! // (Looks like he's thinking the reach of my weapon isn't suited to close combat, and taking the strategy of closing the gap between us...) // 'Fraid not!!

Ginjou: What do you think the extra hilt inside the blade itself is for, eh?! // It's to make sure the weapon's reach doesn't work against me!!
Ichigo: ...Is that right.

Ginjou: (Still... // His focus and reactions are on a whole different level now to how they were before. // I guess getting the girl involved was the right decision.)

Ginjou: (This guy... // ...can only draw out his full potential when he has something he needs to protect. // But even so...)
Orihime: ...............

Orihime: Liluca-chan...
Liluca: ...What're you sitting around in a place like that for?
Orihime: Erm... / Well, there aren't any pillars or walls to lean up against here, so...
Liluca: Hah... // Yukio! / Give us a table and some chairs, would you?! // I'm gonna eat some snacks in here, so hurry it up!
Orihime: Eh?! / Can he really do that?!

Yukio: No way.
Liluca: Wha...?!
Orihime: Excuse me...! / I would really appreciate it as well! // Could you give us somewhere to sit down, please?!
Yukio: All right, then.
Liluca: Yukio, you little...!!
Yukio: You should learn to ask for things nicely as well, Liluca. // Why don't you ask her to teach you a thing or two?
Liluca: Urrrrrrrgh... / When I get outta here, I swear I'm gonna... // Hmm?

Liluca: What're you looking at? // I'm not giving you any.
Orihime: Okay...
Liluca: ............... // .............................................
Orihime: Ahhh...

Orihime: Aaaahhhhhhh~~~! // It's so delicious~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!
Liluca: Good. // Then make sure you savour every bite.
Orihime: Uh-huh!
Liluca: Hold it!! // Did you just scoff the whole thing?! / I'm not giving you another one, you know!! // O... // Oh, all right already! / Just eat the damn things!! // Jeez, do you have no shame?! // I'd like to see your parents' faces if they could see you right now!

Orihime: Eheheh... // I guess you're right. / I'd like to see them too.
Liluca: ............... / ...What's that s'posed to mean? // Don't you have any parents?
Orihime: Nope. / Apparently they were both really violent people. // My big brother was worried that I might get hurt, or worse. / So he took me away from them when I was just a baby.
Liluca: Oh, right. / So it's that brother of yours who raised you in the end, is it? // Then I'd like to see his face!
Orihime: Oh - sorry. / My big brother's dead. // These days my living expenses are paid by this lady who's a distant relative of mine. / She gives me less money when I get bad grades at school, though. // That's helped me get into the habit of studying really hard, so I'm pretty thankful to her.

Liluca: I'm leaving! // Talking to you is too boring!
Orihime: Eh?!!
Liluca: And I don't know how you can talk about that stuff like it was nothing! / Is there something wrong with your head?!
Orihime: I don't think so / It's just... / In the end, there was someone here to save me. // The reason I can sit here now, talking about these things with a smile on my face... / ...is all because of Kurosaki-kun.

Liluca: What are you, stupid?! / I don't remember asking to hear about that! // Not that I asked about any of the other stuff, either!
Orihime: ...S... // ...Sorry...
Liluca: Well, see you!
Orihime: Ahh...! // Are you really going to leave?! / Look - there are still more doughnuts left!
Liluca: I don't want 'em! // I'm fed up of those doughnuts anyway! // So why don't you have them, since you seem to like them so much?!

Orihime: Thank you! // Liluca-chan... // You really are a nice person!

Liluca: ...You really are an idiot.
[Bleach 450]
[Blind Solitude]
[Side text: Where does the truth lie...?]
Ichigo: (Something's not right...)

Ichigo: (I can't feel anything... // ...from this guy's sword. // At first, I thought it was just because I was out of the habit of fighting, but that's not it. // No matter how long the fight goes on, I can't feel anything from him. // It's not like it was with Ichimaru Gin, either. // He just wasn't directing his feelings at me; they were focused elsewhere. // But this guy is different. // He's staring straight at me, and yet I can't feel a thing. It's like there's something blocking off his heart. // With Tsukishima, it was the opposite. // He barely met my eyes at all, yet I could feel the full force of his malicious intent assaulting me from every side.)

Ichigo: (Is it because this sword is a Fullbring... // ...because it's not a Zanpakutou that I can't seem to feel him through it at all? // Or is it... // ...that somewhere in my heart... // I still don't really trust him......?)

Ginjou: ...You seem distracted. / I told you to take this fight seriously. // ...Guess there's nothing for it but to drag you back by force.
Ichigo: ...Eh?

Orihime: !!
Ichigo: Uunng... // ...nnghhaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhh!!!
Orihime: Kurosaki-kun!!

Orihime: !
Ginjou: You want him to get stronger, right? // Then just stand back and watch. // It looks like while this guy's powers were gone... / ...he managed to lose sight of the "resolve" a guy needs when he's standing on the battlefield. // I'm gonna make him remember that. // You just wait, Ichigo. // I'll drag you... / ...right back onto the field of battle.
[Side text: Ginjou shows no mercy!!]

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