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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bleach 460

Deathberry Returns 2

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 21, 2011 21:26 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: A powerful wave of spirit shakes the atmosphere!!]

[Insert text: Though the years may pass, // our bonds will never fade.]

Bleach 460
Deathberry Returns 2
Ginjou: .........Im... // ...possible.........

Ichigo: .........Rukia.
Rukia: ...Yes. // It has been a while. / .........Ichigo. // Since I last saw you, you have become much...

Rukia: ...less reliable, you utter fool!!!
Ichigo: Owwww!!!
Rukia: Crying on the ground like a worthless coward!! / Can you not do anything without me around to keep you in check?!! // Pathetic is putting it lightly!!
Ichigo: ..................
Rukia: ...Urahara has filled me in on this Tsukishima's ability. // To rewrite the past... // A terrifying power, that much is clear.

Rukia: However... // So what if it is?! // This man may be able to alter your past. // But he has no power over your future! // If he has crushed your bonds of trust... // ...then you need only reforge them anew!

Rukia: Am I wrong?! / Ichigo!!
Ichigo: ...Rukia... // Can I say one thing? // My past... // ...hasn't been changed in the slightest!
Rukia: Don't say pointless things with such a serious face!!
Ichigo: Guehhhh!! // What was that for, you madwoman?!! / There's no need to start attacking me just 'cause we haven't seen each other in a while!!
Rukia: Brainless fool! // Can you not see that this sword has no blade?!
Ichigo: ...Come to think of it, what's up with that sword?
Rukia: This sword... / ...was prepared by Urahara specifically for your sake. // Thanks to this sword...

Rukia: I was able once more... // ...to grant you the powers of a Shinigami...!
Ginjou: ...Hah. // Stop talking such a load of crap. // You're telling me his Shinigami powers have really returned? / I don't buy that for a second! // The only reason you were able to grant this boy your power the first time around was because he already had the powers of a Shinigami concealed within him. // But this time, he has no power for you to draw out!

Ginjou: Every drop of power he had... // ...has been transferred to me...! // How could a human with no power whatsoever... // ...be turned into a Shinigami just because one measly girl gave him a little reiatsu injection?!!
Renji: What a goddamn idiot. // You really think Rukia's... // ...the only one here?!!

[no text just shinigami]

Renji: That sword has been infused with reiatsu from all of us! // That oughtta be enough to bring back one kid's powers, don't ya think?!!
Ichigo: Renji...! / Byakuya...! // Toushirou...! // Kenpachi...! / Ikkaku...!
Ginjou: ..................!!
Rukia: You called yourself Ginjou, yes? // All that you stole from Ichigo was the very surface layer of his power, the part that had merged with this new Fullbring ability of his. // The power of a Shinigami wells from deep within him. // It could hardly be removed so easily by the likes of yourself! // Ichigo!

Rukia: Ichigo, these fools do not realise... / ...that it will take far more than this farce to drive you to despair. // They do not understand... // ...how many times you have faced certain despair and emerged victorious! // Show them, Ichigo! // Make them see... / ...that despair holds no power over you!
Ichigo: ...Sure.
Ginjou: !

Ginjou: !!

Ginjou: Hah! / The power of your Getsuga Tenshou has gone up, all right... / ...but it's not nearly enough!! // Better quit while you're ahead! / You're never going to kill me with an attack of that level, Kurosaki!!!
Ichigo: ...You idiot.

Ichigo: That wasn't... // ...a Getsuga Tenshou. // That was just the pressure from my blade.
Ginjou: ...What is this......... // What the hell is this...?!

Ginjou: What the hell is this reiatsu?!!!!
Ichigo: Getsuga... // ...Tenshou.

[no text just ginjou getting pretty owned]
[Insert text: The blade of judgement!!]

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