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Bleach 461

Come Around Our Turn

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 27, 2011 22:50 | Go to Bleach

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Ichigo: ...Sorry. // I missed. // Won't happen next time.

Ginjou: (There's nothing for it! // We've gotta retreat and regroup!!)
Ichigo: You're not going anywhere.

Ginjou: Unghh... // (This power is unreal... // His physical abilities just keep going up...!! // Has the Fullbring I gave him... // ...somehow boosted his innate abilities...?!!) // Ughh......!! // !

[no text just ichigo]

Ichigo: HAAAHHHH...!!

[no text just ownage]

Ginjou: Nnn...... // ...nghhh... // No... / I'm not... // I'm not gonna be killed...... // the likes of this......!!
[Bleach 461]

[Come Around Our Turn]
Ichigo: (Rukia... // Renji... / Kenpachi... // Byakuya... / Toushirou... / Ikkaku...

Ichigo: (No, it's not just them... // Hirako... // Rangiku-san... // Unohana-san... // Hanatarou... // Dad... // Urahara-san... // Yoruichi-san... // Even the old Captain-Commander...)
Renji: You can feel them all, right?

Ichigo: I thought granting Shinigami powers to a human... // ...was meant to be a serious crime?
Renji: Well, what'd you expect us to do? // It was the Captain-Commander's orders, after all.

Flashback!Yamamoto: Very well, I understand. // Bring that sword to me... // ...Urahara Kisuke!
Flashback!Unohana: ! / Captain-Commander... // Do you mean...?!
Flashback!Yamamoto: Regardless of the circumastances, / we were saved by Kurosaki Ichigo in our time of need. // It is now time that we returned the favour.

Flashback!Yamamoto: Even if that should require violating our own statutes, // to allow such a debt to go unpaid would bring eternal shame upon the entire Gotei 13. // This is an order from your Captain-Commander!!! // All Captains and Lieutenants of the Gotei 13... // ...are to infuse this sword with their reiatsu!!

Flashback!Yamamoto: It is our duty... // restore Kurosaki Ichigo's Shinigami powers!!!
Renji: Crazy, huh? / The Captain-Commander does have his decent moments.
Hitsugaya: Don't be ridiculous. / It was an outrageous decision for a man in his position to make. // The old Captain-Commander would never have made such a decision. // You have changed him. // Kurosaki.

Hitsugaya: The power that you have just received... // the direct result of the great changes you have brought about in Soul Society through the course of your past battles. // Take it and be proud.

Ichigo: What the?! // ...Wha......
Hitsugaya: In truth, there are two reasons why the Captain-Commander saw fit to restore your reiatsu. / The first is as we have just told you. // And the second... is that man. // A man who was granted the emblem of an Acting Shinigami long before you appeared... // ...and who abandoned that status of his own accord, vanishing without a trace.

Hitsugaya: The first Acting Shinigami... // Ginjou Kuugo.
[Insert text: A man once accepted by the Shinigami...?!]

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