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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Bleach 486

The Crimson Cremation

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 6, 2012 21:39 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Five days until war!! As crisis looms over Soul Society, an old friend from Hueco Mundo appears before Ichigo...?!]
Ichigo: Hueco Mundo is what...?! // What are you talking about, Nel...?! / What do you mean, Hueco Mundo was defeated?! // You mean it's been attacked?! / But who would......... // !

Pesche: Super Acceleration!!!
Ichigo: Whoaaahhh?!
Pesche: Ugh...! / I went to all the effort of hiding my presence until the moment of attack... // ...and still you managed to evade!! Very impressive, Kurosaki Ichigo...!!
Ichigo: Wh... / What the......
Pesche: Ah, but of course...! I cannot expect you to identify me from just my lower body... // Allow me to enlighten you! My name is...
Ichigo: I know who you are, Pesche!
Pesche: Urghhh!!

Ichigo: The hell was all that about...? // Just when I was trying to listen to Nel's important message about Hueco Mundo being in trouble...
Pesche: Precisely, Kurosaki Ichigo~~~~!! // That is precisely why I am here, Kurocaki Ichigo...!
Ichigo: Don't point your butt at me...
Pesche: Hueco Mundo... / ...has been defeated!!
Ichigo: Yeah, I already heard that part.

Bleach 486
The Crimson Cremation
[Side text: A burial high above the ground...]

Byakuya: Sasakibe Choujirou Tadaoki... // ...was a Shinigami worthy of becoming a Captain. // According to these records... / ...he had mastered the art of Bankai before the likes of Kyouraku and Ukitake were even born. // And yet... // Since the founding of the Gotei 13, he has never once used that ability in the presence of others. // Not all Captain-class Shinigami can be men of character. // Even among those who had heard of Sasakibe's capability, some looked down upon him with scorn... / ...as a Lieutenant who was of no use in battle, little better than an ordinary seated officer.

Byakuya: However... / No matter how others may have thought of him, Sasakibe Choujirou remained a proud and upstanding Lieutenant to the very end. // What is more... // Though many Captains came and went... / ...and at times, some Captain posts were even left empty... // Sasakibe Choujirou never sought to fill those positions as an interim Captain... / ...and even refused to take up the position of Acting Captain that Hisagi and Kira occupied up until recently. // All of this... // ...stemmed from his fierce and unwavering loyalty.

Byakuya: Sasakibe Choujirou... // ...had sworn a solemn oath to support Yamamoto Genryuusai as his Lieutenant for as long as they both should live. // A few days ago... // That man used his Bankai in battle for the first time... / ...and he lost his life. // Young as we all are... // ...we cannot hope to imagine the grief that our Captain-Commander feels now.

Genryuusai: Light the flame.

Ichigo: Sorry about this. // Calling you all out here so suddenly...
Chad: No, that's quite all right. / But, Ichigo... // Is it really true? / Hueco Mundo has really...
Nel: What'th that suppoth'd to mean, giant guy?!! You don't believe what Nel sayth?!! Is that it, huh?!!
Chad: That's... not what I... / Hang on, do you not even remember me...? // [aside]"giant guy"...[/aside]

Pesche: It is the truth. // With Barragan-sama and Stark-sama gone, the task of ruling Hueco Mundo fell naturally to Harribel-sama... // But out of nowhere, Harribel-sama was suddenly defeated by a mysterious group of intruders... // ...and they took her away... // Nobody knows who these people who abducted Harribel-sama really are. / But it seems that their objective is to abduct powerful Arrancar from the population and use them as their own military force... // Numerous Arrancar have already been abducted in this way...
Ichigo: (Including him, I guess.........)

Pesche: And the greatest problem as far as we are concerned... // ...is that they have abducted Dondochakka...!
Orihime: ...Kurosaki-kun...
Chad: I doubt there's much point asking. // You're going to save him, right?
Ishida: ...I must apologise... // ...but I cannot join you this time.

Orihime: Ishida-kun...
Chad: Ishida............
Ichigo: ...I get it. // The Quincy exist... // ...to destroy Hollows, after all, right? // I figured that was what you were going to say. // But I thought I'd better ask you anyway, else you'd only complain later.
Ishida: ...Why, you...

Ichigo: Hey, don't worry. // The rest of us can manage just fine without you.
Urahara: This all sounds... // ...like a very interesting little conversation~! // Would you like me... // ...to organise a little outing to Hueco Mundo?

Someone: ...Hmm.........?
Leader: What is it?
Someone: It's Iban's medallion. // There are signs that it has been used. // And yet...

Someone: It has not captured Kurosaki Ichigo's bankai.
Leader: I see. // As I suspected, special measures will have to be taken with that one...
Someone: We already had our suspicions, but it is a valuable step to have them confirmed.

Leader: So even a hasty fool can prove useful at times. // Contact the Hueco Mundo Jagdarmee. // Tell them to capture a few fools rather than killing them.
Someone: As you wish... / ...Your Majesty.

Someone: Keep moving! / Don't stand about, you layabouts, keep walking!!
[Side text: The war is already in progress?! As the enemy's preparations proceed steadily behind the scenes, Ichigo prepares for an invasion!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, Ichigo and Urahara - student and master - enter enemy territory!!]

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