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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Bleach 487

Breathe But Blind

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 12, 2012 19:43 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Infiltrating Hueco Mundo...!!]
Ichigo: Why'd you show up at my house with such good timing, anyway?
Urahara: Oh, isn't that obvious? // I was waiting outside your window for the perfect moment, of course!
Ichigo: ............
Urahara: Kidding, kidding. // Think about it. / You can hardly expect me not to notice two Arrancar plummeting out of Hueco Mundo. // Besides which, your little battle earlier... / ...and the developments in Soul Society... / ...were more than enough to put me very much on guard. // ...You must have noticed, surely? / To some degree, at least. // Kurosaki-san.

Urahara: All of these ocurrences are connected. // Something quite... / ...out of the ordinary is afoot. // Something quite worrying indeed.
[Bleach 487]
[Breathe But Blind]
[Insert text: A war-ravaged palace of death...!!]

[Insert text: Infiltration successful...!!]
Urahara: Aaand... / ...we're here!
Nel: Aaahh!! / The thky! / We're up in the thky!!
Ichigo: Yeah, this is par for the course with Urahara-san's entrances!
Urahara: Why, I'm flattered you noticed!

Nel: We're gonna fallll~~~~~~!!
Orihime: Santen Kesshun!
Nel: We're not gonna fallllll~~~~~~~!!
Ichigo: Oh, shaddup!!
Guard1: What is it?
Guard2: I'm not sure... / I thought I heard some kind of voice, but...
Guard1: Don't be ridiculous. / Everyone who was around those parts is either here now, or dead. // You're just hearing things.
Guard2: ...If you say so...

Chad: ...It looks like we haven't been noticed.
Ichigo: Seriously? / After all that ruckus we made?
Pesche: Lucky for us our foes were simpletons!
Ichigo: Whaaaaa?! // How can you talk when I'm holding your mouth shut?!
Pesche: That is not my mouth. / It is my protuberance!
Ichigo: [aside]protuberance...?[/aside]
Pesche: And besides, why were you holding my mouth shut when I hadn't even said anything yet?! That is quite rude! / Am I not correct?!
Urahara: ...It would appear... / ...that the reason they didn't come back this way even after hearing the noise we made... / ...was because they know that there are no living Hollows or Arrancar remaining in these parts.

Chad: ...How barbaric...
Ichigo: You'd better not look.
Orihime: ...It's no good. // There really aren't any living people anywhere around...

Pesche: ...I don't doubt it. // This is how they do things. // Take a look at those blue flames. / That's one of their tools. A kind of potent fire formed of compressed spirit particles. // It allows them to burn up even the rocks and sand of Hueco Mundo, which normally shouldn't be able to catch alight at all. // They have abilities like nothing we have ever seen. / We were left with no leader, and no means of resistance. // The best we could do was to run frantically for our lives...
Ichigo: What will happen to those people who were taken away?
Pesche: ...Most likely, they will be taken to the enemy stronghold... / ...and divided into two groups. Those to be abducted, and those to be killed. // And then...
Ichigo: I get it. / Let's go and save them.
Pesche: Eh?! / Wh...wh...what?! // Wait a moment! Dondochakka wasn't a part of that group!! / I didn't sense his reiatsu!!

Ichigo: So what? // We're going to save Dondochakka in the end. // What does it matter how many others we save along the way?
Pesche: I... / I suppose that makes sense... // Ahh! / Wait, Kurosaki Ichigo! / Hey!!
Urahara: Dear me... / Does it even cross his mind that the people he's trying to save were his enemies up until not that long ago...?
Pesche: I... // I quite agree!!
Chad: Oh, he understands all right. // And I think... / ...you do, too.

Chad: You know that Ichigo is the kind of guy who doesn't care about any of that. // Isn't that why... / ...you and Nel... / ...came to him in the first place? // You felt sure, without a shadow of a doubt... // ...that Ichigo would sort things out somehow, right?
Orihime: We should get moving too, Sado-kun!
Chad: ...Right!
Pesche: ...Th... / Then we shall go as well!!
Urahara: Quite~!♪

[Text: Jagdarmee / General Hunt Commander / Kirge Opie]

Guards: Line up, all of you!! // Stand with your backs against the wall! // Hurry it up!! / Unless you want me to open two or three new holes in your worthless bodies!!
Loly: (Looks like that one's their leader...)

Menoly: (Hey... / Are we really going to do this...?! / I don't think it's a good idea...)
Loly: (You idiot! / Even if we don't do anything, they're just going to kill us anyway!)
Opie: All right, everyone, quiet down!! // It's time for the big Hollow and Arrancar selection contest to begin!! This contest will determine whether you live or die!! // Starting from the rightmost end of the line, I will stab each of you to death! // If by any chance you have any strong objections to dying... / ...or perhaps any high aspirations to join our forces as an ally... / ...I suggest you get down on your knees as if to lick my boots, and beg! // All of you here right now are chosen individuals! You have been blessed with the luck, intelligence and power to survive our initial attack!! / I implore you all not to let this opportunity to go waste!!

SomeGuy: ...So... // ...As long as we say we'll join you, you'll let us live...? // Urnghh!
Opie: I'm afraid... // ...that's not quite how things work! // Those who wish to join our ranks must first undergo the entry test! // And to earn the right to take the test, you must first pass this selection contest! // Anyone who still does not understand, take a good hard look, because this...
SomeGuy: Unghh!
Opie: ...and this...
SomeGuy: Ughh!
Opie: ...and thi~~~s...
SomeGuy: Uorghh...
Guard2: Do you think the Captain is even trying to actually recruit any Arrancar...?
Opie: ...is how your life will be ending!!
Guard1: Not a chance.

[no text just sudden attack]

Guards: Captain!! // Captain!!
Opie: A little slow, I think. / Try crying "Captain" a little sooner next time! // How very odd... / I thought we had confiscated all of their swords?
Guards: Y - Yes, sir! // We thought... / We made sure they were all confiscated... / They must have hidden them somehow...
Loly: Loly Aivirrne, attendant to Lord Aizen!
Menoly: Menoly Mallia, likewise!!
Loly: If you think we're going to be defeated by a bunch of petty minions like you, you've got another thing coming!!

Opie: I see.
Menoly: Nguahh!!
Loly: Unghh!
Opie: Deal with them.
Guards: Yes, sir!

Guards: Do you want them dead?
Opie: No. // Our orders from His Majesty are to bring any courageous fools to him. // Those two have passed the test. // Take care not to kill them completely. // Still, I'm quite underwhelmed.
Loly: Unghh!
Opie: If this is the level of Arrancar he kept as his attendants, this Aizen fellow can hardly have been all that impressive.
Menoly: Urrghh...
Opie: Ah, well. / His successor as ruler of Hueco Mundo, Tier Harribel, was utterly powerless before His Majesty our King... // So I suppose this only stands to reason.
Loly: Aaaghhh!
Opie: ...Come, now. // I thought I told you not to over-
Guards: Aghh! // Urghhh!

Opie: ...And who, pray tell... // ...are you?
Apacci: Ehhhhhhh~~?!

Apacci: You've got the nerve to badmouth Harribel-sama, yet you don't even know who we are?! / I guess you're ignorant as well as worthless!! // I guess there's nothing for it!! Go on, you two, introduce yourselves!!
SungSun: Since when do we take orders from you?
MilaRose: Don't get too carried away there, Apacci. / Else I'll murder you.
[Insert text: Rebellion...!!]

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