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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bleach 507

The Fire 3

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 22, 2012 21:29 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Finally, the oldest and most powerful Zanpakutou of all, Ryuujin Jakka, unleashes its Bankai!!]
SomeGuy: Bankai...? // That tiny, charred sword that remains... // ...after all of your flames have disappeared...is your Bankai...?
Juchabach: Don't take it lightly. // That man's Bankai, Zanka no Tachi, seals all of the flames he can summon into the space of that single blade. // With a single strike...

Juchabach: ...that blade can engulf all that it touches in a raging inferno... // ...reducing the enemy to ash.
Yamamoto: ...Ah, yes. // You have borne witness to this Bankai once before, a thousand years ago. // But is it really... / ...still the same?

Yamamoto: Perhaps you would like to test whether my blade has remained unchanged for a thousand years... // ...by feeling its force with your flesh.

Ukitake: (...My throat feels so dry............)
Shunsui: Oh, dear... // I think my lips just cracked.

Isane: Captain Unohana... This could just be me... / But my skin feels strangely dry all of a sudden...
Unohana: My my, Isane. // It's quite rare of you to make such a feminine observation.
Isane: Wha...?! / I - I didn't mean...!
Unohana: (Please do try... // ...to make this battle a swift one. // Before Soul Society meets its end... // ...at the hands of your very own power...)

SomeGuy: !
Hitsugaya: Too bad for you. / Looks like you can't use Hyourinmaru any more. // You must have noticed, right? // All the water in Soul Society... / ...slowly but surely... / ...is softly vanishing away. // There's no doubting it. / This is... // ..."Zanka no Tachi".

Bleach 507
The Fire 3
[Side text: Softly, ever softly, like a glowing ember...]

Juchabach: (It sliced my cloak. // Yet I see no flame.)

Juchabach: (What does this mean? // Has his Bankai truly changed its very nature from when I saw it a thousand years ago? // There is no Zankaputou whose Shikai and Bankai are not related in their abilities. // The power of his Bankai is flame. // Of that, there can be no doubt. // The question is... // Where has that flame gone?!)

[no text just noticing]

Juchabach: The tip of the blade?!!
Yamamoto: Very good.

Yamamoto: Zanka no Tachi "East"... // Kyokujitsujin.
[TN: "Blade of the Rising Sun"]
Yamamoto: I have concentrated all the heat that my flames possess... // ...into the narrow line of my blade's edge. // It does not burn. / It does not rage. // It merely eliminates all that it touches... // ...without a trace.

Yamamoto: The "Blut Vene" on which you Quincy seem to pride yourselves... // ...will offer you no defence here!!
Juchabach: ......How tiresome. // In that case, all I need do... // ...is strike you down without touching your blade!

[no text just failure]

Yamamoto: How foolish you are. // Were you not listening to my explanation? // I do believe I called this blade... / Zanka no Tachi "East". // Where there is an East, there must also be a West. // ...But no matter. // I will make it visible to you. // Perhaps then you will understand.

Yamamoto: Zanka no Tachi "West"... // Zanjitsu Gokui.
[TN: "Hell Cloak of the Lingering Sun"]

Yamamoto: Its temperature amounts to... // ...fifteen million degrees. // You have no hope of touching me. // For once my Bankai is released, both my body and my blade... // ...bear the heat of the very Sun itself.
[TN: Psch. Wikipedia says the centre of the Sun is fifteen POINT SEVEN million degrees. Totally hotter than you. waitwat]
[Side text: Burning all in his path!!]

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