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Bleach 515


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 11, 2012 00:30 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: A child born in darkness...?! Leaving meaningful words in their wake, the Quincy depart. And now...?!]
Officer: Teams 11-16 from Group 2, head to Western District 56! / Everyone else, you're with me!
Shinigami: Yes, sir!
Officer: The bodies can be dealt with later! / Make transportation of the wounded your highest priority!
Shinigami: I've brought an emergency patient! Where should I take him?!
Medic: Right this way! / Head down to Room 203!!
Isane: It seems that finally... / ...the transportation of the wounded has begun. // In the end... / Not a single patient was brought to us while the battle was in progress...

Isane: Captain Unohana... / Do you think it was right for us to remain here in the Fourth Division building...? // If we had set out across Seireitei ourselves, we could have saved more...
Unohana: Isane. // You must not let emotion cloud your words. // It would be all too easy to abandon our station out of fear and anxiety. // But I do not believe you are so foolish not to understand... / ...that this is a course of action we must not take.
Isane: .........Of course, Captain. // I am sorry... / sorry...! // (How can I be so stupid? // I should know that Captain Unohana, more than me, more than anyone... // ...must have longed to save them all.........!)

Unohana: ...There is no need for tears... // Isane. // "Do not leave the Fourth Division building... / matter what." // That... // ...was the final order left to us... // the Captain-Commander...

Bleach 515
[Side text: Harrowing tears etch gaping holes in the people's hearts...]

Someone: Here you go. // According to a spirit signal we received a short while ago from Urahara Kisuke in Hueco Mundo... // Urahara Kisuke, Inoue Orihime and Sado Yasutora are all safe. / We have yet to achieve audio contact... / ...but we will contact you as soon as we do.
Ichigo: They're okay... // Thank goodness.
Ikkaku: Haaaaaahhhhhhhh~~~!! // Get off me, you idiot!!
Doctor: Absolutely not! / You must calm down!! / You need rest!!
Ikkaku: The Captain... / The Captain would never fall in battle!!
Doctor: I need sedatives over here! / Quickly!!
Ikkaku: CAPTAIN~~~~!!!

Hanatarou: Ichigo-san!!! // Ichigo-san, you should come over here too! // I'll heal you up!!
Ichigo: No, no... / Don't worry about me. / I've already been given the basic first-aid treatment... // You should focus on the people who really need it.
Hanatarou: That won't do at all!! / I can tell just from looking that you're badly injured!!
Shinji: Ichigo.

Shinji: Rukia-chan and Abarai's operations... // ...have finished.
[Sign: Heavy Injury Treatment]
Doctor: ...For the most critical injuries for which reiatsu healing would not suffice, I have operated and applied spiritual stitching.

Doctor: For the moment, the immediate danger has passed. // Their condition has stabilised. // Well, then... / Please call me if you need anything.
Rukia: ...Ichigo...
Ichigo: ! / Rukia! // Should you really be talking right now?!
Rukia: Were you not listening? My condition has "stabilised", has it not...? // I would expect you to pay a little more attention, fool...
Ichigo: Why, you... / I see your attitude at least is in perfect shape...!
Rukia: ...Ichigo...

Rukia: ...You came to Soul Society... / protect us all, yes...? // Thank you...
Ichigo: ...Well, what did you expect?! // Although... / I didn't really manage to do anything in the end!
Shinji: Dumbass. / You chased off the enemy leader, didn't ya? // If you hadn't shown up, things coulda turned out a damn sight worse. // Have a little more pride in yourself, why don'tcha?
Ichigo: ...Hirako............
Researcher: Kurosaki Ichigo-sama!

Researcher: Captain Kurotsuchi wishes to see you! // It regards your Zanpakutou...
Shinji: ...And off he goes... // He always ends up busy one way or another, that one. // He ain't even healed himself up properly... // ...and already he's worryin' about everyone else.
Rukia: ...Captain Hirako... // Why do you think Ichigo... // ...had such a pained look on his face just now...?

Shinji: ...Sounds like he's had a pretty tough time of it himself. / He went and got his Zanpakutou broken, and didn't even manage to save anyone... // He'll be worn out, that's all. / No need to worry about him.
Rukia: ...Is that... // Is that really all, do you think...? // I feel......... // I feel as though there's something more... // As though he is hiding something more serious, and trying to bear it alone...

Ukitake: It seems the body of the Captain-Commander... // ...could not be found. // It was annihilated completely... // the hands of the enemy.

Messenger: .........I bring a report. // Captain Kuchiki Byakuya of the Sixth Division... / ...and Captain Zaraki Kenpachi of the Eleventh Division... // ...have both recovered to an extent from their near-fatal injuries. // However, it seems unlikely that they will be able to continue to fulfil their Captain's duties... // ...indeed, chances are high that they will never regain consciousness...

Soifon: You may leave!!!
Messenger: Ahh...
Soifon: I am in no mood to hear such reports right now!! / Do you not see?!! // The Captain-Commander has passed away!! // How can we be expected to accept anything more than this?!!
Kensei: Calm down. / You're embarrassing yourself.
Soifon: Embarrassing myself, you say?! // You people have borne a grudge against the Captain-Commander all along!! That is the only reason you can remain so calm!!
Kensei: Excuse me...?!
Komamura: Enough of this, Soifon!!!

Komamura: Do not presume you are the only one who feels like screaming out!!!
Shunsui: A~~~~~~ll right now. // All right, guys, all right.

Shunsui: Enough of the fighting. // If Yama-jii could see you now... //'d all be in for a right beating. // "Crying and screaming in front of a dead man's belongings... / ...The sheer shame of it sends shivers down my spine." // That's what he'd say.
Soifon: Kyouraku, why, you...!
Shunsui: The Gotei 13... // ...does not exist to mourn the deceased or to cry over damage done.

Shunsui: It exists... // protect Soul Society. // Let's look to the future, shall we? // We are... // ...the Gotei 13, after all.
[Side text: An unshaking heart...!!]

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