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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bleach 516

The Squad Zero

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 17, 2012 14:19 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: The Captains swear anew to protect Soul Society!! Meanwhile, what has happened to Ichigo's Zanpakutou?!]
Someone: Now then, soldiers... // Let's see, let's see... // Are we all here?

Ichigo: Impossible?! // What's that supposed to mean?! / You fixed your own Zanpakutou after it broke, didn't you?!!
Mayuri: Foolish boy. // I did not heal my Zapakutou. / I remodelled it.

Mayuri: The only thing that can heal a broken Zanpakutou... / ...is its own wielder's force of will... / ...reiatsu... // ...and the time required to infuse the Zanpakutou with that reiatsu. / That is the only way.
Ichigo: ...All right. / So you're saying I've gotta take it with me and fix it myself, yeah? // In that case, I'll-
Mayuri: I wasn't finished speaking, boy. // The explanation I just gave relates to one's Shikai. / The destruction of a Shikai and the destruction of a Bankai hold quite different meanings. // A destroyed Bankai... // ...can never be restored to its original form.

Ichigo: Wha.........
Mayuri: Naturally, there are exceptions. // Komamura Sajin's Bankai, Kokujou Tengen Myouou... / ...has an extremely powerful bond with its wielder. / As a result, any damage to the Bankai is reflected as wounds on the user's body. A great disadvantage.// However, in return... / Once the user's wounds are healed, the Bankai itself is also restored. // I have studied all Bankai within the Gotei 13 for the purposes of my research... // But this is the only exception I have thus far found. // As for the Bankai of Madarame Ikkaku, which was destroyed during his battle with Edrad Liones... / It seems that Akon was able to forcibly restore its original shape... // But it possesses but a fraction of its original power.

Ichigo: Ikkaku has a Bankai...?!
Mayuri: Ah, yes. / I recall I was asked to keep this a secret. // Well, it hardly matters.
Ichigo: Then... / What about Renji's Bankai...? // I heard his Bankai was destroyed in his battle with Byakuya...
Mayuri: Have you ever counted the individual sections... / ...of his Bankai's form? // Those sections of Hihiou Zabimaru that were destroyed by Kuchiki Byakuya... // ...remain destroyed... // ...to this day.

Ichigo: ...What the hell...? // Then what am I supposed to -
Kon: Huooooooorghhhhhhh~~!!!
Ichigo: Eh...?
People: Hold it, you!!
Kon: Outta my way, outta my way, outta my way~~~~~!!!
People: Somebody stop that thing!!
Kon: Oopsie-daisy, I think I crashed into someone!! // ...Hang on... // Ichigo?!
Ichigo: ! / You're...

Ichigo: Wait, who are you?!
Kon: Who am I?!!! // Just 'cause we haven't seen each other in a while, you can't have forgotten me already!! / Think a little harder!! // You know who I am!!! // This adorable face!! // This adorable face!! // And this adorable face!!

Kon: You're lookin' at the King Of New York... // KON-SAMA~~~~~~!!!
Ichigo: I... I see... / You... You sure seem to have, uh... // ...grown quite a lot, huh......?
Kon: Don't do that!! / I know that tone! That's the tone of someone trying to put a good spin on an awful sight!! // You gotta listen to me, Ichigo!! // The things I've been through since you saw me last -
[BubbleSFX: bip!]
People: He got smaller!! // Get him, boys!!
Kon: Aaaarghhhh~!!
Mayuri: Anyway, where were we...?
Kon: Oiiii!! / Don't just change the subject like that!!

[BubbleSFX: bibibip!]
Mayuri: !
[BubbleSFX: kachnk]
Mayuri: It's me. // ......I see. / I suspected as much. // Very well. / I will be there shortly. // ...You should come along for this. / Kurosaki Ichigo. // It would be prudent for you to meet these visitors. // Though I myself, to be frank, would rather not. // It seems Division Zero... // ...are on their way here.
[Bleach 516]

[The Squad Zero]

Ichigo: Hirako!
Shinji: Oh, Ichigo. You here to watch? / Can't say I recommend it.
Ichigo: Where are this Division Zero going to be coming from? / In fact... // I'm surprised they haven't showed up before now, with the state Seireitei's in. / Where the heck do they live normally?
Shinji: In the Spirit Palace.

Ichigo: The Spirit Palace? / Kyouraku-san... // What is the Spirit Palace...? Isn't it a place within Seireitei...?
Shunsui: Think back to when you first came here. // Do you remember how the walls of Seireitei fell from the sky...? // Since times have been harsh for Seireitei since then, they have remained in place indefinitely... // But ordinarily, those walls are intended to surround Seireitei only in case of emergency. / So think, now... // If those walls protect Seireitei only in case of emergency... // Where do you suppose they protect the rest of the time? // Look up. // They're coming.

Ichigo: ...What the...?

Shunsui: That's the Tenchuuren.
[TN: "Heaven Pillar Palanquin"]
Shunsui: It's how Division Zero get about. // All the members of Division Zero... // ...are inside right now.
Ichigo: All of them?! // But it's so thin...!
Shunsui: Division Zero doesn't have any ordinary soldiers. // It has only five members, all of them Captains. // And what's more...

Shunsui: The combined power of those five... // ...is greater than that of the entire Gotei 13.
[Insert text: They finally appear!!]

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