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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Bleach 518

The Shooting Star Project (Zero Mix)

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 11, 2012 19:04 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: An emergency transmission from Hueco Mundo!! Are Ichigo's companions safe?!]
Urahara: Well, well, well, well, well! // It has been a while, everyone~~~~!! Good to see you all again~! // Still, it took an awful long time for this transmission to get through! // I bet you've all been worried sick, yes? So sorry about that~~~! // ...Hmm? / Is it just me, or are everyone's reactions a little...sober? // Why's that?
Mayuri: ...Might I ask what, exactly, you are doing?
Kon: Yeah, uh... / Honestly, I was just wondering the same thing myself...

Mayuri: Seize him.
Shinigami: Yes, sir!!
Kon: Stooooooooop~~!! / Just when I thought I'd managed to escape in all the confusion~~~!!
Urahara: Oh - please stop! // You might damage the wonderful extra features I added!!
[Bleach 518]
[The Shooting Star Project (Zero Mix)]
Urahara: Soooooooo~~~~~~!! // As I'm sure you can all see...

Urahara: I'm perfectly safe and sound, so no need to worry any more~!♡
Mayuri: How does this mechanism work...?
Kon: Owowowowowwww!!!
Urahara: Oh, you noticed that the eyes function as switches! Very impressive! // But I'm afraid I've remotely disabled those switches' functionality for the time being~!♪
Kon: My eyes!! My eeeeeeeyes!!!
Orihime: Oh? // Urahara-san, what are you doing over there? // Ah! // It's Kurosaki-kun! Yay!! / Thank goodness! It looks like you're a little wounded, but at least it's nothing serious!!
Ichigo: Inoue! / It's great to see you're okay, too!
Orihime: Uh-huh! / I'm just fine and dandy!! / Oh - Sado-ku~n!! / You should come over here too!

Chad: Ah...... / Ichigo......! // Thank goodness. / It looks like you're safe...!
Ichigo: Oh man, you guys... / You've been worrying about me...? // I've been worried sick this whole time about you guys!
Urahara: Well, I would have liked to get in contact a little sooner, you understand... // But since Kon-san managed to get himself restrained over on your side, the communications system I set up wasn't functioning properly...
Grimmjow?: Ehhh? / The hell are you all doing?
Ichigo: !

Ichigo: This voice... / Could it be...?
Grimmjow?: ! / That voice! / Is that Kurosaki?!!
Urahara: Ahhhhhh~~!!!
Grimmjow?: Kurosaki, you bastard, that is you, ain't it?!
Urahara: No, no, no!! No Kurosaki here!!
Grimmjow?: Don't you lie to me!! I know what I heard!!
Urahara: No idea what you're talking about!! / Inoue-san! Sado-san! Use the you-know-what to chase him back outside the tent!!
Orihime/Chad: Yessir, Captain!!
Grimmjow?: Guahhh!! / Q...Quit that, you two!!
Ichigo: Hey! / What are you doing together with him, Urahara-san?!! // Are you sure it's all right, being -
Urahara: Kurosaki-san.

Urahara: Just before this transmission connected, you were talking about something you "still have to do". / That would be rescuing us from Hueco Mundo, correct? // If so, let me assure you... // We no longer require your assistance. // Kurosaki-san. // You should take action for your own sake. // Think carefully and decide for yourself... // ...what it is you truly wish to do right now.

Urahara: Oh, and... / need to worry about "him"! // There's no danger whatsoever of "him" doing us any harm!! // We've made ourselves... // ...a lovely little contract, you see!♪ // Well then, see you around~~~!♪
Chad: ...Urahara-san... Are you sure... / ...that was for the best? / Saying a thing like that...
Urahara: Saying what, exactly?
Chad: If Ichigo truly thinks about acting for nobody but himself... / ...He might want to run away from this battle entirely...

Urahara: Please don't say things that you know aren't true. // If he truly acts according to his own deepest wishes... // I can say for certain... / ...that his actions will ultimately result in protecting us all. // Surely you, who have been far closer to him and stood by his side for far longer... // ...should know that better than I. // And of course...

Urahara: Kurosaki-san himself understands that fact... // ...better than anyone.
Ichigo: Hey, old baldy.
Monk: Ah! / You mean me?
Someone: ............
Ichigo: If I go to this Spirit Palace of yours... / Can you fix my Tensa Zangetsu?
Monk: ...That is not possible. // We cannot heal your blade. // However...

Monk: There are powerful spiritual techniques in the Spirit Palace that exist nowhere else. // Using those techniques, we should be able to reforge your blade... / ...into something close to its original form.
Ichigo: ...All right. // Then take me with you. // To the Spirit Palace!

[Sign: Welcome to the Estate of Shiba Kuukaku]
Ichigo: .........So, uh...

Ichigo: What the heck am I doing in a place like this?
Kuukaku: "A place like this"? The hell's that meant to mean, you dunce?!! // Is that any way to greet an old friend?! // If you keep up that attitude, the launch is off!!
Ichigo: Hang on... / "Launch"?
Monk: Indeed! // The Tenchuuren does not possess any means of returning to the Spirit Palace by itself!
Ichigo: Why the hell not?! / I thought you had super spirit technology or whatever!
Monk: Indeed! / There are powerful spiritual techniques in the Spirit Palace that exist nowhere else!
Ichigo: Please don't repeat yourself like that at a time like this!! / It makes it sound like you made the whole thing up!! // ! // Come to think of it, Kuukaku-san, where's Ganju? / I don't see him anywhere around...
Kuukaku: Oh, right... / If it's Ganju you're after... // He recently grew to a massive size and turned to stone, so I put him to use holding my banner.
Ichigo: You could at least try to make it sound believable!!

Kuukaku: All right, let's get this thing started! // Everyone inside!
[BubbleSFX: BOOM!]
Ichigo: Whoooooooaaaaaahhh!!! // I knew it was going to be like this, I knew it!! // Don't you have seatbelts in this thing?!!
Ganju: ...There he goes. / Are you sure you're all right with this, sis?

Kuukaku: ...Yeah. // If he doesn't go now... // Soul Society will be doomed when the next attack comes. // We have to let him do this... / Even if... // ...our uncle ends up shedding tears as a result. // ......Now then! / You lot can get your asses back to the Great Kuukaku Training Hall! // You're helping out with this training, and you'd better not half-ass it! Don't forget, you still owe me for taking you in from the streets of Rukongai!
Ginjou: ...Tch. // Where does she get off acting all high-and-mighty?
Tsukishima: I quite agree.
Kuukaku: Give it everything you've got, Ganju. // When the next battle comes, you're going out there whether you like it or not!

Ganju: Damn right!
Monk: Come! / Kurosaki Ichigo!

Monk: We have arrived! // This is the Spirit Palace!
[Insert text: The Palace of the Spirit King...!!]

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