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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Bleach 519

Hot Hot Heat

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 11, 2012 19:04 | Go to Bleach

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[Insert text: The Holy Ground of the afterlife...!!]
Ichigo: This is......... // The Spirit Palace......
Monk: Indeed! / You should feel lucky! It's practically unheard of for an ordinary Shinigami to set foot in this place! // Though of course... / I suppose referring to you as an "ordinary Shinigami" would be less than accurate.
Ichigo: (This is the place...that Aizen wanted to reach so badly he went to all those lengths...) // !

Ichigo: H... // Hold on a second!
Monk: !
Ichigo: I thought it was impossible to enter the Spirit Palace without a key called the Ouken?! // I haven't seen you use any key! // ?!
Monk: This is it.

Monk: The "Ouken"... / ...refers to the very bones of the members of Division Zero. // They are transformed by the Spirit King's power when we are chosen for the position. // As a result, / there are only two ways to gain entry to the Palace. // To be permitted entry by our will... / ...or to enter alongside us. // Aizen Sousuke attempted to create the Ouken. // In other words... // He attempted to use his spiritual powers... // ...to create none other than us ourselves.
Shutara: To create life... / ...murder the King... / ...and take the seat of God for himself was his plan.

Shutara: Aizen Sousuke... / Truly, that man... // ...is the very embodiment of evil. // However... / Be warned, Kurosaki Ichigo. // The evil of the Quincy we now face... // ...will surely eclipse even his.

Kirinji: O~~~~~kay, you stand right there! // In position?! Good! // Let's get this started then! / I'm gonna blast you off! // Don't even think about moving, else you'll die and that's a fact! // Three, two, one, and... / Time to blast -
Ichigo: Wait... // Hold it, hold it, hold on a second!!
Kirinji: What's the problem?
Ichigo: Don't give me that! Why haven't you explained what the heck is going on?! / Where are you about to send me?! To meet the Spirit King or something?!

Kirinji: Ehhh?! / What are you, an idiot?!! Wake up and see some sense!! // As if the likes of you would be allowed to meed the Spirit Kin- / GODDAMMIT THAT HURTS!!
Hikifune: The boy deserves a proper explanation! // Now, listen. / While it's true that the name "Spirit Palace" refers to this entire space as a whole... // Strictly speaking, the place where we are standing right now is the "Spirit Palace Approach" - an entryway leading to the Palace proper. // Do you see the large cocoon-like building floating at the end of this pathway? // That is the main palace, the Royal Citadel. / That's where you'll find the Spirit King. // And then...

Hikifune: ...We have the five disc-like structures floating around the Citadel. // These are the Zero Estates. / Our own personal castles. // Upon each of those discs rests an entire town... / And the Spirit King grants one of these towns to each of us to rule.
Ichigo: An entire town each...?
Kirinji: First of all, you're gonna visit... // ...my own home, the Kirin Estate! // And the lot of you are coming too!

Bleach 519
Hot Hot Heat
[Insert text: Warmth in heart and body!!]

[no text just blankstare]

Ichigo: That's one REALLY noisy shishi-odoshi!!! // I don't even know where to start!! // What the hell is all this?!
Kirinji: Ah, shaddup. / Don't drop your towel off your head.

Ichigo: Why the heck are we lazing around in a hot spring?! // What was the point in me coming to this place?!
Kirinji: Ehh? // You came here to bathe, what else? // Whoops... // Look who floated up to the surface.
Ichigo: Byakuya?! // Hold it, hold it, hold it!! / What are you shoving him under for?! He'll drown, won't he?!! // And what the hell is Byakuya doing in here in the first place?!
Kirinji: You just don't shut up, do you? / It's not just Byakuya, y'know.
Ichigo: Renji, too?! // And you're holding him like some kind of turnip?! // Even Rukia?!!
Kirinji: Aren't you gonna make a gag about her "floating there like some kind of peach"?
Ichigo: Oh, shut up!!

Kirinji: If you ain't got any gags to say, then quiet down. // I'm soaking these guys in the hot spring water... // ...to clean out their bodies... // ...of all the damaged reiatsu and blood.
Ichigo: Cleaning out their reiatsu...?
Kirinji: You see that red hot spring over there?
Ichigo: ...Uh, that doesn't look like a hot spring. The sign says "Bloody Inferno"...
Kirinji: That it does.

Kirinji: And I'd say it's about time... // ...I hurled this nicely drained-out old Byakuya... // ...right in there!!!
Ichigo: Oooooi!! // What are you thinking?!! / Byakuya's half-dead, have you forgotten that?!
Kirinji: How many times do I gotta tell you to shaddup?!! // I drain 'em out in this Skeletal Pit... // ...and refill it in the Bloody Inferno. // Repeat the process a fair few times... / ...and in the end, all the rotten old blood and reiatsu will be gone and replaced with the water from my springs. // That's how my healing works!

Ichigo: And that actually works...?
Kirinji: Listen, kid... // I thought you were an apprentice of Urahara Kisuke?
Ichigo: L... / Like hell!
Kirinji: If you've been to his or Shihouin Yoruichi's "playgrounds"... / Don't you remember seeing hot springs there?
Flashback!Ichigo: What the heck is this hot spring?! // My wounds are healing up crazy fast!
Kirinji: Those hot springs are the result... / ...of Urahara Kisuke's attempts to analyse and reproduce something close to the baths I have here. // So shaddup and keep soaking. // With wounds as pathetic as yours, I'll have you twice as healthy as you were before you got 'em by tomorrow morning!
[Box: Division Zero / "Sentouki" / Kirinji Tenjirou]
[TN: His title, "Sentouki", means "Hot Spring Demon"]

Kirinji: Oiii!! / I thought I told you not to drop the damn towel!!
Ichigo: Whoahh?! / S...Sorry!
Kirinji: Don't you "sorry" me!! / If you don't keep that thing on, the core of your reiatsu'll leak out through your head and you'll die!!
Ichigo: Ehhhh?!
Someone: Ah, you have awakened.

Someone: Your Majesty.
[Insert text: The King of Shinigami awakens!]

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