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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Bleach 522

Love It

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 13, 2013 15:23 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Hikifune's banquet gives Ichigo and Renji a whole new level of reiatsu!! Now, to the next Estate!!]
Someone: Master! / Kurosaki Ichigo and Abarai Renji have arrived on the landing platform!
Nimaiya: ...I see.

Ichigo: .................. // ...I guess there's no-one around?
Renji: Looks like it.
Kon: Hold it!! / Not even a comment about how you used me as a cushion as if it was the most natural thing in the world?!
Ichigo: Shaddup. // You came along without being asked, so don't complain.
Kon: What's that s'posed to mean?!! / I said you could leave me behind at the last Estate! / You're the ones who dragged me along here without even -

Renji: !!
Ichigo: What the?!
Nimaiya: Attention, new arrivals!! // Take your seats!!
Renji: God, that's loud!!
Ichigo: The hell is this racket?!
Nimaiya: Show some respect!! Show some respect!! // I said...

Nimaiya: Show some... // R! E! S! / PECT~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

Nimaiya: You be lookin' at da No. 1 Zanpakuto cre-ay-tor!! / Nimaiya Oh-Etsu! // P / L / E / A / S / U / R / E / It's your PLEASURE to meet me~~~~~~~!!
[Bleach 522]
Nimaiya: Zanpakutou~~~~~~!! // LOVE IT!!!
[Love It]
[Insert text: A real...smooth talker?!!]

[Sign: Galaxy HOUOU]
Girls: Welcome to the Estate~~~!♡

Girls: Aaaaaaaahhhhh~~~!!! // Look at their robes hanging open! It's so sexy!! // Aren't they cuuuute?!! // Which one's Ichigo-kun?! // The one with the orange hair, of course! // The red-haired one is Renji-kun, right?! Right?!! // It's so good to meet you~~~~!♡
Renji: ...What is all this...?
Ichigo: Don't let 'em fool you... I'm sure they'll all turn out to secretly be men or something...
Ichigo: Oh, shut up...
Nimaiya: So, yeah!

Nimaiya: Kurosaki-chan, Abarai-chan! / And you too, mysterious stuffed animal-chan! / I hope you loved the hell outta my big welcome show back there! Yeah?! // Like I said already, I'm the one and only... / ...Nimaiya Ouetsu, master of this Houou Estate! // It's your pleasure~~~~~~~!! // Hey!!

Ichigo: (It's no use... Renji, you deal with this guy. I can NOT keep up with his...style.)
Renji: (What, and you think I can?! Don't be stupid!)
Nimaiya: Hmmmmmmmmm... / I ain't feelin' you guys... // Is it just me, or are you not down with the beat~~~?! // You wanna leave already?
Renji/Ichigo: Huh?!
Ichigo: (Seriously...? Is that, like, an actual option? / What now? If he really wants us to leave, that could be an issue...)
Renji: (No, he wouldn't actually send us home...right?)
Ichigo: (You can't say that for sure... Who knows what this guy is capable of?) // Right... // We don't want to leave!!
Renji: Please allow us to stay!!
Nimaiya: Non, non, non, no~~~~~n!!

Nami: That ain't how you make a request, guys!! // Here at the Houou Estate, we have our own formal style!! // You go like... // This! // Show some respect!
Ichigo: The hell kind of pose is -
Renji: Calm down, Ichigo! / We've just gotta do it!!
Ichigo: Ughh...

Ichigo/Renji: Please, we beg of you!!!
Nimaiya: Ooh, nice pose! // Didja see that, my honeys~?!
Girls: Wow, that's so lame~! // They look like bananas! // How cute~~~~! // Ahahahaha!
Ichigo/Renji: (...Why, that little...!!)
Mera: Just how long... // ...you gonna keep messing around, ehhh?!!

Nimaiya: What was that for, Mera-chan?!!
Mera: If I leave it to our idiot Master, nothing's ever gonna get done around here! // You two. Follow me!
[Sign: Houou Estate]

Mera: This is the true Houou Estate!
Ichigo: That's some difference...
Mera: The place you were just now is just a little something our Master came up with because he doesn't want to admit he lives in a place like this! // Now, get inside!
Kon: Noooooooooo!! / I don't wanna go in this nasty-looking place~~~!! / I liked the other one better~~~~~!!
Nimaiya: I know, right, little mystery stuffed animal-chan?! / You feel my pain, don't'cha?! You see what it's like?!

Renji/Ichigo: Aaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhh!!
Ichigo: Owwww...
Renji: Oi! / What's the big idea?!
Nimaiya: All right, settle down! // Kurosaki-chan, Abarai-chan... / Have you noticed? // Since you arrived in this place... // Myself aside... / ...you haven't met a single Shinigami.
Ichigo: ?!
Nimaiya: All my honeys you saw back there... // ...were Zanpakutou.

Ichigo: ............... // Zanpakutou......?!
Nimaiya: Hmmmmm? / What's this now? / How awfully strange... // You two call yourself Shinigami, but you can't even tell the difference between a Shinigami and a Zanpakutou? / Now ain't that just sad. // Maybe it's 'cause you're the kind of loveless brutes who let your Zanpakutou end up in this state... // ...that you can't figure it out?
Ichigo: !!
Renji: When the hell did you...?!!

Ichigo/Renji: !!!
Nimaiya: My, my, my~~~~~! / Would you look at these unloved Zanpakutou! // So fragile and easily broken, I'm quite amazed! // All around you... // I can feel the Zanpakutou's anger looming. // ...If you can make it out of there alive... / I might think about reforging your Zanpakutou for you.

Ichigo: Wha............?!
Nimaiya: I've said it before, and I'll say it again! // You be lookin' at da No. 1 Zanpakuto cre-ay-tor!! // Not Juu, or Kyuu, or Hachi, or Nana, or Roku, or Go... / Not even Sanmai! // The name's Nimaiya Oh-Etsu! / And I ain't got no Zanpakutou for third-rate nobodies.
Ichigo: Why, you...
Nimaiya: Ain't it just your pleasure~~~~~~~~!

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