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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Bleach 523

Swords of Origin

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 30, 2013 20:07 | Go to Bleach

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[Insert text: Nice work, right? // Don't you dare disagree!!]

[Side text: Ouetsu, the man who created the Zanpakutou, sets a trial!!]
Renji: ...There's something all around us... / Lots of 'em, too...
Ichigo: ...Yeah... / What are these things...?
Nimaiya: Nothing to get all scared about! // You oughtta know these guys pretty well already. // After all... // ...they're the ultimate Zanpakutou, with the potential to become just about anything...

Nimaiya: "Asauchi".
[TN: The name literally means "shallow strike".]
[Bleach 523]

[Swords of Origin]
[Insert text: They attack...!!]

[Text: "Asauchi". // Every one of the more than 6,000 Shinigami in the Gotei 13... // loaned one of these nameless Zanpakutou upon entering the Academy, and that same blade is officially conferred upon them when they join their Division. // All Shinigami spend night and day with their own "Asauchi" by their side, and as their training progresses, the essence of their souls is imprinted upon the blade... // ...ultimately forming their own unique Zanpakutou.]

Nimaiya: And me? I'm the guy who makes every last one of those Asauchi blades, all by my lonesome! // They don't call me Blade-God Nimaiya Ouetsu for nothing!
Ichigo: Is that right! / So these guys are, like, embodiments of those "Asauchi" blades, yeah? // Well... // That still doesn't explain why the hell we're being attacked by them all!!
Nimaiya: Sooooooo close!! / "Embodiments", eh? / You're close there, you're really close! // Not quite right, but I'll go with that for the moment. / That's not the important part here. / What matters is that they're angry with you.

Ichigo: Angry?! // Angry about what?!
Nimaiya: About how you use your Zanpakutou, of course.
Ichigo: How we...huh?!
Nimaiya: Don't get it? / Can't blame ya. / How you fight? / How you attack? / No, no, no. / What's wrong? // It's all wrong! // You've used your Zanpakutou as tools? / Treated them like subordinates? / Relied on them like partners? / As family? / As friends? / Role models? / Students? / Pets? / Acquaintances? / Sweethearts? / Lovers? // Don't make me sick!!!

Nimaiya: That's what these guys are tryin' to tell you. // You're looking at things completely the wrong way. // Which is superior, the Zanpakutou or the Shinigami? // Let's think about that to start with, yeah?!!

[Text: Soul Society Central Underground Jail // Deepest Level: "Muken"]

[no text just locks]

Kenpachi: ............Hah. // Pretty outrageous place you've prepared for our little session. // Don't ya think? // How'd you even get permission for us to use this place?
Unohana: ...By order of the Captain-Commander. // As the name suggests, this hall, "Muken", is sealed off without the slightest breach... // ...and the space within extends near-infinitely in all directions. // As such, / it was decided that there exists no more suitable place for you to wield your blade without restraint.

Unohana: Were this not the case, / you and I, who are not criminals, // would never have been granted permission to set foot within these walls.
Kenpachi: Not criminals? // That's rich, coming from you. // You know damn well that if we weren't so damn powerful... // ...petty criminals is all the both of us would be!

[no text just ohgodthatface]

Unohana: Indeed. // Right now, you are powerless. // That is why I personally recommended... / ...that you would be best confined to this place.
Kenpachi: ...Oh, yeah? // I figured as much. // Sounds good to me.

Kenpachi: If I win, I'm a Captain. If I lose, I'm a criminal. / In a fight with you, it hardly matters if I kill or I die. // I'm going to hell either way.
Unohana: ...You seem awfully talkative today. // Myself, / I prefer you silent. // Whenever I hear your voice... // The one scar I have ever had the misfortune to suffer... // ...always seems to ache quite terribly.

Kenpachi: Ah, shaddup. / You really think you're the only one... // ...whose scar's throbbing something crazy right now?!
Shunsui: Unohana Yachiru.

Shunsui: In the first generation of the Gotei 13, said to be the most powerful generation of all... / ...that woman... // ...served as the Captain of the Eleventh Division, and forged it into what it is today. // Before Yama-jii saw the potential in her and made her a Captain... / ...she was the most infamous villain Soul Society has ever known. // As a boast that she was master of all the countless styles of swordsmanship in the world, all paths by which a blade may flow... / ...she gave herself the name "Yachiru".
[TN: The name is made up of "Yachi", meaning "8,000" or "countless", and "ru", meaning "styles" or "flows".]
Shunsui: "Teaching him the way of the sword"... // It was cruel of me to put it so lightly. // I understood perfectly well... / ...what this really means.

Shunsui: If you cross swords with Captain Zaraki... // ...only one of you is going to come out of it alive.
[Insert text: A terrible battle to the death!!]

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